Trunks and Goten, the notorious duo, were rummaging through heaps of inventions that Bulma had once created, but set aside. She had said something about how the world wasn't ready to see them, yet.

"But if you're mom didn't want the world to have it, why did she even build these?!" Goten asked, completely enthralled by the devices around him, ranging from objects as small as a button to something as big as car, all in different shapes.

"How should I know?" Trunks said, not once stopping his search as he went through a box of metal objects. "She's the genius."

"I thought you were, too."

"Uh, well, yes, I am. But…you see, I'm in training. Yeah, that's right. I'm her apprentice, so at the moment, she's teaching me all I need to know. And when I get an answer to your question, I'll be happy to tell you."

"Oh, ok!" Goten happily dismissed the subject.

Trunks shook his head. Goten was always so gullible.

After minutes went by, Goten stopped searching and scratched his head. "What exactly are we looking for again?" he asked. He didn't see Trunks slap his own forehead at Goten's forgetfulness.

"I heard my mom a while back mention to my gramps that she made a shrinking device. It's supposed to look like a remote, you know, like one for a TV. And I want to see if it works." Trunks winked at Goten. "It'll be so much fun. We can shrink people."

"Oh, how cool!" Goten commented, and then he quickened his pace in his search. Suddenly, both boys stopped what they were doing as their ears picked on the sound of footsteps…that were coming their way!

"Quick! Hide!" Trunks whispered loudly. Both boys jumped behind a huge box and held their breathes in fear.

"So, where are we going, Bulma?" Goku asked his best friend.

"Be patient, Goku," Bulma said with a smile as she happily led them.

"This had better be good, Bulma. I hate wasting time." Vegeta warned, but closely followed behind her.

"Oh, be quiet, hun. You had nothing better to do anyway." Bulma replied, then giggled when his reply was a simple 'humph!'

She led them down a long corridor till they reached a blue metal door. "I'm really proud of myself, you guys. I've worked on it for a long time, and finally, I think it might work."

"What is it?" Goku asked.

"Oh, you'll see." She opened the door and was surprised to see the light already on. "That's strange. I could've sworn I turned off the light."

"What does it matter? Show us what you want to show us!" Vegeta said. Suddenly, his eyes darted another direction from Bulma, and he stared at a huge box.

"Ok, ok. Geez, Vegeta, you're so impatient." Bulma stuck her tongue at him and walked to a desk to the side, unaware of Vegeta's sudden 'interest' for something off to the side. She picked up a rectangular shaped item that had only one button on it, and two antennas sticking out. "See this? This thing can switch bodies of two people."

"Just like Ginyu." Goku said in a low voice. But even as he talked to Bulma, he, too, was looking the same direction Vegeta was looking.

"Precisely, but there's a catch. Just like in your fusion, the participators must have about the same body mass. You know, like you two…"

Suddenly, Vegeta growled as he turned his eyes towards her. "Is that it? Is that all you wanted to show us?"

Bulma laughed nervously. "Well, I also wanted to ask a little favor. You see, I only think it works, my calculations led me to believe so, but…I need to experiment this on someone."

"Wait, so you're saying this can switch bodies, but you need proof of it?" Goku asked, turning his eyes away to look at Bulma with curiosity and innocence that he had always possessed.

"Yes, Goku."

"And you want us to be your guinea pigs?"


It was quiet for a moment. Goku had a blank look on his face, Vegeta looked angry as ever, and Bulma couldn't meet her husband's eyes. Suddenly, Goku smiled. "I'm up for it! It should be exci--"

"NO WAY!" Vegeta exploded. "We don't know if that works entirely! And even if it did, there's nothing that can make me want to switch bodies with Kakkarot!" With that, Vegeta stormed out of the room.

Bulma sighed as Goku patted her on her back with an apologetic look. "Sorry, Bulma. I was up for it; you know I'm basically gamed for anything, right?"

"Yeah, thanks." Bulma placed the invention on her table and with Goku, left the room.

