Title: "Hottest Guy"
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Matsumoto, Ikkaku
Rating: PG
Word Count: 104
Time: 8 minutes
Disclaimer: Bleach not mine.

"So, who do you think the hottest guy in Seireitei is?"

Ikkaku looked like he'd burst a blood vessel. "I'm straight!"

"Yeah, yeah." Matsumoto waved a hand at him. "For the Shinigami Women's Association. Who do you think the hottest guy is?"

"No opinion."

"Come on. We need the opinion of a big, muscular, straight man like yourself."


"None of your business."

Ikkaku glanced around furiously to make sure no one was listening. "If ya not talking 'bout personality too, then Yumi or Kuchiki-hime. If ya are, then Ukitake-taichou."

"Thank you for your participation."

"This is anonymous, right? Right? Hey, come back here!"