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fanfic100 Challenge Prompt # 34

Not Enough

The three sat deadly still, shocked at what they had just heard. Poppy was the first to break the deafening silence.

"So, you do love him?"

Directly across from her sat Minerva, one of her oldest and dearest friends. They were having an intervention of sorts. Poppy, Pomona and Rolanda had decided it was time to confront the proud Scottish witch about their headmaster.

"Yes, I do love Albus." Minerva's back was straight as an arrow and she seemed to hold her head higher, prouder at that moment than they had ever seen her before. Each knew it was a defense mechanism, but they also knew there was no way to breach the wall Minerva was building around herself. "I love him, but it does not matter."

"Bloody hell, are you even hearing yourself?"

"Shush, Ro. You know that won't help. Now tell us, Min dear, why doesn't it matter? He loves you. He told you he loves you. And you love him in return! Why not tell him? Why not let this story end happily?" Pomona laid a comforting hand on Minerva's knee.

"Even if I told him I loved him, our story would not be a happy one, Mona. Albus is extraordinary. He is so giving, so loving, so very caring. He would give his all for the good of others. He deserves someone who can be all that for him as well. He deserves more than I could ever be. In the end he would just be hurt by my inability to give him what he needed, and it would break my heart all over again to disappoint and pain him. No, I can't tell him."

"Now, Minerva-"

"No, Poppy." It was not her look that silenced them, but the hot tears pouring down her proud, strong face. "Albus deserves it all and I- I'm not enough."