The door to Bulma's air craft opened and Videl bounded up the steps. "Hey, guys--" She paused at the scene. There was Gohan, Goten, and Trunks pulling on Goku's body, and to the side, Bulma, Vegeta, and Chi-Chi stared helplessly.

"Videl!" Chi-Chi gasped. She began walking to Videl, her eyes frantically looking from Bulma to 'Goku', who openly glared at Videl. His unusual eyes made Videl retreat a step. She's seen Gohan's father plenty of times; seeing him look like that was very scary. Videl's vision of the angry 'Goku' was blocked once Chi-Chi stepped in front of her. "Videl, sweetheart," she said softly, pushing out of the door in a hurry, but with a smile, "Let's go in the house. I'm afraid I need help." She turned around and looked at Gohan. "Make sure you get your father" -- she practically sneered at the word -- "into the house, ok son?"

"Yes, mom," Gohan said, waving at Videl for a greeting. The two women left, the door shutting behind them.

"I am not leaving my seat!" 'Goku' exclaimed, refusing to get up as the three boys continued to pull on his body. Vegeta thought to himself, 'Maybe the advantage in being Kakkarot's body is that this body holds a strength that no one can match…even myself…curse you, Kakkarot…'

"Vegeta, c'mon!" 'Vegeta' pleaded. "They'll think it strange to see me…secluding myself from everyone!!"

"Kakkarot, if you think I give a damn of what your friend's think of you, then you have another thing coming! I'm not going out there to act like a stupid idiot that likes them. I don't like any of them, that scarred-faced weakling the least of all!"

Bulma chuckled at her husband, and everyone looked at her. "Yamcha doesn't like you either." She chuckled some more when she heard 'Goku' growl. "And you may not care about what they might think of an aloof and mean Goku, but Goku's in your body, and he may very well ruin your reputation, too."

'Vegeta's face suddenly lifted at the realization, and then gave 'Goku' a wolfish grin. "Yeah," he agreed, "Oh…the possibilities…"

"Kakkarot!" 'Goku yelled as 'Vegeta' made his way towards the exit. He paused for a moment then spun around.

"Almost forgot something," 'Vegeta' said with a ridiculous grin. He reached out and grabbed the hand of Bulma, who laughingly went up to him, "There we go. Complete. See you guys out there."

"KAKKAROT!" 'Goku' exploded. The door opened and the laughing couple stepped out.

It didn't have to take Gohan, Goten, and Trunks anymore to get 'Goku' out of his seat for he viciously pushed them away and ran out of the air craft. As he stood out on the grass, looking for Bulma and 'Vegeta', naked anger and fury in his eyes, someone stepped up to him. He turned and saw Piccolo.

"Hey," the namek gruffly greeted.

"Not now, you over-sized green bean." 'Goku' snapped. He didn't see the astonished look on Piccolo's face.

"Ve-er, dad!" Gohan scolded as he appeared in the doorway. He was smiling, but the evident anger was in his voice. He turned to the namek. "Sorry, Piccolo. Dad…isn't himself right now." Gohan almost laughed at how literal it was. "He's really…just…" he trailed off when his 'father' darted away. He helplessly shrugged at Piccolo and ran after him, screaming, "Dad!"

'Goku' caught up with 'Vegeta' and Bulma, who were just about to greet Yamcha. 'Kakka—er, Vegeta!" he called. The couple stopped and turned around, the grin still on their faces. "Right now," he said to 'Vegeta', "Talk. Now."

"I'll be back, honey bun cupcake," 'Vegeta' said to Bulma, who just laughed at the ridiculous name. She knew Vegeta would never say that…then again, Goku wasn't trying to act like Vegeta anyway. As the two Saiy-jins walked away, 'Goku' stomping his feet and 'Vegeta' simply gliding beside him, Yamcha walked up to Bulma.

"Ok, what in the heck did Vegeta just call you?" he said with wide eyes, and a shocked smile.

"Nothing," Bulma simply said, but her eyes betrayed her. Yamcha knew something was up, but she wouldn't say anything as she led him into the house, the devilish smile not once leaving her face.

Gohan found 'Vegeta' and 'Goku' walking away into the trees. He followed them. "Vegeta!" he called, but they didn't stop. It wasn't until they were far from the house that they stopped and Gohan reached them.

"Honey bun cupcake!" 'Goku' yelled into 'Vegeta's' calm, smirking face. "If you're going to call my woman such…such names, can't you do any better?! And I don't want to see you calling her anything but by her name!"

"Calm down, Vegeta," 'Vegeta' laughed. "I'll try my best to act like you, if you promise to act like me! It'll only be until this barbeque is over. Then soon, we'll have our bodies back."

"Yeah, Vegeta," Gohan added in, "It'll only be a few hours."