Two heads peaked over the edge of the box to see the remaining two adults leave. They waited for a moment, making sure they were gone completely before they jumped out of their position.

"Did you hear that, Goten?" Trunks said excitingly as he stared at the object on the desk. He didn't wait for his friend to respond. "That can switch bodies!"

"That's so cool!"

Trunks ran to it and picked it up.

"But Trunks, it might not work. Your mom wasn't sure if it would." Goten warned. He felt a little nervous of even being near it, as if it was some kind of monster getting ready to eat him up.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." Trunks said dismissively as he studied the invention. "Unlike the others, this looks really plain. But this sounds way better than that shrinking remote thing!!"

"We should go, Trunks," Goten said as he inched towards the door. "I don't want to get caught in here. I know our mothers have almost the same temper."

"Ok, ok, ok." Trunks reluctantly said. Goten sighed happily and quickly left the room, assuming Trunks was behind him. But he didn't see him sneak the little item into his pocket before turning off the lights and closing the door.

"There you two are!" Bulma said once she saw Goten and Trunks enter the living room. They skidded into a halt. "I was wondering where you went off to."

Trunks shrugged as Goten shifted from one foot to the other nervously. Their fathers were shoving some deserts into their mouths when they had walked in, but now they both looked at their sons with that knowing look.

"Sit down, you two." Bulma suggested, completely oblivious to the tense mood in the air. "There are some deserts if you want. Tell me, where were you two?"

Trunks and Goten happily took the offer of eating. They were just about to eat chocolate brownies when Vegeta's voice interrupted them and they paused. It was in that taunting voice and on his face was a smirk. "I know where they were."

Bulma's eyebrows arched up. "Oh, is that so?" Then she, too, looked at the boys with suspicion. "Where were they?" she asked flatly.

Goku smiled, not knowing he was just about to get the boys into trouble. "Seems like they just came from your little invention room, Bulma." He simply answered.

"What?!" Bulma shrieked as she stood up. Goku jumped with surprise. But her rage was directed towards her son. "Trunks, you know no one is allowed in there without my permission! Not even Vegeta!" Goku stifled his laughter, but not quick enough to have Vegeta send him a death glare. To Goku, the idea of Vegeta following the rules of Bulma was quite funny... and quite ironic.

Trunks looked down at the floor guiltily. Goten, who didn't hear his name once, went on eating, thinking it was ok for him to do.

"Don't think we forgot you, Goten." Bulma scolded. Goten gasped and dropped his food. She massaged her temples. She always did hate it when no one abided by her rules.

Goku laughed. "Oh, cheer up Bulma. It's not like they destroyed anything or took anything!" He waited for that assurance from the boys, but his laughter died down when the boys continued to look at the floor, avoiding eye contact. "Uh oh. I guess they did break some--"

"We didn't break anything! Honest!" Trunks finally broke out. He feared his mother's wrath more than he feared his father's. And he was being honest, he didn't break anything. All he had to do now was leave out the other truth--

"We didn't take anything either!" Goten said, too.

Trunks grimaced. Darn it. "Well…maybe…I did…"

Bulma exhaled loudly, showing her annoyance and impatience of the topic. She held out her hand. "Just hand it to me."

Trunks nodded and pulled it out of his pocket. He was walking towards his mother, slowly. Suddenly, he tripped over Goten's outstretched leg and fell forward. He hand landed on the invention, pressing down on the button. By sheer coincidence, the antennas faced outward towards Vegeta and Goku.

A purple ray shot out from both antennas and hit the two fathers. Both felt the shocking sensation run through their bodies, which glowed with a bright purple hue. Suddenly, there was a flashing light that blinded everyone for seconds.

When everyone's eyes were able to focus, they looked around. Bulma, Trunks, and Goten stared at Vegeta and Goku, as if they were expecting something. Did the switching work? Or were they still in their own bodies? The suspension continued to rise as both men just stared at each other.

Suddenly, Goku growled. "Trunks…" Goku's voice, usually light and happy, was now in a dark and threatening tone.