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A/N: Thanks to Shywr1ter for betaing and encouraging words!!! I know, the prologue is very, very short... The next chapter will be longer, I promise. This is just to introduce the general idea: I would love to create a nice, long fic, writing about every S1 fan's fantasy: to enter DA and beat some common sense into Max and Logan ...or not...

Through time, space and fiction


I am on the bus back home, as always listening to music on my i-pod, as always reading and, of course, deep in thought I know the way by heart and when the bus stops at my station, I get up without stopping my reading or even thinking about it, too engrossed in my book.

The first thing I notice is the smell. Or better, the lack of smell. My street is one of the town's busiest, especially during rush-hour. Emissions and the smell of petrol are a constant fact of life here. But now, the air is clean. More than that, it even smells like a grocery. I look up. And I don't believe my eyes.

The old colorful houses of my medieval Bavarian town have been replaced by some kind of outdoor hall with grey pavement, dirt puddles and little stalls, filled with garbage and at least 500 people. I am surrounded by men and women, some children and, in the distance, I can spot heavily armed policemen. Vendors are selling vegetables, fruits and meat. Everything looks neglected, people as well as buildings, and yet - I suddenly realize that I've stopped breathing and take a deep breath- the air is cleaner. The oxygen clears my head and I frantically pull the i-pod speakers out of my ears. The sounds are overwhelming. The noise of a city, without a doubt. Hectic voices. With a shiver I realize these people next to me are speaking English.

Someone pushes my back and I stumble. As I look back up, I see the huge steel letters hanging from the roof. SOUTHMARKET.

That moment, I know that I am in Seattle. And that it is not the year 2007 anymore.