prompt : candy
Vaan & Penelo

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Penelo hummed softly to herself, looking out the large window and admiring the beauty of the day. It was so peaceful -- not only because Vaan was still at work, though he'd be home any minute, but also because everyone bustling around outside was happy.

Speak of the devil. A knock broke her out of her reverie and she turned, smiling, to greet Vaan, only to have a small bag tossed at her. She nearly fell into the wall from surprise.


"Sorry, sorry." He said, grabbing her arm. "Migelo said that that's been long overdue…" He trailed off in curiosity. Well, at least he hadn't opened it then, she thought. He's was getting much more mature.

For fun on her part, she turned around so he couldn't see anything when she opened it. A grunt of annoyance came from him but he managed to see over her shoulder anyway.

"Money and… Candy?" Vaan frowned in confusion. "Since when did he ever give us candy as pay?"

Penelo smiled to herself and danced away from him, taking one of the delicious looking sweets and popping it into her mouth. She moaned in delight and laughed. "He doesn't -- he gives me candy. This is so good!"

"It's nice to share, you know." Vaan smirked.

"Ha." She dodged when he lunged at her and laughed. "I don't think so!"

"Penelo…" He whined, smiling.

She backed up into the door and, quickly, opened it, freeing her from the cramped space of their house. Vaan was seconds behind her.

"All this for--" Penelo was cut of when Vaan grabbed hold of both of her wrists with one hand from behind, holding her tightly to him, while grabbing the bag from her. "Candy. Cheater!"

"Not cheating if you play fair." He said, somehow manoeuvring the bag and his free hand so that he was able to grab a piece of the candy and place it into his mouth, returning that moan of delight she'd so deviously given him moments ago.

An evil thought popped into her head. "Considering our position, that sounded pretty wrong."

He'd never jumped away fast enough.

"Penelo!" He choked, but still managed to hold the bag up high and away from her.

She jumped up a couple times before she was able to grab his arm, pulling it down so she could try to get it away from him.

Keyword being tried.

"Vaan, would you give it back?" She asked, unsuccessfully pulling it away from him.


She narrowed her eyes. Fine then -- she could play that way. She took hold of his shoulder and gave herself enough momentum to swing up and around him, her legs landing on either side of him and her arms placed around his neck.


"I can't." He said, grabbing her legs so she wouldn't fall or worse, choke him. The bag was thus held right underneath her thigh.

She reached down and tried to unhook his fingers from the bag. Her thigh slipped a little.

"And I won't." He said, clutching the bag harder.

"Vaan, my thigh!"

"Well get off then!"

"Fine." She used her weight and the fact that he was slightly off balance to her advantage and they toppled over. She cried out slightly when her back hit the concrete and held her head up so she wouldn't smash it in. Vaan, at the last second and to her relief, threw his arms out behind him and on either side of her, holding himself up so he wouldn't crush her.

"Are you okay?"

"Vaan, whyyyy."

By now there were quite a few onlookers watching them with raised eyebrows or appreciative smiles plastered onto their faces. Penelo blushed when she finally noticed. "Vann--"

He proceeded to fall back on top of her.


"Not a bad arrangement."

"Why do you always act so immature!" Penelo whisper-screamed to him, hoping it would get him off her. He'd gotten a little more… Out-going and laid back after their adventure around Ivalice with the others, but he still reacted when she called him immature.


"This is pretty good, Penelo. You should try some."

She didn't have to see his face to know he was grinning satisfactorily.

She sighed in defeat and relaxed against the pavement, resigned to her fate. And to her candy's fate.

It was just another day in Rabanastre with Vaan, after all.