Kingdom Of Peace

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Summary: AU: An ancient legend. Wars seeming to be unending. The Priestess as will her Warriors. Their path difficult, tragedies awaiting them. Old memories, feelings, and destinies take hold. Will they be able to fulfill their destinies as they search for a Kingdom of Peace. (Summary hybrid between myself and Hope Night)

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Chapter One

It is a legend; one that has been passed by word of mouth for nearly a hundred years. A story of a young girl with the power to wield wind, along with the power to cleanse the world with it. Every child knows the story. They are raised with it as a bed time story, or something read in school. The story starts easy enough. It is about a young orphaned girl living in a simple village. The girl though was beaten for her strange powers. One day the village was attacked by demons, burning it to the ground. The girl tried to escape but demons grabbed her. Just before they were about to kill her an angelic being appeared slaying them. That was where destiny took hold of her. Transforming the timid young girl into the legendary Priestess of Wind (though she was often referred to as a goddess to many), and fate would take hold of the boy as well turning him into the first Warrior of Light. Together they would travel, being joined by other warriors, some pledging to become the Priestess's guardian. It was a happy time, until destiny ended. It was a ritual. One that would cleanse the world with her wind, cleanse it of evil. Yes, the Priestess did it willingly knowing very well the consequences. She did not survive the ritual, the wind sucking out every ounce of light from her the second her blood had been spilt. That was how the legend went…

But it is not where it ended. Oh no, the story continued. Beginning with a simple prophecy, that the Priestess of Wind would be reborn as well as her Guardians. The world once again would be torn apart by wars and other acts of violence. The Priestess would return again and on the night where the moons bleed red the ritual will once again happen. The Priestess of Wind's blood would yet again be spilt…


Ever since she could remember the demons had been at war with one another. Ever since she was little she had been taught not to associate with demons. Yes, that's what all young children in her village were taught. Demons were untrustworthy and hateful, always fighting with one another. War was almost second nature to her, at least hearing about it was. But her village had never been involved. Her village had luckily been in neutral territory. In fact, she rarely ever saw a real fight. Life was average, at least in her mind. With the exception for days such as today, as well as the following day. She couldn't help but smile as she traveled down the street on her way to the local shrine. Stalls were already being set up for the festival. The Festival of the Goddess; in reference to the Priestess of Wind who according to myth and folklore was said to be from her village. It was a yearly event held, the largest festival. She smiled looking around, eagerness in her expression. Blonde hair swept to her waist held back by too clips. Her outfit a simple one, a lavender skirt and button down white blouse. The smile only grew on her face as she saw more of the stands; already well on the way to being fully set up. In her hands were two bags, though she hardly seemed to remember them now. Pausing she looked at one of the stands. It was one of those games where you had to fish the fishes out of the water with a small paper net. She could never for the life of her however remember the exact title of the game. Smiling softly she glanced at the little fish, and she would've kept looking if someone had not cleared their throat besides her.

"Oy, Izumi you're such an airhead. We don't have time for standing around; we have to get the bags of rice to the shrine." The blonde, Izumi, jumped slightly before spinning around to face the speaker. It was a young woman, perhaps in her early twenties. She laughed a bit, golden blonde hair pushed back by are dark red hair-band. She too wore a simple outfit, a dark red dress with a dark gray shawl over it. In her hands two were two bags full of rice (as she had stated earlier). "Plus we need to get home early. I still have to finish mending your kimono before the festival starts at sunset."

"I know, I know. But…" Izumi smiled inhaling the air stretching her arms out, nearly hitting one of the workers in the progress. "Aren't you excited!? I can barely contain myself! This is gonna be so much fun!"

The elder girl only laughed at her friends' antics as she continued to walk. Izumi followed, though had more of a bounce to her step. Humming a song beneath her breath, the song itself remained a mystery to her. She couldn't remember where she had heard it, her mother often joked the wind taught her. That was how it got the nickname The Wind's Melody. It was just a soft, wordless melody. No one but her knew it, but she didn't mind. It made the melody hers and hers alone. The elder besides her smiled softly looking ahead as they approached the shrine's steps. "I suppose you being this excited is only to be expected. The festival falls on your birthday after all. It's like a huge party just for you."

