Understanding a Nightmare, Becoming a Dream

WOOHOO! Got this out in like 48 hours! THIS IS THE FINAL CHAPTER OF THIS STORY! It's short, but this story was never meant to be more than a One-Shot! However, I did like this story, while it laster for like three years xD! ANYWHO! Enjoy!

Chapter III

"NARUTO!!!" I scream, as his body goes limp in my arms as Sasuke's arm retreats to his side. I see my tears falling before I realize I'm crying. The wound… It was right through his heart. He was dead… I have him, finally, and he's gone the next day… Somewhere deep inside, I could feel magma boiling, rising and pushing the cold aside. It was utter anger, and could easily turn to hate. Setting Naruto down, I stand just in time to see Sasuke charging me with his sword. To our surprise, he's flying to the other side of the river as I punch him in the face with speed rivaling that of Lee's. I shake, my tearful eyes borrowing into Sasuke's body as he rolls when he lands. He picks himself up, snapping his head up and looking at me with Sharingan active and hatred in his eyes.

"You can't be saved…" I mutter to myself as I feel Kakashi and Yamato's presence land next to me. I pull my gloves out of my pouch and slip them on, the only thought in my head, not even that, an image of Sasuke bloody and beaten on the ground. Yeah, looks like a good idea…

"So I'll put you down instead!!" I scream, flashing across the river in a blur of red and white. I slam my fist into Sasuke's previous position, looking up to see his shock as the ground where he stood was pulverized, for a lack of a better word. Launching myself at him again, I continue this brutal assault, leaving him no chance to counterattack, each of my strikes timed and coordinated with the next one.

"Sakura! STOP!" I hear Yamato yell as a branch breaks me apart from Sasuke. I shatter it into bark dust as my eyes remain on Sasuke, when I feel even more branches wrap around my appendages, Kakashi and Yamato appearing in front of me and between Sasuke as I struggle against my restraints. To my surprise, Sasuke is caught by similar branches, heaving in breaths, and I realize I'm in a similar state.

"WHY!?" I scream at him, still struggling while he glares at me with his damned cursed eyes. "He thought of you as a brother! He said you said the same! Who could do that to his own brother!? You're not better than ITACHI!!!" I scream and his head rears back a little, as I heave from my screaming, the heat cooling down and the ocean consuming it, as I hang my head, beginning to cry again. I hear snapping as, and my heat shoots up as Orochimaru breaks Sasuke free, Yamato and Kakashi on their guard.

"So you finally succeeded in ending that boy's miserable life, Sasuke-kun?" Orochimaru asks, and I barely have the energy to glare at him.

"His name was Naruto, bastard…" I call, and Orochimaru gives me a glance, his amused smile turning into a frown.

"But it appears you were interrupted from killing the other one…" Orochimaru is suddenly blending with the tree behind him, and leaves instructions for Sasuke.

"Meet me back at the base, but make sure to lose these pests…" Sasuke disappears suddenly, and Kakashi's after him in a second while Yamato releases me, and I slump to the ground, the fight suddenly drained from me.

"Sakura… I'm…" He starts, but I stand and hold up a hand.

"No-not now… I can cry after I we get back our friends and…" I wipe away my tears with the back of my wrists. I race off in the direction Kakashi did, my face as empty as Sasuke's.

'Shinobi Saying #25… No matter what situation… A shinobi must keep emotions on the inside… You must make the mission your top priority… And you must possess a heart that never shows tears…'

"Kakashi…" I call, seeing him looking around the clearing, cursing under his breath.

"I lost him damn it…" I looked away, but I swear I could've seen tears in his eyes. I'm nott he only one hurting…

Closing my eyes, I reach out with my sense, trying desperately to find his signature. I tense a little, as I have, before it suddenly disappears.

"I had him; I think he got inside the base…" I say, pointing in the direction he was in. We nod to each other before taking to the trees, separated but within hearing distance, combing the area for anything remotely suspicious. Kakashi calls us over about fifteen minutes later, and we make our over to him to see the doors open, and no guards.

