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Chapter Four - Love

Harry was laughing to himself as he left the Great Hall for his first class. Ron was writing a little imaginary fantasy story like a girl. The hilarity was infinite. He wondered what exactly Ron wrote about. Maybe he could try to coax some more details out of him. Hermione would probably faint from laughter if he told her. But he wouldn't, of course. He was perfect Potter- the most amazing, trust-worthy friend on the planet.

He sat down next to Ron in Transfiguration and noticed his friend was staring at Hermione.

"Really?" Harry asked.

Ron snapped out of it and glared at Harry. "Really what?" he growled.

"Are you really that in love with Hermione?" Harry elaborated.

Ron looked appalled that Harry would ever insinuate something like that. "In love? LOVE!?" Ron gasped. "That's just disgusting, Harry."

"Well you've been like this ever since she started dating Dean," Harry pointed out.

"Well it's just that..." Ron struggled with his words. "Just that... It's because... Well... I mean... I want to... Uh... Shag her..."

Harry pretended to vomit all over his books. Ron glared, his face crimson.

"Feeling a bit ill, Potter?" Draco inquired. He was turned all the way around in his seat, looking smug. "Did Weasley just admit his undying affection for you?"

"Sod off," Harry grumbled, though not particularly bothered. Ron fainted.

Ms. McGonagall swept into the room just them. "Face forward, Draco," she barked. "And Harry, please get Mr. Weasley back into his chair before I deduct points."

Harry scrambled out of his seat. "Ennervate," he muttered. Ron's eyes shot open, the horror still evident on his face. Harry pulled him up and shoved him back into his chair. He could see Draco's shoulders shaking with laughter.

"Bloody git," he said under his breath. Class began, but Harry felt too full of angst to pay attention. He looked over at Ron and saw that he was fervently writing something. Harry looked around the room to make sure no one was watching and then pulled out his own piece of parchment.

Unsure what to do, he simply wrote, "Draco Malfoy challenged Harry Potter to a duel." Harry stared down at those words and a smile slowly crept across his face.

Everyone knew it was unlikely that Draco would ever beat someone as naturally talented as Harry. Many people called Draco an idiot for even trying.

'I almost feel sorry for Malfoy,' Ginny said to Harry before the duel.

'I'll try to go easy on him, Ginny,' Harry said. 'If that would make you happy.'

Ginny smiled and hugged him tightly. 'What would make me happy is you getting through this duel alright,' she whispered into his neck.

'Don't worry,' Harry insisted. Ginny

"What are you doing?" Ron hissed.

Harry nearly jumped out of clothes. He was really that startled! "Transfiguration notes!" Harry snapped. "What else?"

Ron tried to get a look at what Harry was writing. Harry folding up the parchment. "I dunno, Harry..." Ron said skeptically. "You sure had a funny look on your face..."

"AS IF!" Harry cried. All the kids turned to stare at Harry.

McGonagall had stopped talking and was looking angry. "Ten points from Gryffindor for disrupting my class!" she announced. The Gryffindors in the classroom booed and Harry ducked as a tomato came flying at him.

Harry spent the rest of class sulking. It wasn't easy being Harry Potter. He had the weight of the world on his broad, manly shoulders. It wasn't fair. And Ginny Weasley didn't even love him anymore.

By the time lunch rolled around, Harry had resigned himself to glowering at everyone who would look his way. Hermione and Dean joined them, though neither of them looked all that happy about it. Ron seemed smug about something.

"So Harry..." Hermione began. "What was that all about in Potions?"

Harry didn't look up from his food.

"I think Malfoy was bothering them, honey," Dean offered.

"HONEY!?" Ron suddenly yelled, leaping up from the bench and slamming his plate of food onto the floor for emphasis. "No!" He flailed his arms in the air. "NO!"

Hermione stared at Ron in shock for a moment and then turned back to Harry, deciding to just ignore Ron. "You know you shouldn't let Malfoy get to you, Harry," she said smartly.


Ron stomped his feet, squishing his lunch under his feet. "AND STOP SHAGGING DEAN!" he added.

Hermione stood up, grabbed her plate, and launched it at Ron's face. After seeing the plate meet its target, she raced out of the hall just as she had done at breakfast. Dean, looking severely irritated, marched after her. Harry sat back down and and started nonchalantly devouring his meal once more. Ron fumed, made bizarre gargling noises, fumed some more, and then swiftly scurried away.

Ginny moved over to sit next to Harry. "What was that about?" she asked.

"Voldemort wants to kill me, my parents were murdered, Cedric died because of me, Sirius died because of me, everyone's dying because of me, you don't love me, Malfoy's annoying the shit out of me, Ron won't just tell Hermione how he feels and is instead dragging me through his drama with her every single day, Hermione has become even more stuck up since she got her first boyfriend..." Harry ranted. Ginny began to slowly back away from him as he continued to spew his complaints.

A few hours later, when Harry was done, he noticed Ginny was gone. Well... everyone was gone. He looked at the clock and saw dinner was in an hour. He had talked through all his afternoon classes! But... what had he done! Ginny had been coming onto him, hadn't she? And he had thrown away the opportunity!

Harry never caught a break.

Fighting back tears, he took out his story.

Ginny looked comforted.

"I love you, Harry," she said. "All these years I've never stopped loving you."

"I love you too, Ginny," he replied. "I wish I had realized it sooner."

Then, bravely, Harry faced his nemesis.