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In The Centre

Jarod sensed that something wasn't quite right, but couldn't put his finger on it. He looked around him, yet he still couldn't find out what was wrong. He went outside and looked around. Nothing was amiss, or so he thought. He went back into his motel room and sat down at his computer again and then began working. Suddenly he heard glass breaking and smoke coming into his room. He dived for cover and began going to the door. The door opened and people came in with gas masks. They held him down while the gas worked on his system. He tried to fight, but there were too many people holding him down. The last thing he thought of was who were these people. Then his eyes shut.

The people put him in a van while a man got out of the car next to the van. His oxygen tank trailing behind him as he crept closer to Jarod. Looking him over he smiled an evil little smile.

"Finally we've found Jarod. Good work guys."

"You're Welcome. When you called all those years ago and told us to keep a look out for him. We kept the picture that you sent us. Luckily Kevin was working at the same place he was and told us. We in turn called you."

"Very good. Now lets go take him to the jet, so we can get to the Centre."

When they landed Jarod was still sleeping, so they carried him to the car and took off. Mr. Raines was watching the sleeping pretender. They arrived at the Centre and took him to the cell where he was kept when Lyle captured him.

Once when Mr. Raines was in Mr. Parker's office trying to take control of Jarod once he was returned to the Centre. He told him no that he would go to Sydney. The only way he would be in charge of Jarod would be when he captured him instead of his daughter. He was hoping that Mr. Parker kept his word. He took one last look at the escaped pretender and took off to Mr. Parker's office.

"Raines what are you doing here?"

"Remember our deal Mr. Parker? If I captured Jarod then I would be in charge of him with no interference from Sydney."


"Well, I caught him."

"You did? Where is he?"

They walked down to the cell that he was being held in. Mr. Parker checked out the sleeping pretender.

"The Centre's back in business."

"Jarods not going to be happy about being back and he's not going to do Sims, so I'm going to have to do some experiments on him."

"Just don't kill him, he's too valuable."

"I won't kill him."

Mr. Parker and Mr. Raines headed for the elevator and went back to Mr. Parker's office.

"I trust you to not tell anyone that he's here. I also trust you that if Sydney found out that he won't have Jarod back."

"You have my word."

Mr. Raines walked out of the office and went to his. He was making sure that Sydney, Broots and Miss Parker were out of the Centre, so they wouldn't find out. As he walked out of the office the trio were heading for the entrance of the centre. Finally they were gone. He had plans for Jarod and the trio were not in them.


Back in Jarod's Cell

Jarod awoke in a cell and he looked around. He was back at the Centre. The last thing he remembered was the gas coming in and people holding him down. He heard the door open, so he stood up and faced whoever came in. He saw Mr. Raines step in the room with four sweepers.

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm the one that caught you."


"They were people who worked in the Centre a long time ago. They were in charge of security when you left the Centre. I told them to watch out for you, so when you started your pretend they knew who you were and I told them what to do. Mr. Parker told me that when I bring you back then I would be in charge of you."

"Where are Sydney, Miss Parker and Broots?"

"You should be more worried about what's going to happen to you instead of them."

One of the sweepers unlocked the door and the others cam in. Jarod backed up, but the sweepers rushed him. They grabbed him and put handcuffs on him. They led him to a room with a metal table. They put him on it and took the cuffs off then secured his feet and arms on the table. He fought, but it was no use.