She didn't want to analyze it, this feeling of uncertainty bubbling up inside of her. Analyzing it meant acknowledging it, which in turn meant acknowledging that, which was certainly something she had no intention of doing.

If she ignored it, it might go away. Or so she hoped.

With a decisive snap she closed the book she had been reading and laid it on her coffee table. It was a romance of the brain atrophying type that all women indulged in on occasion, an unusual choice of reading for her, but she figured that everyone deserved the mental equivalent of junk food every once in a while. Besides, a moment in which to really relax was quite rare for her given the demands of her job.

Of course, she wasn't really relaxed, was she?

No, no she wasn't. Instead of enjoying her hard won relaxation time she was thinking about him.


It was all the fault of the book too. If it hadn't been a story about separated lovers meeting each other and falling in love all over again then she would never have started thinking about him.

An exasperated sigh was accompanied by her abrupt movement. She stalked over to her efficient little kitchen, and prepared everything she needed for a cup of coffee. She could - grudgingly - admit that she couldn't cook, but coffee was something that every lawyer needed to know how to make.

Within a few minutes, Kisaki Eri had a freshly made cup of coffee in her hands. Wandering over to her large windows to take in the view, the successful woman mentally ticked off all the things going in her favor. She was an excellent lawyer. She had a wonderful, talented daughter. She was a good looking woman. She had a beautiful condominium.

So why should it matter that her insensitive brute of a husband didn't seem to appreciate her?

She had witnessed it, the way he lusted after younger, beautiful women. And, more importantly, he did not seem to regret his insensitive actions or miss her at all.

Okay, there was that time he had asked her to come back - she still had the recording - and every so often he did things that reminded her why she had fallen in love with him in the first place.

And there was the issue. She had never fallen out of love with him. She had done what she needed to do, what was best for her as a person. But she still loved him.

Stupid Kogoro. Some day she would probably go back to him. Just not today.

She was still irritated with him.