"Hell yea! But even if it wasn't my birthday Catherine, this festival has always been fun." The blonde smiled glancing at the elder, Catherine. It was true, with her sixteenth birthday falling on the same day as the festival. Yes, today she was officially sixteen. A grin lit her face as she walked, spinning slightly forcing more laughter from Catherine. The other blonde just shook her head as they walked side by side. Soon they reached the shrine's steps. A small, irritable groan escaped Izumi as the two began the long trek. Catherine took the steps faster then Izumi, as she often did when the two would travel up to the shrine. It caused a soft expression to pass the girls features. She had known Catherine ever since she was a baby. Izumi had always seen her as an older sister, they were family. Everyday they would see each other, even if one was sick. A soft wind blew against her. Her aqua eyes moved up to the sky. Since she was a little girl the wind had always calmed her. Sometimes she felt as if it was calling to her, though she'd never tell anyone that. It had become more apparent to her as her sixteenth birthday neared. Even now she felt it, like a voice was telling her something. She shook her head slightly, relieving herself of the daze. She was nearing the temple, only a few more steps. Up ahead she spotted Catherine, who had already reached the top, speaking to one of the younger priests. It was then it happened; a sharp wind blew against her. The wind called to her. Blonde locks thrashed against her face as she turned her head to the side. It was then she saw it, or more to the point, him.

He sat beneath one of the many trees surrounding the shrine and steps. He was no older then her. Long raven hair sweeping down to his waist, hanging limply, locks tangled. One knee was pulled into his chest limply; an arm was draped over it. The other leg stretched out in front of him. Blood soaked through his torn shirt, a shallow pool already beginning to form. His head hung low, his chin resting against his chest. Her eyes widened at the sight of him. She couldn't even tell if he was alive or not. Shakily she stepped forward. His slightly pointed ears twitched; slowly he lifted his head turning to look at her. Dried blood, as well as fresh, coated half of his face. Another trickle escaped his parted lips, running down his chin. Cold blue eyes gazed at her from behind the veil of raven bangs. The look in them caused her to freeze. A cold shiver going up her spine, and yet she couldn't look away. It was like she'd become entranced by them. His gaze never faltered, continuing to look at her. Pain suddenly shot through her. A throbbing pain reaching her head, hands dropped the bags almost immediately, flying to hold her skull. Her body doubled over, the pain spreading. She must have screamed because she heard her name being called followed by approaching, hurried footsteps. Once again, she managed to look at the injured boy. He still gazed at her, his eyes never blinking. Never before had she felt such pain. Slowly her eyes rolled into the back of her head, her body falling backwards, darkness enveloping her.


She was in a fog. Literally. It rolled around her ankles, tickling her skin almost. Confusion entered her eyes as she looked around. In the distance she could see a swing set, two figures seeming to be on them. More then anything she felt urged to go to them, maybe they could explain where she was. She couldn't though. The second she stepped forward however pain shot through her body again. This time however the pain was accompanied by an onslaught of images. They overwhelmed her, some she recognized but others… It was like they were seen through another set of eyes. The assault ended however, a scene forming before her. She was in a forest. Trees lying broken in half as if a battle had taken place, a horrible battle. Her body moved on its own accord. No, it wasn't hers now. It was someone else's body, and she somehow was watching through their eyes. She knelt down besides a prone figure. Arms gently moved cradling the man before her. Pale blonde hair swept to his chin, crimson blood pooling around him. Pure white angel wings sprouted from his back some feathers stained red. She was amazed by the wings, part of her wondering if he was a demon of sorts. Her hand moved, brushing bangs out of his pained, ruby eyes. A trembling hand reached up, taking hold of hers, a smile curling on his lips. It was then Izumi realized, she was crying.

"Don't waste your tears on me Kaze. I've had worse." Kaze? As in the Priestess of Wind Kaze? Izumi wasn't sure as she heard a worried noise escape her. A more mature woman's voice passing from her lips.

"I will 'waste' my tears on whomever I wish. We need to stop the bleeding." Her hand broke away from his own, moving to press against the wound on his stomach. A soft pained noise escaped him, his eyes squeezing shut.

"I-I'll be fine. We need to get out of here."

"You are in no condition to move!"

"I'm, I'm fine…"

"Lobo!" Her arms moved catching him as his body slumped to the side. Sweat dripped down his face, eyes shut. Her own eyes widened as she cradled him, shaking him. The women's voice sounding again. "Lobo!? Lobo wa-wake up! Wake up!"

But he didn't move. Blood continued to flow. Izumi's gaze blurred with tears, the women continuing to shout his name; over and over again.

The scene faded from her sight. She was in control of her body again. The fog surrounded her, a figure slowly appearing before her. The boy, the boy from earlier! It was him; he stood before her all signs of injuries gone. His hand was extended to he, in his palm a strange but beautiful flower. It was almost like a lily, white with a blue hue, the tips of each petal a rosy red. In confusion she looked up at him. A vortex like mark was visible on his forehead, surrounded to what she could swear resembled diamonds. His hair hung freely, white wings spread out behind him. The cold eyes were no more; instead they were kind, gentle. He held the flower out to her, slowly her hand moving to take it.

