Title: Ahiru's True Form

Author: Madonnalal

Pairing: A/F, M/R (insinuated)

Genre: Romance/Drama and a good measure of angst

Disclaimer: I'm not exactly sure who owns Princess Tutu, but I envy them. The writers of PT have amazing brains. I wonder if they will let me borrow them sometimes…?

Summary: Fakir realizes a loophole at the last second of the final battle. Could this be the happy ending that we all hoped for or a travesty against nature? (I'm actually not sure, I'm kinda playing this by ear)

Even though Fakir was removed from the action of the story in a dimly lit room, scribbling away at his last ruined scraps of paper, he could see the events of the story just a clearly as if he was there.

In his mind's eye he could see the altered town's people mercilessly tearing apart Ahiru's pitifully small duck body. Prince Mythos flew courageously above them towards the Monster Raven. His sword cut through the hoards of ravens who attempted to throw him back. Rue danced without emotion within the body of the Monster Raven in despair. Her spirit had shattered under the wait of the Monster Raven's black heart.

While the power of the story lay in this pen, Fakir still felt a desperate helplessness. He had agreed to take this role because he realized how futile his role as a knight truly was, but it seemed wrong for him to be so far from the people he loved even if this was the only thing he could do to protect them.

His injured hand bled freely over the page as he wrote. The blood mixed with the still wet ink on the page, making his words glisten a sinister red.

Outside Aotoa's house the wings of the Monster Raven filled the skies with impossible enormity. Everywhere in the town the dark presence of the Monster Raven could be felt. Like a heavy fog, the darkness filled your lungs with unwholesome air and clung to the back of the throat. Fakir could almost taste the bitterness of the Monster Raven on the air it was so potent.

Nothing could still his hand now. He raced against the clock to finish the story Dosselmeyer wrote so many years ago. The pain in his hand was searing but he could only ignore it. He had to save Mythos, Ahriu, and Rue. They were all relying on him to give them a happy ending.

As he wrote frantically his words were transformed into actions, just outside of Aotoa's house. Ahiru danced for the raven townspeople with increasing passion. The people of the town felt the Monster Raven's talon loosen its icy grip of their hearts as they gazed on Ahiru's dance. It was true that it was not as beautiful dance as the one of Princess Tutu, but the emotion behind it was pure and unadulterated…


As far as he was from the battle Fakir could feel Ahiru's light dispel the dark coldness of the Monster Raven from the skies. Outside the window, the brilliant light forced the inky blackness into bright day. Revitalized by Ahiru's display of pure hope, Mythos flew towards the Monster Raven with renewed courage. With his sword drawn, he plunged into the depths of the Monster Raven's body, crying out for Rue. Rue heard his voice and looked up. She saw the coming of the Prince as a grand revolution in darkness of the Raven's body, with the light of Ahiru's hope lighting his way. As Mythos took her hand and flew off to plunge his princely sword into the heart of the Monster Raven, an idea struck Fakir.

The story was almost over. A happy ending was already assured. Mythos would kill the Monster Raven and take Rue as his princess. Ahiru's dance had broken the spell of the Monster Raven over the townspeople, all of whom now looked to the skies, watching Mythos's perilous rise through the body of the Monster Raven towards his great dark heart. Ahiru had collapsed and lay broken and beaten on the pavement. His heart begged him to run out into the street and bring her back to his house and bandage her wounds. But his head told him that if he didn't act quickly, she would remain a duck forever.

Ahiru has always been a duck, it's her true form, said a voice in his head. The reason we wanted this story to finish was for everyone to be freed from their roles in the story.

But she's more than just a duck, Fakir yelled back. She's a princess, a girl, a student at the ballet school.

For awhile she was, replied the voice, but deep down, she was always a duck. You would do her injustice to decide her fate for her. Just because you want her to be a human doesn't mean that's what she deserves.

I could let her choose, Fakir said frantically. I have that power. I can write that in the end that Ahiru chooses the form that she will keep for the rest of her life!

Why would you force such a decision on someone you claim as a friend, the voice argued. If she chooses to become Princess Tutu for the rest of her life her powers would be useless. She would be forced to live a life separate from everyone in the town who has reverted back to their true form. As a girl she would be the same clumsy bird-brained student who couldn't do anything right. Just let her stay a duck. She'll be better off for it, trust me.

I can't do that, cried Fakir. It just doesn't seem right. I promised her a happy ending for everyone, even her. I can't let her down.

It's not for you to decide what is right for her and what isn't, reasoned the voice.

Fakir racked his brain. He was losing time quickly now. Mythos was almost at the heart. Once the Monster Raven was dead, the story would be completed. He had only seconds to come up with a plan. Suddenly, an idea came to him. He didn't have time to think it over properly but he was sure it was better than any alternative. He wrote frantically, always against the clock.

Then suddenly, Mythos's sword entered the heart of the Monster Raven, and it was over. The story had come to a close. Mythos and Rue floated down to the earth on a deck of flowers. They were welcomed with thunderous applause of the freed town's people.

Fakir's hand fell limp and the quill dropped from his hand. The pain in his hand finally started to come to his attention. His eyes burned from over use and sleep deprivation. But even through his exhaustion clouded mind, only one thought occurred to him.


Fakir ran through the street, occasionally stumbling over the rough cobblestones that lined the street. He fled past the revived people of the town into the main street, looking for one person in particular. He came to the scene of the final battle, in front of The Third Great Gate. He was unsure of what he would find but prepared himself for either yellow feathers or red hair. What he hadn't prepared for was what he found.


There was no sign of Ahiru anywhere. Everyone else was there. Mythos was walking towards him with one arm around Rue. All the townspeople stood around in awe and admiration, applauding the bravery of the valiant prince who slew the Monster Raven. Neko-sensei stood behind Pike and Lille. Charon was a bit further to the left. Everyone from the school and the town was there, except Ahiru.

Fakir started to panic. He looked frantically, searching for some sign of the true hero of the story. She was the girl who had changed him with her love. She had shown him that he could be more than just some worthless knight. Her heart's warmth had saved their little town from certain death, but yet there was no sign of her.

Pain and exhaustion finally took their toll of Fakir's weakened mind. He felt his knees buckle beneath him and he started to fall. The last thing he felt before he fell into the inky blackness was a pair of strong arms securing him and a princely voice yell, "Fakir!"