The sun peeked through the curtains, laying obnoxiously across her face. Groaning, she threw her good arm over her eyes, her fingertips brushing a slip of paper beside her head. She took a deep breath and sat up, reading it. She glanced at the clock and was slightly amazed that it was already 10 a.m. She couldn't recall the last time she'd been in bed at such a late hour. She read the note again, still not sure her half-asleep, pre-coffee brain had comprehended the note.

Did you know you have nothing to eat? Because, truly, it's sad. I ran to the store to stock your fridge--I should be back before you wake up. Oh, and I turned off your alarm. Who sets an alarm when they're not going into work?


She smiled, shaking her head as she swung her legs over the edge of the mattress, slipping her feet into her pink bunny slippers. She trudged out into the kitchen, pleased to find a full pot of coffee waiting for her. She waited until after she drank half of her first cup to call Angela.

"Angela Montenegro..."

"Dr. Temperance Brennan," She grinned, holding the phone with her shoulder as she sat onto her couch. The image of Booth, naked, flitted through her mind, and she stifled a laugh at his embarassment. "So... Do you miss me at work, bugging you? Because I'd much rather be there..."

"Oh please! You've got a hunk of man-candy to keep you occupied. Speaking of... How was last night? And, I beg of you, spare no dirty detail..."

"If there were any to give you, you know I would."

Angela sighed, "Damn. Why didn't... you know."

"Well, it's Booth, Ange. And, it's me. He wanted to sleep on the couch, and I let him... but then... I tried to sleep, but all I really wanted to do was talk this whole thing through."

"So, what did the talk consist of?"

She bit her lip, shifting so that her coffee cup was on the table and the phone replacing it in her hand, "Actually, we never got there." At Angela's squeal, she continued, "I came out of my room, as he was pulling down his jeans. To sleep!!" She added quickly," But... he accidentally pulled off his boxers as well..."

"So you saw him naked?" Angela shouted, clasping her hand over her mouth as Hodgins and Zack looked into her office, curiously. "What was the reaction?"

"Pleasantly surprised..." She smiled to herself, "In fact, I was so impressed, I invited him to come to bed with me."

"Wow!" Angela gasped, "So, wait, I thought you said..."

"He turned me down."

"He turned you down?"

"He turned me down," She said with a shake of her head. "Part of me is okay with that. I understand where he's coming from. This whole thing has kind of sprung up out of nowhere... and it's already moving at the speed of light. I thought I'd be more, I don't know, afraid. Hesitant. But I'm... I'm full speed ahead. Which, I think, is adding to his reluctance to have his way with me..."

Angela laughed, "Probably, sweetie. Hey, speak of the devil... Your handsome hunk of man candy just strolled in here."

"He said he was getting groceries..."


"He left me a note and said he was getting groceries, because my fridge was awfully empty. But, he's there??" She frowned, "Don't let him leave--I'm on my way!"

"Wait!" Angela called to the dial tone, "shit!" She whispered, rushing out to greet Booth.

"Well, if it isn't my favorite forensic artist!" He gave her his signature "Melt-your-heart-and-weaken-your-knees" charm smile, but she had no time to swoon.

"Booth, you're so in trouble!"

He frowned, "Why?"

"I was just talking to Bren. She's on her way here now."

"She WHAT? She can't drive, she's got one arm in a cast and she's on pain killers that make her drowsy!" He fumed, whipping out his phone.

She answered on the first ring, "I'm on my way to the Jeffersonian, but I'm sure you already knew that."

"You shouldn't be driving, Bones"

"Too late..."

"Pull over!"

"I'll tell you what I'll do--I will hang up so that I'm not distracted. See you soon!" He listened to the dial tone, his head drooping in defeat.

"Cheer up, Mr. FBI... I hear you're packing!" Angela grinned mischieviously.

He raised an eyebrow, "I always carry my gun, what's your point?"

She shook her head and returned to her office, "You boys never get obscure and obscene references, do you?" She glanced over her shoulder to see him flush slightly, his face still generally expressionless. "Ah, now you get it."

"I swear to god, these women are going to be the death of me," he muttered under his breath as Brennan snuck up behind him.

"So, where are my groceries, exactly?"

"In your fridge, where I left them."

"That's funny, because I was just there..."

"Did you check your fridge?" He interrupted, his hands shoved into his pockets.

"Well, no."

He gave her a tense smile, "I finished shopping around 9:30. I put the groceries away, then ran to my apartment to get some things, then came here to check up on the squints."

"But, the note..."

"I left you that at about 8 am, when I turned off your alarm so you'd sleep in! I forgot about it until just now. I'm sorry, I should have replaced it or something, but I didn't..." He was interrupted by her lips, pressing against his. She pulled back, smiling. "What was that for?"

She shrugged, "Don't know. Just... Felt like it."

"Hmm..." He nodded, looking around them. Realizing that no one was paying attention, he grinned, and backed her into the hallway, pinning her to the wall with his lips. She smiled into his kiss, draping her arms around his neck and pulling him closer. Reluctantly, he pulled back, smiling at her.

"What was that for?" She mimicked him, returning his smile.

He laughed, "We need to get these urges more often, Bones..."

"You think so? Because, right now..." She looked over his shoulder, towards the platform, "Right now, I feel like I'm in high school, making out with the football star underneath the bleachers, just begging to be caught by the principal."

"Who's the principal in this scenario? Angela?" He whispered, returning to kiss her one more time. "Come on, let's get you home. You didn't eat yet, did you?"

She blushed, "I thought you had the groceries with you."

He nodded, grabbing her hand and leading her from the Jeffersonian. He smiled to himself when, after he held the door for her and helped her get into the SUV, she had made no mention of his alpha male tendencies, and made no remarks of how she was more than capable of handling such things herself. "Ready?"

She smiled, I'm ready for anything, Booth... "Absolutely."

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