"What if you slept? And what if, in your sleep, you dreamed? And what if, in your dream, you went to heaven…And there plucked an strange and beautiful flower?" A voice reached her ears, causing her to look around. A drowsy feeling suddenly overcame her, as she slowly felt her eyes slip shut. Her body slumping forward into the angels arms; the flower clutched in her left hand…


"And what if, when you awoke, you had the flower in your hand?" The voice continued. It was a soft, male voice. Barely seeming to dear go above a whisper. Her head throbbed as she slowly opened her eyes. Everything was blurred at first, but after a few blinks it cleared. She was in a strange room her head propped up by a pillow a blanket pulled over her. Blinking slightly she looked around, her eyes slowly resting on the speaker. A young priest in training, no older then her it would appear. Her mind flashed to the strange boy, though she wasn't sure why… His raven hair reached down to his chin. He wore a white robe, the sleeves wide. A white belt tied the top, dark blue pants visible. It reminded her more of a Feudal Japan outfit, though she suppose that was to be expected that was how the priests dressed. In his pale hand was a book, his blue eyes focused on it. So he had been reading aloud, that was how she heard the voice in her dream… She released a small groan, her left hand rising to hold her head. However, she stopped eyes widening. Clutched in her left hand was the flower. The one the boy had given her in her dream. The priest looked up, seeing the flower a small smile playing across his lips as he closed the book. "Ah, what then?" Izumi stared at him blankly forcing a small chuckled. "Sorry, I'm glad to see you're alright Izumi-san. You scared Catherine-san with your fainting spell."

"Catherine? Where is she!?" Her eyes widened as she tried to sit up, only to be pushed back down by the priest. She glared a little bit at him, suddenly recognizing him. Ichi that was the name he went by. He had been brought into the village one day, barely conscious. She saw him once after that, but he almost seemed to be entranced. She had been playing by the river with Catherine when they had seen him not too far away. Staring at the water; for a moment both believed he was going to kill himself. No, instead he just started crying, saying sorry over and over again along with shouting a name. She only imagined it was his brothers, despite the fact Ichi never spoke of his life before the shrine. It was almost taboo to even mention his brother or family. Everyone had come to know that. When they had seen him, Izumi had gone over and hugged him. She still wasn't sure why, but she felt like he needed a hug. Immediately he had clung to her, burying his face into her shoulder. After the day they had seen him crying, he became much more open. He would speak more, and life and happiness had returned to his eyes. Izumi and he did not speak often, her being busy with her own affairs while Ichi was busy caring for the shrine. He had been adopted, in sense, by the local priest Akito-san. He smiled pushing black hair out of his face.

"She went to your home to tell your parents what had happened. She also mentioned something about getting your kimono to finish mending…" Izumi looked at him, once again trying to sit up. He didn't protest this time moving to help her as she felt the world spin slightly. A warm cup of tea found its way into her hands, the flower lying in her lap. She sipped it, hesitant at first before gratefully. It was soothing, rich and yet not. Ichi watched her, a frown still decorating his face. "Izumi-san, what exactly happened? I mean you suddenly looked to be in so much pain and then you collapsed…"

Izumi didn't speak, thoughtfully looking down at the cup of tea. Aqua-green eyes widened, darting around. "The boy!"

"Boy? What boy?"

"Th-there was a boy! He was hurt an-and when I looked at him…"

"Izumi-san… there was no boy near you when you collapsed…"

"But I could've sworn…" Izumi trailed off looking down silently. Ichi looked at her, a thoughtful look crossing his features.

"This boy… What did he look like?"

"Um, kinda like you actually. Longer hair, paler skin… Though I guess that's because he was losing blood. Pointed ears… When I met his eyes I started to feel weird and then came the pain and well…" She trailed off. Her eyes drifted to the mysterious flower sitting in her lap. Carefully she picked it up, glancing at the priest. "Ichi… How'd I get this flower…?"

"Eh? Oh it was in your hand when I picked you up." He commented, standing up carefully the book still in his arms. "We assumed you had picked it up. Catherine-san suspected it caused you to faint but since you were holding it so tightly… Well I assumed it was safe."

They lapsed into silence again. Izumi sighed softly, sipping her tea. Ichi had moved placing the book on a nearby table, while Izumi merely looked down at the flower in her lap. Nearby, though Izumi had yet to take notice, Ichi stood. His hands trembling slightly as he looked down at the book. Blue eyes were wide, before a wince escaped him a hand moving to rub the back of his neck, as if he'd been pinched there. His head turned looking over his shoulder at Izumi. She was quiet still drinking the tea while idly playing with the flower. His head shook looking down at his hand which rested on the book. Slowly it formed a tight fist, knuckles turning white as his eyes slipped shut.

