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Chapter 7: Demon of the Mist

Naruto and Sasuke stared at the Zabuza clone in front of them.

"Okay! Sasuke let out Houndour!" said Naruto.

"Do I have to?" asked Sasuke.

"You should." said Naruto.

Sasuke did so… and Houndour began to bite Sasuke.

"Return! Return!" shouted Sasuke returning it to his Poke Ball.

The Houndour returned to it's Poke Ball causing everyone to sweat dropped

"I'm never doing that again!" yelled Sasuke.

"Maybe you should at least try to get closer to your Pokémon!" yelled Naruto.

"I know! I'll handle it later!" yelled Sasuke.

Hinata sweat dropped as this was going on, after all it wasn't the time.

"We'll just leave out Houndour then…" said Naruto.

Back in the village, Lee had started the training for the move. He was tired up above a large boulder.

"All right!" yelled Lee.

Guy pulled a rope, Lee aimed his finger (the rest of his hand was tied up) and poked a boulder. However it didn't work… he wound up slamming into the boulder very hard.

"Again!" yelled Lee.

It went over and over again… each time made Tenten flinch. Neji paid very little attention, Ranko and Ryoga just watched.

"Are you sure this is the way to learn it?" asked Tenten.

"The only way." Said Ryoga.

Tenten once again flinched as he slammed against the boulder.

"This is ridiculous." Said Neji.

"One of the points of the training is to the make the person's body much harder as well." Said Ryoga.

"Much harder?" asked Tenten.

"As in it harder for the person to get hurt from attacks." Said Ranko.

Neji looked at Ranko, he had always gotten a weird feeling from her.

Back in the Land of Waves, Naruto created many clones. He all gang piled the Zabuza clone, the real Naruto took out something from his back pack and tossed it, silently Sasuke telling him to wait for the right time.

The Zabuza clone got rid of all of the clones.

"You really think that would have stopped me?" asked the Zabuza clone.

"Now Sasuke!" yelled Naruto.

"Right!" yelled Sasuke, "Shadow Shuriken! The Windmill of Shadows!"

He threw a large shuriken at a the Zabuza clone, however it flew past the clone and aimed itself at the real Zabuza He caught it but saw there was another in the shadow of the first.

"Clever." He thought, he jumped it over… however it turned to be Naruto discussed a shuriken! Naruto threw a Kunai at Zabuza, he moved his arm, letting go of Kakashi and freeing him.

"That was your plan!" yelled Zabuza figuring it out.

"That's right, the point was to distract you so you can go of Kakashi." Said Naruto.

"Good job Naruto." Said Kakashi who was now free, "That trick won't work on me twice."

Zabuza narrowed his eyes at Kakashi…

The two stood across from each other… the energy around them… one could tell this was going to be a great battle of wills.

They were aware at a mysterious figure was watching the battle, waiting for the perfect time to strike.

Back in the Leaf Village… Lee had enough for the day.

"I think I should rest for now! But tomorrow we shall continue the training!" yelled Lee.

"Sure okay…" said Ryoga with a big sweat drop.

"Yosh! Let's go Lee!" yelled guy.

"Right Guy-Sensei!" yelled Lee.

"Looks like we're going to see each other tomorrow." Said Tenten.

"Bring a book or something." Said Ranko, "That way you can distract yourself."

"That's a good idea." Said Tenten ruffling Ranko's hair.

Neji stared at Ranko then left.

"Let's go back home." Said Ranko.

Ryoga nodded, and they both went back to the Ketchum-Kazama house.

Back in the Land of Waves the two Jonin faces of, Kakashi copying the movements of Zabuza. So much so that Zabuza was getting freaked out.

"Can he really see into the future?" asked Tazuna.

"No the Sharingan doesn't work like that.' Said Sasuke, "Kakashi is just trying to unnerve him." Said Sasuke.

"Well it's working." Said Naruto who had managed to avoid the fight between Zabuza and Kakashi.

That was when Kakashi was about to finish him of, when suddenly several needles were thrown into Zabuza's neck. Everyone turned to see it was a mysterious mist ninja wearing a mask.

"Who are you?" asked Naruto.

"Judging by that mask you're a hunter nin from the Village Hidden in the mist… am I right?" asked Kakashi.

"That's right, I have been after him for a very long time." Said mysterious mist ninja, "Thank you taking him down for me."

"Wait… you're just taking him?" asked Naruto.

There was an awkward silence, "What's a hunter nin?" asked Naruto.

"A hunter nin is a ninja specially trained for to catch Missing Nin." Explained Kakashi.

"That is correct, I have been after him for a very long time." Said the mysterious mist Ninja.

"So you just let Kakashi handle it… and you didn't help us what so ever?" asked Naruto.

The mysterious mist ninja sweat dropped… he would have expected him to upset that he seemed much more stronger than him… but to be upset by the fact he didn't help them.

"I would have thought that Naruto would be upset that he's stronger than Naruto." Thought Kakashi.

"Perhaps next time we meet then you can take away the kill from me." Said the mysterious mist ninja.

He jumped down and gabbed Zabuza's body, the two disappeared.

"Wait…" thought Kakashi.

That was when Kakashi suddenly collapsed.

"Kakashi-Sensei!" yelled Naruto.

Hinata ran towards his body, "Byakugan!" she said.

She looked over his body and found, "He's suffering form Chakra exhaustion… he'll be fine with some rest." Explained Hina with a sigh of relief.

"That's good." Said Naruto.

"We should take him to my house." Said Tazuna.

The other nodded… hopefully it was over for now… right?

Back at the Ketchum-Kazama mansion… Ranko and Ryoga returned.

"So how your day?" asked Ash.

Both Ryoga and Ranko sweat dropped.

"What's wrong?" asked Ash.

"Lee is much more insane than we ever imagined." Answered Ranko.

"What?" asked Ash.

"You heard me." Said Ranko.

Pikachu blinked while Ahs just ad a major sweat drop.

And so Zabuza was defeated while Lee began his Breaking Point training… however of them was only just beginning and it wasn't the training.

Next Time: Lee continues his training while in the Land of Waves, Team 7 gets training of their own... So its training galore! Maybe a little too much training! What will happen? Find out next time!