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Miss Parker sat on the couch thinking about how Jarod tried to open her eyes to what her father was like to what the Centre was really like, but she still had her eyes closed where her father was concerned. Now they were open. Open to all her daddy's lies. She couldn't take it anymore. She knew that she had to help Jarod, but how would she do that? In doing that she needed help because she couldn't do this on her own. She owed Jarod to help him after all the times he had helped her.


The Next Day

She walked into the Centre and met with Broots and Sydney. She told them in a lower voice to meet her at her house tonight. She would need their help. She left to go to her office to finish some paperwork that needed to be done, Sydney went to Jarod's cell to bring him to the sim room and Broots went to work on a new project.

That night Miss Parker waited for Sydney and Broots to show up. When they did she had Broots make sure that there were no bugs in her house and then they sat down in the living room and she told them what she wanted to do and that she needed their help.

Sydney smiled at her as she told them why she wanted to free Jarod. He knew that somewhere in her was the little girl that was friends with Jarod and that she still cared for him, but until now it was covered up.


Two Days Later

She stood there as Jarod looked around her house. She was wondering what they were going to do now that he was out of the Centre. What happens if he never remembered that he had escaped? What did they give him to make him forget his past?

There was a knock at the door and she went to it cautiously looking out. Sydney was there in the living watching her to see if they needed to hide Jarod. She looked at him and said Angelo and she opened the door.

He handed her a bottle of clear liquid and a syringe and then left.

"Angelo." She called to him.

He turned and smiled and then turned back to go. She knew that he knew what she was going to say even without saying it.

She took the bottle to the living room and read the label. She filled the syringe up and gave it to Jarod. She put everything away and watched Jarod. He blinked a couple of times and when he saw her, Broots and Sydney he started to get up, but his legs were weak and he sat back down. He then looked around and found that he was at Miss Parker's house.

"What am I doing here?"

"We got you out of the Centre. Mr. Raines caught you and brought you back. We didn't know until Angelo gave us three DSA disks. I confronted my father and he lied to me. He knew that you were back and he lied to me. I knew that the years that I've been chasing you that you tried to open my eyes to what kind of man my father was, but I never did until now. You helped me through the years and I wanted to help you."

"Thank you, but what about all of you? Does the Centre know that you helped me?"

"No, Broots made sure of that."

"Thank you everyone."

They all said your welcome.

After a few minutes Jarod stood up and was feeling much better. He had to leave now. He didn't want to endanger them anymore.

"I should go now."

"I understand."

Jarod walked to the door, looked out and then turned the doorknob. He was glad that they had gotten him out of the Centre. They had told him that while there that he had done some Sims. After he was away from Blue Cove then he would see what they were and what would happen to them.

The End