Title: After
Character(s): Sakuya, Kyoushirou.
Theme: #3 (Real or not?)
Genre: Angst, Romance. Sakuya x Kyoushirou.
Synopsis: When, Sakuya often wonders, did Kyoushirou become her saviour in every way possible?
Disclaimer: I do not own Samurai Deeper Kyo.
Notes: Major spoilers! Post-SDK.


After the chaos of the Mibu, Sakuya found it hard to believe that she was living in peace with Kyoushirou, Onime no Kyo, and Shiina Yuya. It almost seemed like a sweet dream, as if any moment now she would wake up and find herself back in Sendai Aka no Ou's clutches with that hideous insignia carved into her chest; that mark that was slowly tearing apart her very soul.

Each night, Sakuya would tremble in Kyoushirou's arms and wait for the terror—it came each day without fail—to pass. Each morning, she would jerk awake, careening off their futon with a scream as the remnants of her nightmare—his terrible eyes, they still haunted her—slowly faded from her memory.

Each day, however, Sakuya would feign a smile for Yuya's sake, and even for Kyo's. But, with Kyoushirou, she kept no pretenses. He was, after all, the one who soothed away her fears each night, who whispered sweet nothings into her ear each morning, who loved her relentlessly each day.
Author's Notes: My first time delving into the Samurai Deeper Kyo fandom! Here's my stab at the 20themes challenge of LiveJournal. This, I think, is one of my best drabbles. The next will be up soon.