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A Real Family

By Emma Iveli


Ranma held the Wish Bringer in his hand… he didn't know what to think… was it luck that he was it's new master or was it Kuno's stupidity at trying to resealing it himself and offering Ranma the first chance of pulling it… he doesn't even know if it will work… but he knew this might be his chance… to start over… to start everything over again… especially after what happened with the wedding.

"That's what I'll wish for…" he said.

Later he managed to gather everyone in the Dojo… everyone, his fiancés, the Kuno siblings, his parents, the Tendos, Ryoga and the Amazons.

"Okay I chose my wishes…" said Ranma, "My first wish is that those with the Jusenkyo Cures but my self and pops to be cured…"

The sword began to glow… so did Mousse, Shampoo and Ryoga… the three didn't' know what to say.

"Why didn't you cure me!" yelled Genma.

"To get back to you!" yelled Ranma, "Now my second wish is that all the girls who are in love with me to find happiness one day…"

The sword began to glow once again.

"Ranma?" said Akane.

"Ranma Honey?" said Ukyo.

"Why you wish that? asked Shampoo.

"Because my last wish… is to be reborn in another world with a loving family…" said Ranma.

Both him and the sword began to glow…

"Good bye…" said Ranma.

Everyone in the room gasped.

"Oh my…" said Kasumi.

"He's gone…" said Akane who began to cry.

"Akane…" said Ryoga walking up to her.

Akane hugged him, "I can't believe he's really gone…" she cried.

"But he's in a better place…" said Ryoga.

"And who could really blame him for leaving…" said Ukyo glaring at Genma.

In another world… a very different world… a world where Ninja roamed and creatures called Pokemon lived… a woman named Delia Ketchum- Kazama was giving birth to her third and final child…

She was the daughter of Red Ketchum, the World's Greatest Pokemon Master, when she became a Pokemon Trainer she travels all over the place… one day she had gotten into trouble with a rock slide… but that's when she was saved by Arashi… a ninja from the Village Hidden in Leaves… the tow hit off and fell in love despite being so different, eventually they got married… even in the midst of war… their first child was Ash, who took after his grand father… Arashi was appointed as the 4th Hokage, the leader of the Village Hidden in the Leaves, as the same time Delia became pregnant with a 2nd child when Ash was just two… however the day she gave birth to their 2nd son Naruto the great Kyubi no Yoko attacked the Village Arashi gave his life to protect the Village… by sealing it into Naruto… neither the now 3 year old Ash or Delia ever treated Naruto like a monster… many of villagers treated him like he was…but there was those who didn't such as Jiraiya, Arashi's former sensei and Kakashi, Arashi's former student… as well as the 3rd Hokage who made it law never mention the demon fox in front of Naruto… eventually Ash who not only took after his grand father in looks but also in dream, decided to on his own Pokemon Journey… that's when Delia decided to have another child from the sperm that Arashi set aside incase his "goods" ever got damaged… it has been 9 months since then…

"It's a girl!" said one of the Medic nins.

Little did they know was that this child was the reincarnation of one Ranma Saotome… and he… er… she had full memories…

"What… a girl…" thought Ranma, "I'm a girl… I though have asked to get rid of my curse before I left… damn it…"

She felt the doctor bring her up to Delia.

"She's beautiful… I think I'll name her Ranko…" said Delia weakly.

"Great…" thought Ranma… or should it be Ranko…

"Thank you… Arashi… but I don't think ever get to know…" said Delia weakly.

"She fading fast!" said one of the doctors.

"No…" thought Ranko.

A few minutes later in the waiting room Naruto, Ash, Ash's first Pokemon a Pikachu as well as Kakashi, Jiraiya, the 3rd Hokage as well Ash's traveling companions Misty and Brock as well as Misty's Togepi were all waiting for the news, Naruto was especially existed…

"I can't wait to have a new brother or sister!" yelled Naruto excitingly.

"Calm down Naruto… it won't come any faster…" said Kakashi reading a dirty book.

"He's right…" said Ash.

"I know… but I still can't wait for my new little brother or sister!" said Naruto.

"I hope it will be a girl…" said Jiraiya thinking about she grow up to be a beautiful young woman.

"If it then if she grows up to be Pokemon Trainer she'll use her Pokemon to hurt you… if she grows up to be ninja she will kill you…" said Ash.

Both Misty and the 3rd Hokage laughed…

That's when a doctor came into the room.

"I have good news, bad news and great news…" said the doctor.

"What's the good news?" asked Jiraiya.

"Delia gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Ranko… but the bad news…" said the doctor, "We lost her… We lost Delia…"

Everyone was shocked and saddened, Naruto began to cry…

"Oh Naruto…" said Ash comforting his younger brother but hugging him.

"Ash…" said Misty.

"I'm sorry…" said Brock.

"Pikapi…" said Pikachu sadly.

"And what's the great news… and it better not be a joke about car insurance…" said Kakashi.

The doctor began to run away… which meant it was a yes… the great news was a joke about care insurance… the doctor came back, "If you would like to… you may visit your younger sister…" he said before running away again.

Not too long later Ranko was thinking in her crib.

"Great… my new mom's dead… and from what I gather… my new dad's dead too… great… where's the family I wanted… I hope I'm not only child…" she thought.

That's when Naruto, Ash and Pikachu went up to Ranko's crib.

"So that's Ranko…" said Naruto trying not to cry.

"Naruto…" said Ash, "She's our little sister… it's not her fault mom died… mom wanted to have her after I left on my journey… and... please don't' ever hate her…"

Ash began to cry… that made Naruto cry…

"So I have two older brothers… I guess that's better than nothing…" thought Ranko.

A few days later after Ranko was released from the hospital Misty and Brock were leaving the Village after Ash made an extremely important decision… Ash and Pikachu said their good byes with Naruto and Ranko strapped to his back.

"Are you sure about this Ash… your giving up on your dreams…" said Misty.

"Not quite…" said Ash, "I talked to the old man and he gave permission for me to start a private gym and maybe on day when I can I go back on another journey…"

"He's right Misty… and I know for a fact…" said Brock.

"Well… I'll come for a visit…" said Misty.

"Me too…" said Brock.

And so the two left the village.

"Why are you staying?" asked Naruto.

"Because you and Ranko need me… with mom gone and dad gone too…" said Ash looking up the Hokage monument… at the face of their father, "I guess I need to protect those precocious to me…"

"Ash?" asked Naruto.

"Yeah?" said Ash.

"Can we go get ramen?" asked Naruto.

"Of course!" said Ash.

":Yay!" cheered Naruto.

"This Family is going to be interesting…" thought Ranko.

Next Time: Naruto fails at graduating from the academy... and thanks to a teacher he's a pawn for stealing an important scroll... now Naruto knows what's inside but alot of people have secrets... even Ranko and revealing her secret that dwarfs his own... what will happen...