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As you can read from the title, school rumble + death note.

Let us imagine!! XD

1st scene: Which one? (Part 1)

Karasuma: L/ Ryuga Hideki/ Ryuuzaki (let's use L)

Tenma: Raito

Raito: L, can I ask you something?

L: sure, what is it, Raito-kun?

Raito: which one does you like best, Onigiri or Curry?

L: hm... choco gratin!

Raito: then, me and curry, which one? (Does he even bother?)

L: Chocolate cake!

Raito: (thunder strike) I...I lost to curry!!! (Did he even hear?)

2nd scene: Which one? (Part 2)

Karasuma: Raito

Tenma: Misa

Misa: Raito Onigiri and curry, you like which one?? (cute mode on!)

Raito: considering the contents and health side, maybe I'll choose curry. Onigiri only has rice and salt while curry has meat, vegetables, and usually eaten with rice. That means curry is healthier than onigiri. We need to eat balanced foods; our bodies need blah blah blah...

Misa: er (sweat drop), then let us continue, me and curry, which one?

Raito: curry! Curry has both vegetables and meats while you have only meat, or should I say fats?!

Misa: Huee Raito says I'm fat!! (That's not the point...)

3rd scene: It's raining... (Without shell)

Karasuma: L

Tenma: Raito

Raito: Ah, it's raining. It's my chance to be friend with L. I will share my umbrella with him. I'm sure he forgot to bring it.

Then L comes out.

Raito: L!! Let us share umbrella!!

L: No need, thanks. I bring my kappa set.

Raito: kappa?

Then L use his kappa set while Raito walks beside him (Using his own umbrella of course).

Raito: er...L, your back is wet you know...

L: oh, yes. Thank you, Raito-kun. (Then he moved his kappa leaf backward)

Raito: er... L, now your head is wet (sweat drop)

L: huh? Oh yeah, thanks for telling me, Raito-kun. (Moved his kappa leaf forward)

Raito: (back to )

Then they talk the same conversation endlessly until they reach their homes... (You know L's weird body posture...and no kappa shell to protect his back)

4th scene: It's raining...again...

Karasuma: L

Tenma: Raito

Raito: (running) ah, forgot to bring my umbrella.

Then he saw an old shelter so he decided to wait for the rain to stop there. Then he met L who was sheltering there too.

L: Hi, Raito-kun, are you waiting for the rain to stop too?

Raito: yes.

Then they fall into deep silent.

Raito: what should I do? I'm sure he brings his kappa set. He'll leave soon but I want to talk to him...

L: ... (Cleaning his kappa set)

Raito: um...L, uh...er...it's...it's...em...

L: Raito-kun, here, I lend you this (took his kappa head)

Raito: you're not wearing it?

L: it's ok. I can use the other parts.

Raito: thanks. (Wearing the kappa head)

L: See you tomorrow, Raito-kun.

Raito: see you at college.

L uses his kappa set (except head) and get into his car (if he has car why he bother using it?!!!). Then Raito uses the kappa head and run through the rain. No doubt he'll get wet. He only has the head!

Raito: L, thanks but I'm still wet... crying (no difference whether L lend it or no...)

This is my 2nd fic but this is the 1st fic I uploaded...

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