It was a dark moment.

And Jarod was all to familiar with dark moments. One could say he was an expert in the matter.

But this one moment was darker then all.

Jarod was sitting on the couch of his newest 'lair'. This wouldn't shock many, but the fact that there was two empty bottles of Tequila on the coffee table in front of him and a gun in his hand would.

Tears traveled down his face as he looked at the picture of his mother. He had never met her. Only seen her from a distance.

There was always a distance.

Jarod reached next to him on the couch and wrapped his hand around a nearly empty bottle of Tequila as his eyes switched to the picture of his brother.

Tilting his head back he let the liquor slide down his throat as tears squeezed out of his eyes at the thought of his brother.

Swallowing the liquid he wiped his mouth with his arm that held the gun.

Everything was his fault.

Letting out a sigh he looked at the newspaper clipping that had set him off. A study conducted to reexamined what happened to the twin towers on September 11th of 2001. It was the 6th year anniversary of that day. That's why the article on the table.

In it they had established evidence of explosives lining the area of the impact on the towers. And at that his mind had started to remember something. A very old simulation, one that he himself had not revisited on the DSA's, because he remembered all at once what he had done. What a little child had given to the most evil of people.

It was his fault.

All those innocent lives. Everyone of them that had died……was because of him.

The article had a quote from the actual writer that had made him cry all morning. It was only once sentence……but it encompassed everything that Jarod himself stood against, fought against. Yet he……was the reason for this sentence.

'I myself can only think of the little boys and girls waiting to be picked up by mommy or daddy………and they never come.'

Thinking of the sentence Jarod began to cry again. Sobbing as he held the gun against his temple as he was wracked with a guilt that no one could imagine.

Opening his very blurry eyes he hit himself with the gun against his head.

He hated his head. Hated the things that it thought of. What it had destroyed.

Destroyed soo many lives of so many people he didn't even know. Even the people he loved the most.

His father, His mother. Brother and sister. There lives had all been ruined by his one.

Broots. Sydney. Miss Parker.

Miss Parker.

Being the reason why her mother died was a living nightmare.

All because of him.

Hitting his head with the gun again.

Then he made a decision. A way to set everyone free. Himself included.

He had thought of it when he had actually retrieved the gun from it shidden location an hour ago. But with the drunken stupor he was in, he had forgotten.

The gun had a silencer on it, it was from his latest pretend. He stared at it with such calm. A calmness that he had never experienced before.

He was at piece with his decision. Closing his eyes he lifted his arm and positioned the gun at the side of his head. Hand wobbling as his muscles were unstable because of the alcohol in his system.

Tilting his head up he opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling. Gun cocking, finger around the trigger, he whispered words from his heart.

"I'm sorry."

Hand dropping the gun, and blood spilling red…… one heard the clatter of the gun hitting the floor.

Parker hid her gun under her coat as she eyed the men she passed on the street. Sydney and Broots were following right behind her.

"Miss Parker don't you think he'd be gone by now? The old lady said that Jarod hasn't shown up since yesterday morning." Broots said walking behind Miss Parker. Her strides as determined as her demeanor.

"Quit babbling Broots. I know he's here." Agitated by the voices that were almost screaming at her to hurry.

"Parker it's been ten years. If we haven't caught him in all this time you must come to the conclusion that we will never catch him." Sydney said with his heavy accent.

Parker wasn't paying attention to them. Something bigger and stronger then herself was pushing her forward. Her inner sense had never been this strong. Something was wrong but she didn't know what.

Her eyes locked on the address 808 across the street. Just as she was about to extend her foot off the sidewalk to the street…………the voices stopped suddenly.

A coldness ran through her at the suddenness of silence in her mind.

Finding herself running across the street with Sydney and Broots call after at her sudden actions, she hardly heard them.

As she reached the entrance to the building she stopped, pulled out her weapon, and pointed it down the hall of the entrance.

"Broots stay here and yell if you see anything. Sydney check the ground floors." With that she ran up the building stairs to the right and quickly made her way to the second floor. But something in her was pushing her forward again. She didn't stop climbing the stairs until she reached the fourth floor. The door directly in front of the stairs seemed to intrigue her. Approaching stealthly but quickly, she reached the door. Only bracing a self but a few seconds she kicked open the door.

Gun instantly pointed at the ready she almost lowered her gun as she saw the side of Jarod's head from the back of the couch. Even from the doorway she held her gun at the ready.

