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This story takes place instead of Twilight. So nothing has happened with Bella and Edward yet. They do not even know each other, but do not fret. This is an EdwardXBella story.

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As I exited the plane I saw Charlie waiting with a worried smile. It seemed that everyone was always worried about me ever since the diagnosis, but I pretended not to notice his worried face or any of the others. That would lead to long conversations I was not ready for. More than likely he was not intending on looking anxious it just kind of happened to the parents of kids who where sickly. They were always fretful.

"Hey Bells," Charlie greeted me with a small smile, "I am so glad your here." I simply smiled, and agreed. I did not like to talk much. Not anymore more anyway. I guess I'm still sad about the whole thing. The doctors only gave me fifty, fifty chance of survival, and that is with the 'vigorous' treatment. As bad as it sounds I decided that I would do the 'vigorous' treatment as recommended anyway. If I am going to die, I want to die a fighter. And it just so happens that the hospital in Forks was one of the top recommended for my treatment.

I doubt that if the statistics were not on my side I would have been able to move here. I seen no reason to stay with Renee. She had Phil now, and my life would drag them down. She deserves to be happy. At least with Charlie I would be able to get my self back and forth from treatments without a problem. Meaning I would not be interfering with his life too much. I certainly did not want that to happen. I wanted both of my parents to be happy, and dealing with their sickly child would not do that.

The good thing about my dad is he does not like to try and fill the quiet moments with conversation. He likes them, almost as much as I do. So the ride to his home was a sweet serenity. That was until he spoke…

"Bella, I know that you planned on buying a car to get you around." I knew that he meant to get me back and fourth from treatments, but I was thankful he did not say it directly.

"Yes," I agreed with him, "I will get a job."

"Well see Bella, I already found you a nice ride," he informed me as we turned into Forks, "a classic."

"How much is it going to cost me?"

"Well I kind of already bought it for you," he nearly whispered.

"Oh Charlie," I whined, "you did not have to go and do that. I was going to earn it." Just then we turned down the street I knew I could never forget. The street he lived on. And there parked in front of his home was a big, red, rusted, amazing TRUCK! "I love it," I whispered softly to my dad as he turned off his cruiser.

"Well I thought it would be a nice welcome home gift," he stated with a shy smile.

I nodded my thanks, and went to inspect the truck. I knew that it would be a loud, gas guzzler, but I didn't care. It was mine, and I loved it.

After awhile of looking around, the night chill set in and Charlie insisted I get inside. With my weakened immune system the last thing I needed was a cold.

"Coming," I whispered unwillingly.

Once inside I made my way slowly to my room. What I found made me smile. It was the exact same as the last time except a second rate computer with dial up connection that sat upon my old wooden desk. That was one of the few things that were a must have when I told Renee I was moving here. Other than that it was the same. My small bed in the right hand corner, and rocking chair in the opposite right hand corner. I loved it.

"I just got the computer hooked up before I went to pick you up. Darn thing was so complicated," Charlie stated from my door way. I was unaware of his presence so I jumped in shock, and by so doing tripped on my shoe laces causing my head to crash into the edge of the rocking chair. "Bella," was the last thing I heard before my world went dark.

When I woke up I heard a rhythmic beeping sound in the background. I knew that I was in the hospital, and I silently cursed my dad. I knew that he put me in here. As I sat up, and looked around the room a bit I saw that I was in a room of my own, and I was hooked up to several machines. I also saw needles sticking out of my hands. That sight made me gasp, and cringe.

"Good morning Miss. Sawn," came a cool velvety voice from my right. I turned to see a man who looked as if he just stepped off a runway. With slightly curly blond hair, and pale skin. There was no way he was older than 26.

I am guessing I was silent, because he smiled humorously. "I will take that silence as a good morning."

"Oh, sorry…you scared me. I did not know anyone was in here," I stated with a small blush.

"Well I am truly sorry that I frightened you. I just wanted to make sure your vitals were strong, which they are."

"Oh that's good," I said softly, as I looked down.

"We decided to get you settled with your doctor now, and schedule for treatment. You know, while you are here." As soon as he said those words I moaned, which I am betting he took that as a sign of pain, because he asked me. "Are you okay?" I just nodded, giving up on the whole speaking thing.

"Well for starters I will be your primary doctor though out treatment." Then he took out a small sheet of folded paper, and laid it on my bed, near my hand. As I opened it I saw it was schedule for treatments. I had one every other day from four to five.

"What about school," I asked a bit softly.

"Well you should be able to attend, at least for the time being," He said with a frown. I am guessing he knew what question was coming next, because he situated himself a bit more in the chair.

"How long?"

"I say you can finish out the school year before you get too exhausted to continue."

I nodded, that was the answer I had been expecting. "Do you think going through with the treatment is going to actually help?"

"Not really," he whispered. I think he knew that I wanted the truth, even if it was hard. "I'm sorry," he added sounding genially sorry. I sort of hated it when doctors would feel sorry for you, and they don't even know you.

"Don't be," I said softly, as I turned to look him in the eyes, which were the most amazing color. Topaz. "I am glad you don't sugar coat anything." He nodded, but still looked sad. I knew that I should drop the topic, but continued on anyway. I wanted him to know. "I'm not going to take it then," I stated strongly, as I handed the sheet back to him. He looked up at me with wide eyes.

"With out the treatment you may not live the rest of the year, you do realize that." It was a statement not a question so I simply nodded.

"I thought that if I was going to die I wanted to go down fighting, but now I am thinking differently. If I am going to die I want to have as much strength as I can muster. And you and I both know that they will weaken me."

"That is true, but maybe we can do an alternative treatment. Meant to prolog your life. It has positive---" I cut him off with a shake of my head.

"No thanks Dr…."


"No thanks; Dr. Cullen."

"I understand, and respect your decision, but I still insist on regular check ups. Okay?" He added.

"Deal." What could I lose?