Love at Last Sight

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OC chases me from my seat on the railing of my balcony... a normal person would be horrified I was even up on the ledge on the second floor... not OC.

She drags me into the kitchen to meet some guests and pours me a tall glass of frothing beer... I am grateful. She races around filling people's drinks and cuts vegetables for the platters and gets Alec to mix the punch, chastening him for adding too much alcohol. I basically get to sit on my tush and wait for everyone to come to me.

I'm not too concerned about this turning into some racy party... I'm pretty positive that Logan's Great Aunt is the 'prude of all prudes' and she helped OC plan this shindig. Speaking of the Great One herself...

"Maxine, darling" she comes over and air kisses each cheek. "Aren't you looking lovely this evening?" I glance down at my attire... because I'm wondering how I look any different in a simple red cocktail dress. "I am so proud of my dear nephew, marrying an elegant young lady like you darling."

"Thank you" I say as politely as I possibly can, I know that she does mean well... even if she does think my name is Maxine.

"Oh dear, you are so lovely..." she says and leans in giving me a whiff of old lady perfume she whispers in my ear "you are going to love what Cindy and I have planned for this evening" she says conspiringly with a suggestive wink.

I try not to look horrified as I seek out OC in my now crowded kitchen and suddenly I can't help but wonder if I should be taking back that 'racy' thought. But she's off hustling around getting the music adjusted and topping off women's champagne glasses. Instead I'm stuck with Alec who is trying very hard to not laugh at me.

When that crazy old bag finally leaves me be, he continues mixing punch with a wicked smirk. "What, you think this is funny?" I growl, bothered that he's amused at my expense. He doesn't say anything, he just shrugs his shoulders and takes my glass to top it off, again... and I seethe to myself some more.

"Max this party is da' bomb!" OC shrieks as she comes back into the kitchen and pries my beer mug from my fingers dragging me off into the living room... unwillingly. I am greeted and congratulated by several women that I don't actually know as she pulls me through hoards of people. I didn't realize she was inviting so many people, I mean hello... personal bubble space.

We dance for a bit, we play some ridiculous bachelorette games and then some drinking games. I drink everyone under the table of course. And Alec is nowhere to be seen otherwise I might actually have had some competition.

Logan's very gorgeous blonde second or third cousin asks about Alec, wondering aloud why a man was at my bachelorette party... confirming her thoughts I declare that he is gay.

So by two-thirty everybody, including Logan's crazy Great Aunt, are so wasted that they call to get a stripper at my doorstep and I decide that this is my cue and slip away.

Feeling sorry for myself I wander down under the balcony to get away from the rain, six-pack in hand. Understandably I am surprised to see Alec sprawled out on my lawn chair jacket thrown over himself.

"What are you doing down here?" I ask flippantly, and apparently he wants to ask the same thing too.

"Drunken elderly ladies..." he pauses thoughtfully and cringes "well, even I'm not that desperate Max."

I laugh... "Agnes?" I ask.

He shudders and confirms "Agnes..." I butt him over on the only dry lounge chair and take a seat at the end.

I crack the top off another bottle... hating how strongly I smell of booze. I'm not drunk, because transgenics don't get drunk, not easily.

Alec sits up behind me raising the recliner back up and grabs a beer of his own. I notice absent-mindedly the collection of his own empties to his left.

I wish that Joshua would be at my wedding, I don't have a ring-bearer, and I could just imagine how overjoyed Josh would be if he got to hold the rings. He would tell in his seemingly naive sense of wisdom if I'm doing the right thing. He would take the edge off it all. He is one among a few close transgenic friends that I would have liked to give me away, friends I haven't heard of since the siege ended.

I miss the good old days. I miss robbing museums and bad guy's safes. I miss dressing up in some getup to win a poker game with my best friend because we need the cash. Hell, even playing prison break was better than this sedentary lifestyle.