"Keep your guard up, something else is here…" Yamato warns, taking a defensive position as Kakashi heads the group into base. We edge our way carefully, surprised by the lack of guards. This is eerie… I create a hand sign and try to release some kind of genjutsu. Nothing happens. We all frown, and continue along the wall, not a thing in sight, or sound we heard. We're like this for about thirty minutes until we finally hear a very light banging sound in the distance. Kakashi gives me the signal to stay as he scouts ahead. I nod my head, my eyes darting around.

This doesn't seem like a trap but… My mind snaps back to its singular goal of the mission as Kakashi motions for us to come. Yamato and I make our way quickly.

"Ino's in the cell over there, but there's no guards again. I'm not sure if this is a trap or not but we should be careful," He whispers when Ino's voice calls out.

"Hey! Is anybody there!? Come and get me out! Where the hell did you guys go!?" She screams, and I roll my eyes.

I push my way past Kakashi as I make my way to her door, and she notices me.

"Finally! Thank you whatever Kami is out there!" she says, still gripping the iron bar as I stop in front of her cell, hands on hip.

"First off, where the hell are the guards?" I question as she skeptically looks at me from the cell door.

"An interrogation!? REALLY!? Just let me out!" She screams.

"Just answer and I'll let you out," I say, as she gives me a dirty glare.

"I don't know. They disappeared about twenty five minutes ago, something just came in and swept them all away. And whatever it was, or whoever, left me in here. Good enough for you?" She asks and I nod and rip the door of hit's hinges as she cringes.

"You've gotta teach me that…" She mutters.

"Where's your teammates?" Yamato asks, eyes still on the alert as I hand Ino one of my kunai pouches.

"Don't know, they separated us as soon as we got into the base. Shikamaru's probably asleep, and Chouji's whining about being hungry, so it shouldn't be hard to find him though," She says, and Kakashi nods.

"Ino, Sakura, you two go and look for Shikamaru, Yamato and I will search for Chouji…" We all agree to our respective duties. "Good, we meet back here once we find them. Move out!" With that we're all off, the two groups going in opposite directions.

Ino and I are silent for a good ten minutes before she sighs. "I really wish Naruto were here, he's Kage Bunshin would be so helpful right now…" I bite my bottom lip and flinch at his name, and my vision blurs slight as we rush down the halls.

"Sakura? Is everything alright?" Damn it, she noticed. I glance at her and nod my head. She frowns, and grabs my shoulder, stopping us in our tracks.

"Sakura, what's wrong?" Ino demands as she grabs both of my shoulders, staring me in the eyes. Damn it Ino, not now. I rip away from her, and continue down the hall, screaming Shikamaru's name, trying to get a response.

"Sakura, what the hell is wrong?" She screams at me as she tries to catch up.

"Not NOW INO! SHIKAMARU!!!" I scream, and I can feel the tears starting to well up in my eyes as Naruto's death replays in my head.

"Now's as a good a time as any!" She screams back, and I pin her to the wall, nearly in tears.

"NARUTO'S DEAD! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW INO!?" I screech, tears falling freely.

"Wha… Sakura, I'm so sorry…" She wraps her arms around me as I lean my head against her shoulder. I couldn't stem the flow of tears as I just let the tears fall, bawling my eyes out.

"Sasuke did it… He killed him…" Ino didn't say anything as she continued to let me vent, even in this odd place.

"He took him from me…" I mumble, and she pats the back of my head.

"You really loved him, huh?" Before I can answer, a shocked voice echoes from inside a nearby cell, surprising Ino and I

"Naruto's dead…" Shikamaru states, eyes wide. I shake off my tears, rubbing them away as I free him as I did Ino.

"Yes… I'm gonna make sure to bring Sasuke back too…" He looks at me oddly, and I start to walk away, before finishing my thought.

"To make sure that bastard gets everything he deserves…"

We make our way back to the meeting area, where Ino tended to Shikamaru as I distanced myself from them, trying not to think about Naruto, and more about how to get Sasuke to Konoha so he can get punished.

