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MeEtInG aGaIn


A little girl walked up to her friend. This Friend? His name was Minamino Shuichi.

"Sorry Shuichi." said the little girl.

"For what?" was his reply.

"I have to move.."..


"Make me a promise! If we ever meet again we'll be friends!"

"Okay!" He said with a bright smile on his childish face.

"I know you kept it from me...i know you are a demon..." said the little girl and then the girl ran into the night ...


Name: Kurota Ayumi

Looks: Wavy Black hair and Grayish/Purple eyes. Hair usually in a bun.

Height: 5'3 1/2


Personality: A semi-cheerful, average girl with a nasty temper...more will be revealed later...

Ayumi just transferred to Sariyashiki Jr. High and Kurama transferred there because of Koenma.

StOrY sTaRt

As Ayumi was walking to her new class she happened to bump into a certain redhead. When he saw who bumped into him, he knew who it was in a second. 'That little girl I played with...isn't so little anymore...' thought Kurama. Even if HE noticed, Ayumi didn't.

"Sorry! I am kinda new here and I wasn't paying attention..." said Ayumi nervously. Kurama just smiled and introduced himself.

"My name is Minamino Shuichi."

"Minamino Shuichi? That sounds familiar..." said Ayumi. 'She forgot me?' "Anyways, my name is Kurota Ayumi. Nice to meet you!" said Ayumi, with a slightly timid smile on her face. Kurama just smlied again. The two of you go inside the classroom and the teacher introduces the both of you.

"This is Minamino Shuichi and Kurota Ayumi." After he said 'Ayumi' was said, the class was in an uproar. Everyone started taling at once about the new students.

"Hey he's cute." said some random girl.

"I know! So hot!" said another random girl.

"Hey, she's cute!" said some random guy.

"I know! So adorable!" said another random guy.

Then, the girls (minus Keiko and Ayumi) started blushing because of Kurama and the guys (minus Kurama and Yusuke) started drooling because of Ayumi. The guys( minus Yusuke and Kuwabara) sent envious looks at Kurama for standing so close to Ayumi and the girls(minus Keiko) sent murderous glanced at Ayumi for standing so close to Kurama. Ayumi laughed nervously and Kurama looked indifferent. The teacher gave Ayumi and Kurama random seats and Ayumi ended up sitting next to Keiko and Kurama next to Yusuke. Kurama and Ayumi didn't bother to listen to listen to the teacher because they already know what the teacher is...teaching. Kay...4 periods later. Its lunchtime! Ayumi happened to have every class with Keiko and they ended up being good friends. Keiko filled Ayumi in on everything and they headed to the lunchroom. The guys were already there. And guess what? They were talking about Ayumi.

GuYs CoNvO

"Hey, that new girl in our class is a cutie!" shouted Kuwabara.

"Hey, what happened to Yukina?" asked Yusuke.

"That Ayumi girl may be a cutie, but Yukina is the only one for me!" said Kuwabara, while blushing.

Choosing to ignore Kuwabara, he turned to face Kurama. "Hey Kurama, you alright? You seem abit spaced out." asked Yusuke.

Kurama gave a reassuring smile and went back to lala land.


"Hiei, why are you using telepathy now?" asked Kurama.

'That new girl, something is weird about her.'

"What's weird about her?" asked Kuwabara.

'The girl is strong, i can tell, but she has no aura.'

The guys started thinking about it and went into deep thought.

BaCk To ThE gIrLs

Keiko and Ayumi just arrived and found two girls waving at them.

"Kei-chan!" shouted a girl with long blondish/brown locks and pretty blue eyes. Keiko ushered Ayumi to the two girls.

"Ayumi, this is Hiryuu Tatsuko." said Keiko,while pointing to the brown haired girl. "And this is Hiryuu Hatoko." said Keiko, while pointing to the girl with black hair purple highlights, and pretty amethyst colored eyes. (Thanks for letting me use your oc's, sailormars5194!)

"Hi!" said Tatsuko, very cheerfully.

"Um...Hi..." said Ayumi, a bit creeped out.

Hatoko rolled her eyes at Tatsuko and said "Hello." Meeting the other sister's gaze, Ayumi smiled and said "Hello." Ayumi scanned the room and her eyes flickered over to the guys tables. That didn't go unnoticed by Hatoko.

"So...what do you think is so interesting about that table?" asked Hatoko.

"Huh? Oh nothing..." said Ayumi with a nervous smile on her face.

Tatsuko rolled her eyes and said "Don't mind her. Told you people think you're intimidating." Hatoko just 'hmphed' and continued to eat her bento.

"I'll be right back!" said Ayumi. Ayumi ran over to the guys table.

"Tell Hiei I said 'Hi', okay?" said Ayumi, who went behind Yusuke. The guys jumped.

"You know Hiei?!?!"asked Yusuke.

Ayumi nodded and said, "Jaganshi Hiei, currently a b-class demon. Was known for 'Dragon of the darkness flame' in the dark tournamentt. Can't leave this city because of your criminal records." They all looked at Ayumi weirdly. Suddenly the guys started to ask many questions at once, all along the lines of," How do you know that?" Ayumi was about to answer but Tatsuko suddenly called her back to the table. "Well...talk to you guys later!" said Ayumi and then dashed off. Ayumi left the guys in shock. They quickly returned to normal just as the bell rang.

"If I don't get to class on time, Keiko will kill me!" said Yusuke.