Mostly I miss the times with the man just behind me. Not the deception that came with it, but our understanding. I miss his annoying antics, how he argues with me when I need it, how he'd hold me when I'm sad, how he'd fight with me when I was mad, and I'm ashamed because I have a fiancé who isn't him. I have a fiancé that doesn't even notice that I don't wear his big bulky undesirable diamond ring half the time.

And I have to start wondering how I got myself into this mess... how the hell did it happen that I am getting married?

Months Earlier:

"Hey Max" he asked her halfway through dinner. He couldn't even wait for dessert.

"Yeah Logan?" she asked cautiously... he never sounded wistful like that anymore.

"I want to ask you something, can we go out to the living room?" She nodded numbly...wondering if he knew about her and Alec.

"Now I know you're a modern girl Max... I know it's probably not your... style... so maybe I'm foolish... but I love you... I love you so much" he says reaching out to her cheek. The cure was still fresh and his touch still foreign, she flinched.

"Yes Logan?" she asked a whisper.

He hiked up a pant leg of his suit and crouched down to one knee.

"Wait Logan" she said shaking her head and pulling him up, forgetting about her transgenic strength that made her feel so self-conscious with him. "Wait... we can't..."

"You aren't even going to let me ask?" he says in this heartbroken way.

"No... Because you should know that I've been cheating on you first, so that you can know if you even want a girl like that."

"You what Max?" Logan cried horrified.

"Yes Logan, you heard me! I said I was cheating on you!" she said with vindication. "We were on the rocks... we're always on the rocks! You pissed me off, you didn't care about me because works so much more important!"

He watched her... steely ice blue eyes, unabashedly, trying to figure out what he was supposed to say. He only thought this happened in the movies, in fiction, with bad people. And for his Max to...

"I don't care" he muttered.

"What?" Max asked shocked... frozen... what's wrong with this man?

She had heard just fine but he still repeated himself louder this time "I don't care Max" Max shook her head annoyed. He was supposed to be mad, seething, he was supposed to throw her out of his house and end the idea of engagement... of marriage. "I love you Max, and it was a stupid mistake, but I'll forgive you... I do want a girl like that, I want you."

Max snorted. She didn't want forgiveness; she wanted him to hate her. She wanted him to release her from this burden. "You just don't get it, do you Logan? I cheated on you... why aren't you pissed off!"

It never even mattered. He still asked me to marry him, still meant what he said. I almost even told him that I was with Alec, but he didn't want to know. And Logan still wanted me, even though I did him wrong, and I didn't see any other option... so when he kneeled down again... I had to say 'yes.'

Alec squirms around a bit behind me in discomfort. I scoot over beside him and lean against him, half against his chest, cramped up between him and the armrest. And now that he has a more comfortable position, I can tell I've created a different type of discomfort. I shouldn't touch him, because he's not mine to touch, and I won't be his, but it is cold out here I tell myself as I tug some of his jacket for myself.

He almost seems to have stopped breathing as I readjust myself against the hard cold metal arm of the chair, and pull up my knees up letting my heels drop on the cement. I lean the left side of my head against his chest and sip my beer nonchalantly thinking that quiet Alec is strange Alec.

His breathing resumes and I feel less guilty for, bothering him.

We both sit quietly in silence. I'm practically on top of him I'm so close. It's hard to think about the miserable things I have been all day when he's so near to me. So I didn't realize that I had stopped breathing until he let out in one big exhalation of air "you okay Maxie?" he says this so tautly and I know he was lying because he is uneasy. All that slackness in his body language was a big fat lie.

"Yeah" I sigh breathing normally again "I'm not making you uncomfortable?"

"Nah" he smiles, his face is so close to mine, his breath warm against my cheek. Did he miss my double meaning in that question?

"Good, cause I wasn't moving anyway" I retort with a bit of a snide grin into his t-shirt as I tilt my face away from his. Liar.

I can tell he's smiling as he wiggles his arm over my shoulder so that the chair arm isn't poking into me. Whoever designed this chair... they deserve to have their asses kicked because now I'm getting goose bumps, despite the fact that he's warming me up. "Whatever you say Maxie."

