prompt : unnatural
Vaan & Penelo

Disclaimer: I do not own FF12, its characters, settings, etc. These words, however, are mine.

"Is that really necessary, Penelo?" Vaan asked, jaw gaping as she opened the cabinet and added one more item to the contents inside. "You could've used that money for something a lot more useful than that!"

"Oh come on, you know we need them. What do you expect us to do the next time we have one of those days?" She scoffed, crossing her arms over her chest. "I'm the only one who ever buys them and you're the only one complaining about how we don't have this one or that one. Well, maybe next time we will have this or that because I'm always out buying them!"

"We can always find something else to do! How many do you have now!?"

"Ummm... Hang on." She grinned, opening the doors again, setting to work counting.

He sighed. "I didn't actually mean for you to... count them..." He muttered, leaving the room.

Some time later, she walked into the kitchen to find him attempting to make a lunch for them. "Sooo... I finished counting!" She announced excitedly. "You won't believe this!"

"Dear god, just tell me." He said, not once looking up from his task. He was scared to see how happy she actually was, because he knew it was going to be some very wrong number.

"One hundred fifty-seven!"

He would've fallen over and cried if he hadn't known it was going to be so outrageous. "One hundred fifty-seven DVD's! That's unnatural, you realize that, right!?"