Title: Hurt
Hishigi, Fubuki, Akari.
#20 (The end is the beginning)
Genre: General.
Everything hurts and Hishigi thinks it's the end.
I do not own Samurai Deeper Kyo.
Spoilers for chapter 278 and 279. Dialogue taken from those scenes.


Everything hurts and that's never a good sign. Is this how I'm going to die? Blood clogs my throat and my eyes are blurry. I try to summon the energy to sit up, but my body denies me and I stay trapped on the cold stone, my whole body sticky with blood. Sure, I've faced death before, but never like this. The Medusa Eyes have abandoned me like an exodus of rats fleeing a sinking ship; my body is giving itself over to the disease.

Everything hurts and suddenly #13, Akari, my Ashura, is standing over me. She's crying and yelling and I want to tell her, but I can't. But why would she aid me now, after I've done so much to hurt her? It's ridiculous, the workings of the heart—or so I'd like to hope. I want to ask her why she's doing this, but the words don't come. Instead I choke out, foolishly, "I… I thought… you wanted to kill me…?" She stares back at me without a word and I wonder if that was the wrong thing to say. I fumble for more words, trying to fix my mistake. I tell her how I killed so many, so many that I lost count long ago. I plead, "I am not worth saving. It's not worth the effort to heal me. Please, let me go. I don't want you to use your own life force to help me."

Everything hurts and I can barely breathe anymore. My head aches and I can't move my body at all. I am barely aware of myself, and yet I feel the eyes of the others on me. #13 sobs at me, "Because if you die… I'll have lost someone else!" I blink at her sentiment and am unsurprised when she admits that she can't forgive me—I can't forgive myself, why should she. "I'll help whoever I want to help," she says. "This isn't because of you!" She doesn't stop there, insisting that if I die, there are people that would be sad. I let out a soft sigh, and the mirage of a white-haired individual flutters across my mind. And suddenly I am hoisted up, off the ground, in the arms of a man wearing red. Yuan.

Everything hurts but despite that my eyes strain for a last look at him. I see only a pathetic nightmare that my dimming sight can provide, but I can make out his shocked face, pale as his shock of white hair. I know what I am to do. I break free of Yuan's hold with a powerful blow and latch onto #13. I hold her close, whispering gently, "Akari-san…" It feels odd to use that name. "I want you to…" And she flies backwards with the force of my memory. I stagger away, blindly setting up barriers so that my enemies are protected.

Everything hurts and I think I deserve this. It must be punishment for all I've done. I see Kyo and Fubuki cross swords and stumble towards them. Numbly I feel something warm and thin sliding into my gut, but I have buried my blade deep within Kyo, as well. I throw out a hand to stop Fubuki from intercepting, trapping him inside a barrier. He calls out to me, but Onime no Kyo and I will die here together.

Everything hurts and I think this is the end. Kyo seems, as always, immortal and my plan to destroy him failed completely—there is barely a scratch on him. At least I can save Fubuki. My body is dissolving, but I find the strength to stand and walk towards him. My limbs are disintegrating, but I must make it. I must save him, no matter what. I ignore his screams—he knows this is it—and with a shout of, "Reject!" I transfer my own heart to his. And then I look up at him and smile, whispering to him words that will mean everything.

Everything hurts. I'm going to close my eyes now.
Author's Notes: Poor Hishigi. But, feel better; the end is also the beginning. Thus the theme.
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