The school day went by quickly. After school the Yu Yu gang, Hatoko, Tatsuko, Ayumi, and Keiko met up with a familiar blue haired lady.

"Hey, Botan!" said Ayumi

"You know her too?!?!" shouted Yusuke, afterwards getting a whack from Keiko for being so impolite.

"Of course she knows me silly! She's known me since she was a little girl!"said Botan.

"Hi Botan." chorused Hatoko and Tatsuko.

"I say 'Hi' to Botan and I get interrogated. What about them?" asked Ayumi, irritated.

Tatsuko laughed slightly and said, "Don't worry! We were interrogated at first too!"

"Anyway, I am here on spirit world business." said Botan.

"Why are you telling them then?" asked Kuwabara, pointing at Keiko, Tatsuko, Hatoko, and Ayumi.

"Well...Keiko already knows about the spirit world, so no harm there, Tatsuko,Hatoko, and Ayumi...Koenma ordered me to bring them with us." Kuwabara sighed and Botan made a portal.

At SpIrIt WoRlD

"What's up Binky Breath?" shouted Yusuke.

Koenma coughed and he started to talk. "Ahem. You guys are here because I need you 7 to participate in a tournament."

"Wait 7? There is only...me, Urameshi, Kurama, and Hiei...so 4!" said Kurama.

"And Hatoko, Tatsuko, and Ayumi." said Koenma.

"What??? B-but they're girls!" shouted Kuwabara.

"Bad move!" chorused Botan and Koenma. Kuwabara turned around and found very pissed off Hatoko, Ayumi, and Tatsuko.

"What's wrong with girls fighting in a tournament?" shouted the three girls.

"N-nothing!" stuttered Kuwabara.


"Anyways...since Hatoko, Ayumi, and Tatsuko are going to be fighting in a tournament with the boys...does that mean they are on Team Urameshi?" asked Keiko curiously.

They're eyes grew big and they started to shout all at once.

"Shut up! You WILL work together! Like it or not, Ayumi, Hatoko, and Tatsuko are on Team Urameshi now!" shouted Koenma. They all grumbled.

"Anyway, what's the mission?" asked Kurama.

"You 7 have to enter a tournament called 'Heaven's Dance' to meet a sponsor. However, to meet this sponser, you have to place in the top three.

"Sounds easy enough." said Yusuke.

"She is an important person to all 4 worlds.( Heaven, Hell, Spirit World, Nether World.)" said Koenma.

"What is her name?" asked Hatoko.

"Ryuuzaki Shizuka."

"I knew it." mumbled Hatoko.

"Anyways...I suggest bonding as a team for today...just to get to know each other." said Koenma, shooing them out of his office. They went into the den.

"So...what can you do?" asked Yusuke, curious.

"Um...I am not really sure..." replied Ayumi.

"Weak." mumbled Hiei.

"Well...I guess we just have to train you!" said Yusuke, with a mischievious smirk on his face. "What about you two?"

"Well...I am a psychic, meaning all that good stuff. Telling the future, reading minds, levitation...anything the word psychic emplies really. And...I control the elements darkness and fire. Um...My powers are stronger at night...and I can summon any weapon at will. I am also handy with a sword...My powers are a bit...unstable..." said Hatoko.

"My turn. I have the power of song, meaning if I sing I can make people do things...things along the lines of controlling things I guess...I also control the elements light and wind. My powers are stronger in the morning. I can also make barriers.I like using a bow and arrows." said Tatsuko cheerfully.

"And if you think MY powers are unstable, you should see TATSUKO in action."

"SHUT UP! Oh...one more thing...I am the princess of the sun." (The powers aren't the same as sailormars5194's, who is my cousin btw and has let me use her oc's as I wish.Well...I can't kill them off...or else she would kill ME...)

"Making Hatoko the princess of the moon?" asked Ayumi. Hatoko nodded.

"There is sonething we can do together though!" said Tatsuko.

"What's that?" asked Keiko curiously.

"We can control time, and revive the dead...at a cost though..." Everybody looked at Hatoko and Tatsuko weirdly. Especially Tatsuko...they had no idea how she could say that so easily...and cheerfully...

"Ahem. What about Ayumi...is there anything you have been able to do or did you cause anything on accident?" asked Hatoko

"Well...there is that one time when I...got cut and when I touched it, it healed automatically...and that time when I screamed, there was this hole thing that appeared under me and I ended up somewhere else...Um...I THINK that is it...oh! wait! There was this other time when I was running really fast to get away from someone and it turns out I ran a mile in 2 minutes..." said Ayumi.

"The power of healing, portals, and speed...interesting..." said Kurama.

"Well..we'll just have to wait and see if she has anymore hidden power in her." said Keiko.

"By the way, how do you guys know each other?" asked Ayumi curiously.

"Well, Hatoko and Tatsuko are sisters of course. When Hatoko transferred to Sarayashiki Jr.High, she met Kuwabara, Yusuke, and me."

"Okay...how does she now Kurama?"

"Oh..well, they are childhood friends. CLOSE childhood friends...if you get what I am saying..." said Tatsuko with humor evident in her voice and eyes.. Hatoko just growled and sent her dear sister a death glare( Hiei is not the only one who can do that!) Kurama blushed lightly.

"Ookies..." said Ayumi. Botan, who was out of the room until now, suddenly burst into the room.

"LETS HAVE A SLEEPOVER!" shouted Botan.

"What????" shouted everyone(even Hiei)


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