You've always fallen in love with the girl next door.

Theresa came first. She was the girl next door of his youth. The one you grew up with and the girl who knew every intimate and embarrassing detail of your life, like how your mom was an alcoholic and how your brother locked you out of the house stark naked when you were eleven. She knew these things because she had been the one to help you navigate your mother into bed in a drunken stupor and she'd been the one to laugh at your bare white ass from her front porch. You loved her because she was your connection to your childhood and you dated her because it was expected.

But eventually you have to grow up and so does she. You find that when you're grown up, you have to let go of your childhood.

Then there was Marissa. She was beautiful and unatainable. She had the expensive clothes and the jock boyfriend. You were in constant awe of her. This time it was you to learn her intimate life details. It was you who helped her drunken into your bed. You learned that she was a lot more fragile then anyone else knew. You loved that you knew that about her. You loved that you could take care of her, that you could be her rock – her knight in shining armor. You loved her because she needed you and you dated her because she was your fresh start.

But eventually your fresh start turns into your life and the things that changed your life are what are suddenly holding you back.

Taylor came last. And for the first time she isn't the girl next-door. She's the girl who lives down the street who you never really get to know. Sure you'd see her in the halls and maybe you'd wave, but you don't get to know her until graduation. It's then that you find that she's an amazing person and you should have gotten to know her sooner, but now you'll never have the chance. Except you're lucky in this case. She's blown into your life unexpectedly and she can read your thoughts more easily then anyone ever had before. You love her because she challenges you and she understands you and as crazy as she is, you understand her. You dated her because you can't see her in your life any other way. And you're marrying her because you can't see your life without her.