"DON'T MOVE JAROD!!" She yelled out.

Smiling in what she felt like victory she slowly entered the room keeping her gun trained on Jarod as she made her way to face him.

"I always told Freud it was the smart ones that……"

Making her way around her smile dropped as she saw the pool of blood dripping down the right side of his body. His eyes were closed with a look of peace on his face.

"Jarod." She whispered out. A second later her gun fell to the ground as she ran over to him.

"Jarod……nonono…" She breathed out as her hands went for the gun wound to his head. Pressing down her hand covered with his blood and the tears came as she tried to stop the blood and his limp body fell towards her.

"HHHEEEEELLLPPPPP MMMMEEEEEEEE!!!!" She screamed at the top of her lungs as she tried to stop the blood pouring out his head.

"Please….please God no. Don't you dare do this Jarod. DON'T YOU DARE DO THIS TO ME!!!" She screamed out in horror.

"JAROD!!!" Sydney screamed as he saw the blood smearing Parker's coat, arm and hand.

"CALL AN AMBULANCE!!" She yelled hysterically as she cried and held his head.

"Oh my god!" Broots whispered from the doorway as Sydney ran to Jarod. Quickly Broots ran back down stairs to call an ambulance.

Sydney reached Jarod and his face crumbled in pain at the sight.

"Ja rod." Sydney's voice cracked as tears began to fall at the sight before him.

"He's not breathing." Parker cried out through tears as his mouth lay in the crook of her neck. She couldn't feel his breath on her neck and it was as though memories from when Jarod and her were little flashed in her mind.

The day he had the anatomy doll and had kissed him he had explained to her what he was studying about the body. And it was as though he was speaking to her now all those years ago.

Laying him down flat she checked his pulse and felt none there. He was litterally dead.

"HE HAS NO PULSE!!!" She screamed at the realization and frantically started CPR on him.

Her fingers opened his mouth as tilted his head back and breathed into him. Tears clogged her vision but she didn't care that she couldn't see. Stopping she began to pump his chest.

Realizing that Jarod was still alive Sydney acted almost instantly, even through the tears and pain. Quickly Sydney looked at the surrounding area for something to stop the bleeding and noted the two guns on the floor and the articles on the table. Mind refocusing he removed his shirt and quickly dove to press the article against the side of his head.

Parker felt soo numb as she surrounded her mouth around his and breathed her life into him.

How many times in her life had she imagined his lips on hers? How many times did she imagine kissing him again one day?

It wasn't supposed to be like this. It wasn't supposed to end like this. Not with Jarod………not like this. Not like Thomas.

He looked so pale.

She continued CPR crying and speaking to him.

"Come on Jarod……breathe……breathe. Don't you do this to me!! Don't you leave me!!!!"

Sydney just looked on with tears falling and mouth quivering as Parker's heart broke before his very eyes. Just as his was.

"Don't leave me." She whispered once more before covering Jarod's mouth and breathed into him again.

Broots had been in the background with his hands on the top of his head as he watched in horror at the scene in front of him.

Sydney and Miss Parker didn't hear the sirens of the ambulance but he did. Looking around he noted Miss Parker's gun on the floor as well as another near Miss Parker herself. The DSA player was sitting on the coffee table along with several of Jarod's news clippings and pictures.

He knew he had to get rid of any evidence that led back to the Centre. Miss Parker and Sydney couldn't deal with Centre involvement, and if the cops and paramedics found anything it would reach Mr. Raines or Mr. Lyles ears.

Looking at the Pretender as Miss Parker pushed down on his chest Broots made a decision he should have made a long time ago. Or at least realized it.

He owed Jarod his life………and he would repay him………no matter the cost. A fleeting thought of his daughter made him realize he had to stay alive for her. But at the sight of the blood on the floor……he couldn't turn away any more.

He got rid of everything that would have left behind and ran it down to the car they had left down the street. His heart almost bursting out of his chest at how fast he was moving. But the sound of the sirens coming closer he pushed himself that much more. Finally finished he ran back up the four flights of stairs and watched on.

Sydney had blood running down his arm as his crumpled shirt dripped blood.

Miss Parker continued to cry as she tried to keep Jarod alive.

All of them were crying.

All of them praying………the Jarod wouldn't die.

All of them wishing that Sydney had been right………….wishing……. they hadn't caught…… Jarod.