"Kakkarot, acting like you will be much harder for me than achieving Super-Saiy-jin! And you know that!"

"Ok, I understand, Vegeta. I'll be near you in a safe distance just to make sure you're ok, alright?" 'Vegeta' said as he patted 'Goku' on the shoulder. "And all I have to do is just stay quiet and occasionally throw insults at others, right?"

Gohan and 'Vegeta' laughed at the joke, but they stopped at 'Goku's' look. "C'mon, Vegeta," Gohan said, "You have to find some sort of humor in this!"

'Goku' gave them a disgusted look. "Trust Kakkarot's family to be total idiots." And then turned to leave. The other two followed. "But I'll do…what you ask, Kakkarot, not to be nice, but to make sure you fulfill your part of the bargain."

As they reached the house, Piccolo simply waited for them outside. He waited until all three reached him.

"Hey, there, Piccolo! Sorry about earlier!" 'Goku' greeted with a ridiculous grin. Vegeta thought to himself that he looked and felt utterly ridiculous. Gohan hid a smile.

"You can stop the act, Vegeta," Piccolo said. The three gasped. He turned to 'Vegeta'. "Like I've said before, Goku, my ears do more than just frame my face."

"Curse this!" 'Goku' exclaimed at the sky. "Is everyone going to find out about this?! First Gohan, then that blasted mother of his, and now Piccolo!"

"Calm down, Vegeta," Piccolo said, "I heard all that you've said back there and--"

"Do you have anything better to do besides eavesdrop?!"

Piccolo ignored that and continued, "--your secret's safe with me."

"Thanks, Piccolo. We can always trust you," Gohan smiled. "Let's get inside. They might miss us."

All eyes turned on them once they walked through the door. On the couch, Yamcha jumped onto his knees on the cushions and leaned towards them, directly looking at 'Vegeta', "Hey, there, honey bun cupcake!"

Tien snickered, obviously knowing the story. 'Goku' tried his best not to blast them all away, but he did sneak an angry glance at 'Vegeta', who saw it. He nodded and then turned back to Yamcha. "She's my woman now, and I can call her anything I want." He emphasized the word 'my', causing Yamcha's eyebrows to snap together.

Chi-Chi, Videl, and Bulma were outside with the barbeque grill, starting to barbeque. With them were the Ox King, Mr. Satan, Buu, Mr. Popo, and Dende. Goten and Trunks went off somewhere to play, while everyone else was in the living room.

"So, Goku," Krillen started, "How've you been?"

Before 'Goku' could answer, 'Vegeta' did, "I've been good."

Silence. Belatedly, Goku realized his mistake and he began to panic in Vegeta's body. It showed on his face. Vegeta felt like hitting him in the head, but if he had, he'd be hitting his own body.

"He asked Goku, Vegeta," Tien said with a sneer. "Not that anyone would care how you were."

Krillen gave out a nervous laugh. "Now, Tien, I would've asked Vegeta the same thing."

'Vegeta' turned to 'Goku'. "Go ahead, Goku, tell them how you are."

Another mistake. Vegeta always called Goku by the name of Kakkarot. Vegeta really wanted to hit him now. 'There is no limit to Kakkarot's stupidity!!' Vegeta decided firmly to himself.

It was Gohan who came to the rescue, "So!" he had said suddenly, clapping his hands to get everyone's attention. "Who's interested in playing some football?!"

Everyone seemed to dismiss Vegeta's unusual behavior when they all eagerly agreed to play. Everyone knew that football amongst the warriors was no regular football. There was flying, punching, and kicking… energy ball throwing was eliminated, however, when Goku had almost killed Yamcha the last time. Of course he hadn't meant to.

As everyone gathered outside where Chi-Chi and the others were barbequing, Yamcha stood out from the little group. "So who wants to be team captains? Goku," he turned to him, "I suppose you want to, seeing as how you are all the time."

'Goku's' eyes shifted from one pair of eyes to another until it landed on 'Vegeta', who looked like he wanted to play but as someone playing the role of Vegeta, he had to pretend he didn't seem interested. But 'Goku' could see the longing in 'Vegeta's' eyes.

'Goku' looked back at his friends. "Sure. Of course. Who'll be the other team captain?" Everyone was quiet as they looked at each other.

"I will." A voice said. Everyone turned and looked at 'Vegeta' who stepped up. No one saw 'Goku's' scowl with anger and disapproval.

Goku couldn't let a game like this pass. Everyone was together, and who knows when will be the last time they see each other again. He didn't care if this was something Vegeta wouldn't do--although at the moment, Vegeta had to, seeing as how he's supposed to act like Goku.

"Well," Tien said to Yamcha, "This will be an interesting game, won't it? Vegeta is really bent on being better than Goku that he's actually going to play football with us."

Yamcha nodded with agreement, already excited for the game to start. Interesting indeed...

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