Love at Last Sight

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Let's Pretend

She silently slid from under the covers, avoiding any chance of waking him. Quickly she grabbed her black zip up sweatshirt from the suitcase she always kept packed and pulled it on to cover the chill of her sweat sodden body. The dreams always had a way of worming into her precious few hours of sleep.

Not a single floorboard creaked to the soft patter of her bare feet across the wooden floors. She stopped as she approached the great window in the sizable lounge. Her dark eyes half-mindedly peered out into the fog lit city sky.

It had been months since he left her life and still she had herself wondering how things got so complicated. When did everything in her life get so painful? Things weren't supposed to be this way. Her fingers insistently fiddled with the hemming of her dark tank top.

She didn't in her wildest dreams foretell the absurdity of this happening to her. This place, this time, this life, when did it all happen?

How she felt without him… what he did to her. Why he left, what he said. It wasn't as if she'd planned for it to happen, she hadn't in her wildest dreams considered the possibility. Why was he always clouding her mind? He wasn't the guy she was due to walk down the aisle with.

Max shook her head silently berating herself. It didn't matter anymore, it was all over now.

Terminal City was eradicated, they evacuated as many as possible. So many died. Things were settling, but she was back at square one. Hiding and fitting in with the rest of the world. She led them into war swearing to prevail, and killed them. Logan tells her it is okay, it's not her fault, and she doesn't believe it.

She had moved in with Logan into a new place in a new sector. The place was huge, he bought it for her. Picturesque it was with its cobble stone pathway and hardwood floors, too exquisite for her tastes. Perfect neighborhood, perfect scenery, perfect everything all wrong. He cooked for her night after night; he cleaned the place, and asked absolutely nothing of her. They woke, ate breakfast, ate lunch, ate dinner, and slept together, all the same. Yeah it was definitely what you'd could call living the dream. He was making her bored.

At first she expected that he would want more from her. After the cure he was so happy and eager to carry on what both Max and he started one agonizingly long year before. She had thought he would be more forceful, and it infuriated her that he was so patient. Yet an engagement isn't exactly what one could call imperceptible. Marriage to Max meant relinquishing herself to Logan in nearly every dimension she had saved. Marriage she did realize was a pretty indefatigable devotion.

The worst part was the culpability that poured over her conscience.

It was his fault.

She found herself comparing the two men often. Unable to forgive herself of some of the treachery she had helped provoke. The unforgiving screw up that for a change was her mistake, rather than his.

Not even for a moment would Max be foolish enough to disregard Logan's devotion. He truly was a great guy, she loved him… like she loved the rest of her friends. Yet somehow she found herself tangled in a marriage she didn't have the heart to stop. Her heart was already taken, and ripped away.

Max nearly snorted at the thought, that stupid ass didn't even have a clue.

She was unfaithful to Logan for the sheer proof. Now she lived each day on autopilot, vacantly, just passing the time, waiting for something indescribable.

Damn him. Damn Alec for making her feel this way. For making her love him the way she did.

She couldn't tell you when it had happened. One day she just found herself head-over heels in love with the guy she had always thought to bitterly hate. Logan was just a security blanket, she knew this by now. Over the years his softness had matted, and his warmth dissipated. She had come to feel like a prize blatantly boasted off for all to see.

It was getting old.

In two days she was to be wed, two very slow moving days. The wedding was to be an extravagant wedding. All white and gold, Logan did more of the planning than she. Original Cindy and she went out a week ago to purchase her beautiful dress. It was like nothing she had worn in her life. She felt like another person in that gown.

She pretended to be elated. As cruel as it sounded he was just a second choice. Their time had come and passed, Logan just blinded himself from seeing it. Max was always good at pretending though. Pretending she was alright, pretending not to love, pretending to hate, yeah it was a peculiarity she had always kept. It was right up there with rebuttal.

It was a rarity for Max to smile these days. There was a quota that Alec had always maintained, at least one smile a day. Only guys with his eminent dexterity in thievery could ever steal them from her. He was always like that. Genuinely having a good heart, though often led astray, distracted by pretty colors and tastes to be tasted. He denied her though. Alec, that is. He left without a second look back and God did it hurt.

She was still loved, mercilessly, Logan he praised her. She was lonely despite his best efforts.

She was so envious, at whoever stole his heart. She needed him, wanted him to hold her like he once would. Of course that was before, when she and Alec artfully had their way with each other, behind Logan's back.

Yeah she was guilty, but remorseful? No not that. What she had with Alec, she would never be sorry for. They were good together. Nobody knew what they had, not even now did a soul figure it out. Not even Cindy. What they discovered was worth more than any treasure she had ever fenced off in her life.

She was in love, head over heels, turn your world upside down, heart flopping in your chest kinda in-love.

Logan said she changed, but he still loved her. She hated that he still did. In a way she hoped he would just leave her, leave her and her broken heart.

Max felt like a sore loser, she cried every night he left her for two weeks, and wanted to since then. But her tears had to dry sometime; her heart would mend after she quit picking at the scab. In time she would let it go, let go of that which was never meant to be.

After all within the next forty eight hours she would become Mrs. Logan Cale.

The simple notation made her stomach queasy. She'd become aware long ago of Logan's tactful method of ridding her of the part of her she kept cosseted. And she let him.

Reluctantly Max trudged back to the room she called her own. The room she shared with the man who was not the love of her life, just a substitute. She slid under the heavy down blanket that matched the rest of the décor Logan had chosen.

His arm clutched her waist instinctively and he mumbled her name. She tensed at the feel of his warm breath on her neck. It just didn't feel right. Once you go transgenic you don't go back, isn't that right? Max allowed herself to be grappled by the man she once said to love.

She always was good at pretending.