Queen of Hearts

The Thief Lord has some competition in the city of Venice and the Queen of Hearts is after the one thing that the Thief Lord can't hide from her- his heart.

"Once in the city of Venice lived a group of homeless friends that who took residence in an abandoned movie theater called the Stella. Life had been hard for all of them, some ran away from families while other were cast aside, unwanted; but within that bleak existence, the small group of children became a family and survived.

Oh how rude of me to not introduce them, I'm terribly sorry. The make shift family within the Stella had four boys and one girl, all of which relied on one another. There was Boniface and Prosper, or "Bo" and "Prop" for short; they are a pair of orphaned brothers who love each other deeply and would do anything for one another. The boys had once lived with a dreadful aunt, only to escape and move to Venice because that was all their late mother would talk about, the magic of Venice. Bo was only the age of seven but had the eyes of someone beyond his years while his older brother 'Prop' was barely over the age of fifteen. Bo had the brightest blonde hair anyone could possibly want while Prop had dark brown curls. They were the newest to the group and were the ones that truly made it 'a family'.

Next is Catherina, who- for everyone's sake- preferred to be called Hornet. She was the only girl in the group at the time but that did not stop her from rising to any of life's challenges. From all of the hardships that she faced, it had made her into the strong woman that she was today. Plus it was a comfort to know that if anyone was to become injured, she knew her way around medicine.
Speaking of which, Hornet's favorite patient had to be Riccio, who always seemed to injure himself on small things; whether it was a scrape or a bruise, Hornet would always end up bandaging him up. He was always responded to his nickname of "hedgehog" on account of his spiky blonde hair but if ever the subject of his teeth arose, it was best to stay clear on account of his sweet tooth.

Not everyone in the group was an orphan, some still believed that their parents were still out in the world, searching for them. This is what Mosca believed. He is the dark skinned sailor of the group. Sometimes you could caught him working on a cartoon of some sort up in the projection room! He claimed that it was a nice way to pass the time until his father came back for him.


While all these kids lived in the Stella there was one teenager in particular that stood among the rest who was called 'The Thief Lord'. He wore a black bird mask that medics used to wear during the bubonic plague to hide his identity from others and no one knew who he was or where he came from. Nobody was ever able to get that close. The Thief Lord had saved them all from the streets and was considered their hero, but lets not go any further on that subject just yet. Besides this story is about me- Elizabeth Massimo.

Born in the life of a happy family I went to a normal american school with normal american friends and had a normal american life... Until my family was killed. Life had swooped in to take away what was most precious to me with a single bullet casing. My father had stood up to a mugger only for my mother to accidentally be killed in front my my father and I. My father died to protect me long enough to get the police, but when they arrived, it was too late.

You may be wondering "why are you in Venice," or "Why is your last name Massimo" well the answer to those questions is quite simple really. America had an exchange student program where a student could signed up to be a exchange tutor. This all sounds like awesome news so you could expect my shock when I opened my mail to see that not only was I accepted into the program but I was also to be adopted!

If you think that's weird wait until I finish, I was to be adopted by Mr. Massimo who is a wealthy person and requested I tutor his child- that's right- his child(notice I didn't say which gender cause even now I don't know). I left that very weekend after saying goodbye to everyone and went for the airplane which wasn't eventful. In Italy the air smelt wonderful and the canals were shiny but the one thing I noticed off the bat was that Mr. Massimo wasn't a very nice man. Sure he's rich and picked me up by limo but once I met him he found out I was a girl, he became outraged at the school for never saying my name nor disclosing my gender. I believe the school said something along the line of discrimination based on gender. Begrudgingly, Mr. Massimo agreed to keep me in his house under that I tutored his son- Scipio."

Read on about my past and find out how we met, his reaction and me becoming what I am today- the Queen of Hearts. Be aware that my language is foul and my actions might not be pleasant for any child under the age of twelve; that is why I shall place this story in the rated 'T' section so I can say whatever the hell I want.

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