"Don't call me that" I say exhaling noisily into his chest now. I give him a lazy swat that turns into more of a caress.

"Alright, alright don't get your panties in a bunch" he says light-heartedly. All I can manage is an annoyed grunt, because shark DNA or not I'm exhausted.

We stay sprawled out on that chair for a good ten minutes and my eyelids start to droop and the rain starts to blur. And this is really nice. I can actually sleep in his arms. I can't do this with anybody else... and I'm not 'cuddling' for the record... because I just don't do that... I'm just being bushed and seeking warmness. And I'm so satiated I may just start to purr. And then his chest starts to buzz under my cheek and I frown as he wiggles his cell out of his pocket and gives a brusque "Alec."

And I can barely hear who it is over the rain and pulsating music in the background when he slurs a "Hi... um... Alec..."

I can hear him smile when he says "hey Loggie boy."

"I forget..."

"Uh... okay?" Alec snickers a little.

"Oh... I re-remember..." Logan chuckles.

"Alright then"

"...." I smile because I'm jealous that I can't get that drunk.

"Logan why are you calling me?"

"Oh" he laughs like he's embarrassed "White... yeah White..." Alec gives this minute growl at that single syllable and I can feel it vibrate through his chest before I sit up and yank the phone from his grasp.

"Logan... what about White?" I demand.

"Max... what-r-you doing with Alec?" He stammers and I can tell he's suspicious, and I'll have some explaining to do if he remembers any of this conversation.

"He's at my party Logan... What did White want Logan?" I try to get him back on track.

"I love you so much Max" That's definitely not on track.

"Yeah, I know." I say perturbed "White, Logan, White?"

"Yeah... he... um... he said to call him..." he says very distractedly.

"Oka-ay... well did he leave a number then?"

"Yeah... it's somewhere..." I hear him rustling now and I just hope the mook doesn't pass out before he spits the numbers out. I hear him laugh drunkenly and drop the phone "Max, my love..." he pauses and I hear a woman's voice "I'm on the phone with Max!" he slurs to her and shouts in my ear.

"Number Logan, right now" he tells me it and then slurs an "Asha we're getting married... me-an-Max. Hey, Max... did you know that we're getting married tomorrow?"

"No, really? I thought we were getting married today... go get sobered up and call me back." I snap and end the call immediately, I am annoyed that she is even with him... except I'd be a hypocrite to stop whatever is going on between Logan and Asha... but that doesn't matter. I need to call that bastard White, so I quickly dial the number Logan garbled over to me and wait for the ring. I have my back turned to Alec now and he is pacing on the other side of the lounging chair.

"494" Ames growls "I don't need you..." but I don't hear anymore because Alec has snatched his phone back and ended the call.

"What the hell Alec?" I shout trying to grab the phone back.

"He can trace this" Alec mutters waving his phone and shoving it back in his pocket, and it's when I first realize how pensive he is in this moment. I can see the gears ticking, but I have no clue what he could be thinking.

"He's going to try and break a deal with Josh as the bargaining chip" I state matter-of-factly.

"Yeah" Alec snorts and then sarcastically says "if the asshole even has Josh" and this really just pisses me off.

So I shove him, meaning to make him kiss the pavement, but he catches his balance on a support beam of the balcony and looks at me indignantly. "Don't you dare even say that!" I hiss, taking a threatening step in his direction and ball up my fists. "Josh is all the fucker has! He has no other leverage against us! Josh is alive!" I yell at him. I'm vibing in anger and I really want to hit him right now.

But his face softens and he can see he's offended me and he's about to apologize but I stop him "Forget it... it's not important." I say with a wave of the hand, the anger draining from me, I close my eyes and breathe... it's not meant for him anyway. "What are we gonna do?" I ask pitifully trying to halt the tremble in my bottom lip.

"We're going to get Josh back" he gently says and I can't help that I feel a little bit better.