"Good, you found Shikamaru, now let's get out of here," Kakashi says when he gets back. We all stand up and the entire group, excluding me, starts to walk the halls in search of exit.

"Sakura…" Yamato voices as I look up, mouth set in a grim line.

"I'll catch you guys later…" With that I'm gone, flying down the hallways, blindly charging and looking for Sasuke. I can hear the group behind me trying to catch, and talk me out of it, but I'm once again pumping chakra into my legs to make me got at speeds that they can't reach. I easily race out of their vision, leaving them to guess my moves as I slow down, conserving chakra for when I have to fight Sasuke.

Left to myself, my thoughts start to drift. I should kill him, for what he's done to me… I can get away with it, just say that he forced me too...

I grin, but it vanishes a moment later…

No, that's not what Naruto would've wanted…

Shaking the loose thoughts out, I refocus on finding Sasuke.

I punch the wall where Sasuke was at just a moment ago, before dipping low and sweeping behind me to throw Sasuke off balance and to get him away from me. He jumps above my ankle, and I launch myself into the air with my other leg and continue the rotation, catching Sasuke in the ribs from the surprise, and no way to push himself out of the way. He goes flying into the wall and grunts as he spits out some blood.

"Eh, touchy about the Naruto thing?" His taunting smirk tread on my last nerve as I reigned myself in.

"Did you really ever care for us?" I ask, entire hand cracking under the pressure. He stands up, wiping off the blood with the back of his hand and rolling his shoulder blades.

"Maybe once I did. But that was a long time ago. Now you're just obstacles," With that he's charging me, and I'm ducking under his blade as he leans back and kicks me in the chin, sending me backwards. I reach out and grab the ground, landing on my feet and ripping it out and throwing it at him, watching him scramble out of the way. He recovers quickly and charges at me grabbing my wrists and holding me down as I struggle and he hovers over me, that same cocky smirk.

"Why'd you kill him? You didn't get your stupid super Sharingan or whatever, so why?" I spit in his face, and grinds his teeth.

"Because I can't go back, not with weaklings like you, weakness is disease," He explains, right before I kick him off of me, sending him into the ceiling. Rolling back I try to intercept him as he is falling, only for him to grab my wrist and throwing him, throwing my balance off and causing me to crash into the wall. When I regain my balance and vision, Sasuke is already charging me, the screeching of a thousand birds in the air. My eyes widen, realizing that this is the end.

I'm sorry that I wasn't able to bring him back, Naruto… Suddenly, I feel a pair of arms wrap around my waist, and the arms and I jump away, just in time to hear someone yell.

"Rasengan!" I look over my shoulder to see Sasuke get slammed into the wall with a Rasengan in the hands of Naruto. All logical thought went out the window as I saw him, the only feeling left from his sigh one of wonder.

Naruto's alive… After the dust cleared from the impact of Sasuke, I get a clear view of Naruto, who's binding Sasuke with all sorts of seals and chains. Although it barely registers, I notice he looks very beaten and cut up. I rip myself from the clone's arms and run to Naruto, tackling him to the ground, and I hear him chuckle as he wraps his arms around my shoulder.

"Sorry Sakura, but I had to make you guys believe I died. It was the only way to could surprise Sasuke. Sasuke once said he could tell the difference between a clone and me, so I made an uber clone, and faked my death. Took care of Orochimaru first, then came here and saved you…"

"BASTARD!" I scream, punching him in the jaw, dislocating it in the progress. He rubs his jaw, squinting.

"I expected that…" I hear him mutter, and punch him again in the ribs, causing him to cough.

"Not that…" He mutters as I begin to heal him, looking over my shoulder to see the rest of my team come in, all of their eyes widening at the sight of an unconscious Sasuke and an alive Naruto.

Looking back at Naruto, he's got a small smile on his face.

"Love you…" He says, surprising me a little before I smile back. I hear the others shuffling about, leaving us be as the pick up Sasuke.

"I love you too…" I bend down and give him a chaste kiss on the lips, before backing up.

"I'm glad this nightmare is over…" I mutter, and his grin grows.

"I'm glad this became a reality!"

THE END!!!!!!