Title: "Shared Appreciation"
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Hisagi, Grimmjow
Rating: PG
Word Count: 115
Time: 10 minutes
Disclaimer: Bleach not mine.

The two fighters leaped between each other in a furry of blows and counterblows. As they fell back Hisagi growled and Grimmjow smiled.

They sprang back together, sealed zanpakutou whishing through the air and clanging against each other. Hisagi took a lunge forward, under the Arrancar's guard, but Grimmjow swung his other arm around, pushing the Shinigami back.

"I hate your captain," Grimmjow announced suddenly.

"So do I."

They traded another round, moving faster than a human eye could follow. Hisagi fell back and Grimmjow pressed his advantage, forcing the Shinigami to his knees, his zanpakutou at the hollow of his throat.

"I just have one question."


"Where do you get your tattoos done?"