Summary:What if Bella wasn't as shy and quiet? What if she was outgoing, happy, funny, friendly, and dare I say it… athletic? Would that change her life in meeting Edward? (Starts from the beginning of Twilight.)

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"Mom, I'll be super duper fine", my mom can be such a worry wart sometimes. I'm glad I'm more outgoing than she is. We went to a party my friend was hosting once for families and she stood in the corner the whole time. Go out and meet someone woman! I guess it's just her nature. I don't know where I got my sociability from. My mom says from my grandma. I barely knew her but she sounds like a great person.

Anyways, back to me leaving. My dad, Charlie, lives in Forks, Washington AKA no Mr. Sun here. Well when I was, like, only a baby my mom left him and I have had to spend every summer with him since. My mom thinks I need a "father figure" sometimes in my life. Whatever that means. I'm fine. Now I am to live there on a permanent basis. You ask why I would exile myself there. Because my mom fell in love with another guy and he travels for his job. She wants to stay with him. I have to finish school. In forks. Just great.

"You sound so positive Bella, I wish I could be a strong as you." she replied as I walked into the terminal of my flight.

"I'll write mom. Love you!" I kissed her and we embraced. I wanted to break off but I was nice and let her hold on for a little longer. I could tell she was going to cry so I smiled and hurried to the plane entrance.

I wasn't worried about the flight or the bus ride. I was worried about the hour long car ride with Charlie. I usually can hold a conversation really well. One of my gifts you would say. But not with Charlie. Usually opposites attract but my mom and dad are both quiet and reserved.

The plane landed peacefully and I got on the bus to take me to a closer town. I arrived and Charlie was waiting in the cruiser. Oh yeah, my dad's a police officer and drives his car everywhere. That's why I had worked my tail off at a water park all summer to get money to buy a car. I would not handle Charlie bringing me to school in that car.

The car ride went quietly I tried a few conversation starters. "How have you been?", "how the weather been?"(This topic didn't work too well cause it was raining and probably had been the last 5 years.), "how work?", "very lush out here isn't it?" Eventually I just gave up and rode in silence.

We pulled up to the driveway of his house. And in the driveway was an old red pick up. Not my dad's.

"Bells, I kinda got you a car. It was real cheap." He sounded like he was trying to convince me. Like I would turn down a car!

"I love it!" I said Wow, I actually do. I ran up to examine it more closely. It had a huge red cab. Yes, it was a truck. Exactly the kind I would drive! "Thank you so much Char-dad!" I caught myself before I said Charlie. Mom had directly told me not to. It was pretty old but he confirmed it ran great. At least I wouldn't have to be driven to school in the cruiser. I was sure I would find another way to embarrass myself tomorrow.

He unlocked the door and ran up to my new room. Even though I had used it every year I came down here. The old rocking chair was still in the corner since my mom was here. I never quite understood why my mom left this place. Forks isn't that bad. And sometimes sunshine for four months straight can get annoying too! Anyway I started unpacking my shrimpy winter or Forks-approved wardrobe. When I was down I plopped down in the bed that was now to be mine. I took a very deep breath. I let all the emotions completely cover me. I was expecting anger, hate, sadness, home-sickness, and hurt, but only exhaustion showed up.

Grabbing my bathroom supply bag and Some P.J.s I headed into the bathroom Charlie and I now shared. I wasn't too excited about that but it was unavoidable. After a long relaxing shower I threw on my holy sleepwear and sleepily walked back to my room. I fell into my bed and briefly though about the morning to come. I'm not worried. Don't be worried Bella. You'll be fine. I tried to assure myself. When I was done I could put it off no longer I sighed and let dreamland overcome me.

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