Title: Alleviation.

Summary: Hinata. Itachi. The account of her dark transformation and break away from innocence to side with a world of terror and nightmares. This is not a dream. You will not wake up. AU; Side-fic to Angel of Mine.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.

Notes: This is my first really deep fic. It has to do with Hinata and Itachi. It can be read as a side fic or as an individual one. It really doesn't matter to me. Thanks for everyone who has reviewed and supported me! Enjoy!


Something was missing. I wasn't all there. I didn't know why I was alive. All I got...was pain. It hurt. I'm know I'm breaking. I can feel it. I can feel my heart cracking. I'm dying, and I know it. I'm not sick, I'm not ill...No. I'm dying. Dying on the inside. I can't take it anymore.

I just-I just...want to let it go.

I want to let it go. I want to let it all go. I'm desperate to get out. I'm trapped. My metal cage of despair. The arrogant, ruthless gatekeepers mock my every move, taunting me like no other.


Let me out.

Please let me out.



I can't breathe.


Chapter 1: Latent Hatred.

Down she went.

Into slick, dark mud she fell. It coated her entire body, from her hair roots to her bare feet. She coughed and spat, her ghostly skin now stained a dark, disgusting color.

'I'm filthy.' she thought, as she lay in the mud, waiting for any opportune moment to get up...but when would it come?

Rain drizzled down in a fine, irritating mist, making the young once purple haired girl clench the mud in dispair, making it squish through her fingers. Hinata was mildly annoyed. Why couldn't she keep up? Why couldn't she ever keep up? Questions upon disturbing questions played in her mind, torturing Hinata's mind like a broken record.

It had only been three since their departure. Three days since her betrayel to Konoha...Three days of being with the man who had rescued her from the torture of her oh so illustrious clan. Their pride had been their downfall. Itachi had shown them that.

The silent Uchiha.

Had it only been just three days?

'Jerk.' Hinata thought, galled, the word unknowingly coming into her normally forgiving mind.

Her closed eyes held the very picture of anger and frustration. Her hands couldn't get any whiter and her annoyance couldn't run any deeper. It just hurt to breathe...to take in something that would make you live. She couldn't just lay there...But there was a big difference between knowing what you have to do and actually doing it.

As she lay on the ground...she began to think.

This wasn't the Itachi she had known when she was younger. He was rough. Cold. Uncaring. A...a cold hearted bastard. This was definitely NOT what she expected.

He left her all alone for long periods of time, and she never knew when he would come back. She would be overcome with panic and fear of desertion but then he'd suddenly appear, chuckling darkly. He liked to play games with her head, who had expected so much more from going with him. This caused anxiety and confusion.

He left her to find her own food. He wouldn't stop for her, talk to her or even show any sort of affection for her. They hadn't spoken since the night he had come for her.

Whenever she was hurt, he wouldn't care. She was in charge of herself. He didn't heal her or pull out any antidotes for her many cuts and bruises. He hadn't helped her since that night he had healed her family inflicted wounds.

"What are you doing there, lying on the ground like some useless thing?"

He had also taken to insulting her.


Hinata's eyes opened. There was a spark in them. Her annoyance began to grow.

An unknown emotion began to flood her body. It crawled under her skin, made her blood hot, rose into her chest and took over her mind.

It clawed for control.

'Why are you doing this to me?'

She looked up to meet his gaze but quickly looked away, out of humiliation and outright fury. The new emotion continued to spread.

A disease.

'Why do you act like you hate me?'

"Get up. I'm not going to wait." he said coldly, watching her struggle.

She slowly picked herself up, well aware of the bite from two new cuts and the fresh batch of bruises she had acquired.

Mud and pieces of grass dripped off her clothes and she felt so weak and vulnerable that she began to get angry with herself. It wasn't a self-hatred...it was more out of disappointment. She had made a fool out of herself.

Itachi frowned darkly and vaulted onto a branch so suddenly that Hinata fell back and nearly went back into the soft earth. She saved herself by clinging to a tree.

"Hurry up." he said shortly and vanished into shadow.

"Wait!" she pleaded quietly, and, despite her injuries, hurried to follow him.

She was surprised to find him waiting for her around the next bend. She was about to stutter out a word of thanks when he muttered,


Her eyes widened and finally all of her pent up frustration burst. He had crossed her line.

Actions speak louder then words.

With a small shriek of frustration, Hinata scraped off some of the mud an threw it at her Mentor.



Itachi dodged it with ease and was by her side in a flash. She trembled with fear and frustration.

"Stop." he hissed. He laid a hand on her raised arm and brought it down forcefully. He knew she would give up.

Hinata always gave up.

She quivered before feeling the embarrassing sting of tears in the corners of her eyes. She began to stumble over her apologies.


"This is what you wanted right? Are you going to back out now?" Itachi murmured coldly in her ear.

Hinata stayed silent, trembling from fear and humiliation.

"What do you want from me, Hinata?" he sighed.

"I-I thought-"

"What? That it's all fun and games? That it's a game to kill someone?"

Ring around the rosie.

Hinata looked away. Would she ever find her place? If she couldn't feel free with Itachi then where-

"I'm an assassin, Hinata. I kill for a living."

His words stung sharply and she felt a shiver go down her spine. Tears and sweat collected on her brow and trickled into the corners of her eyes, down her cheeks, curving under until the would drop. A silver tear fell onto the branch she stood on.

"I'm not playing around."

Pockets full of posy.

The girl's head began to spin and whirl with anger, sadness and helplessness. She knew all she had been was a useless burden. Itachi turned from her and left her to her own, sad thoughts.

'I'm losing it.' she thought.


Hinata stared at the mossy tree branch, emotionlessly. Suddenly, she looked at her hands. Where did the mud go? Why-Why were her pale muddy hands now so red?

So wet...so slick...so...toxic?

Was this what she would feel eventually? Was this the product of learning from Itachi? Would she eventually kill someone? To kill out of hatred and revenge?

"No." she whispered.

Hinata shut her eyes and shook her head.


When she re-opened her eyes. She realized her mind was playing dirty tricks on her and there was no blood on her hands. Only the filth of mud and the dead, sour grass.

She started as the branch above her cracked. She sprinted twice as hard to keep up with the killer. Her eyes were wide with fright and she still quivered like a blade of grass in a cold wind. So fragile and small...

Hinata stiffened when she remembered his words.

'I'm an assassin. I kill for a living.'

"Itachi-sensei..." her voice came out hoarse.

Hinata closed her eyes and plunged into the ethereal world of phantoms and monsters.

They all fall down.


Latent: Present but not visible, existing as potential.

Hatred: the feeling of extreme hostility.


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