It had begun…


Izumi grinned childishly as she walked through the stands. Her kimono, as Catherine had kept reminding her, was mended beautifully. It was a lavender color, the sleeves long her hands barely visible. A dark purple, thick sash tied around it a large bow visible in the back. Light blue butterflies danced almost across the lavender kimono. It swept to her feet, split toed socks and wooden sands poking out beneath the fabric. Her blonde hair was pulled up, the strange flower she had found sticking into the bun. Catherine stood besides her, laughing at her excited friends. Her kimono was similar to Izumi's; minus the patterns and the fact it was black with a red obi. The festival had officially started hours ago. After they had bid Ichi goodbye, they had wandered around stopping occasionally at stands, but mostly speaking with one another as well as friends they passed by. Finally they stopped sitting on a small hill gazing at the stars. Catherine sat, legs tucked beneath her, opposed to Izumi who sat her knees brought into her chest. They were far away from the village; from the hill the only thing clear to them were the lights of the lanterns. Izumi had to smile, the area was quiet giving her time to think. The wind blew gently, forcing her eyes to slip shut as finally, she brought up the courage to ask. "Hey… Catherine, can I ask you something?"

"Hmm? What is it?"

"Have you ever felt… Like something was calling to you?"

"… What d'you mean?"

"Like y'know…" She stopped, wondering how to phrase the question. "Ever since today the wind… I've felt like it's been calling to me. Like I was controlling it… It's always felt that way but… Never so powerful… I donno how to explain it."

"Like a voice was calling to you."


"Izumi, what happened today? Why did you faint?"

"Oh… You'd laugh…"

"Try me."

"… Well I was walking and then… I saw this boy. Around my age. When our eyes met I just felt this pain, and then passed out…"

"Did you see anything when you passed out?"

"Um, I had a bizarre dream. An angel was lying on the ground bleeding… I think it was Lobo! Y'know the Warrior of Light; and he called Kaze… I guess I was dreaming bout the Priestess."

"Was it like you were seeing it through her eyes?" Izumi blinked. Suddenly confused by the questions. Her eyes moved, glancing at her friend before slowly nodding murmuring a soft 'yes'. Catherine's head was hung, hair spilling over her shoulder hiding her face from Izumi's gaze. "And that flower, you got it in your dream didn't you?"

"Yea I guess I got the flower from my dream. Ichi says I was clutching it though…"

"I see, so it's finally beginning."

"What do you mean?" A sudden chill ran down Izumi's spine. Catherine chuckled, a dark chuckle Izumi hadn't heard her use before.

"I was wondering…" Catherine murmured as she rose to her feet, eyes gazing out at the village. "How much longer I would have to pose as this Catherine girl. How much longer I would have to stay at this goody, goody little peaceful village."


"Oh no, your dear little Catherine died years ago. When she went to find you in the woods that day you ran away. You remember right? You had run off, fell down a hill and sprained your ankle. It was pitch black, Catherine went looking for you but I got to her first. Killed her, took on her appearance in order to gain your trust." 'Catherine's' head turned a twisted smirk on her face. Izumi stood quickly eyes wide. Her friends form began to twist. The emerald eyes becoming blood red, narrowing into slits. Golden hair blew in a harsh wind, becoming a silver color growing well passed her knees. Her nails grew longer, sharper, sprouting beneath her kimono sleeves, fangs poking out from her lips. Izumi backed away a small fearful noise escaping her.

"Catherine, th-this isn't funny…"

"I told you, Catherine died. I killed her. You're such a naive little girl, believing I was your best friend."

"Wh-who are you? What are you!?"

"They call me Lucrecia; I'm just your run of the mill demon. Sent to kill you."

"Me!? Wh-why would demons want me dead!?" A clucking sound escaped the demon, her slender finger waving in mockery.

"Oh you are so foolish!" She laughed shaking her head a tad as she approached the blonde. Izumi backed away, her eyes remaining wide. "Why, you my dear, you are the reincarnation of the Goddess Kaze, y'know, the Priestess of Wind. You will be the one to defeat my Lord Cherubi, at least that's what they say. You are a definite threat to my Master. After all, your destiny is to accomplish the Ritual of Wind. Purge the world of evil, yadda, yadda, yadda... Now, we cannot allow that to happen can we?"

" Wh-what? Me the Priestess? Yea right!"

"You are the Priestess Izumi." Lucrecia spoke softly, grabbing Izumi by the front of her kimono. Izumi screamed slightly, desperately trying to break away. The grip was too strong however. Her other hand raised, blood red eyes looking at her as a deadly glow surrounded the extended claws. "I had hoped you wouldn't come into your powers. I truly hoped that Izumi…"

The blonde's eyes squeezed shut. Her body tensing as the claws were brought down. Everything seemed to slow down. Images flashed before her eyes, her life. Being little, swinging in trees with faeries only she could see. Her mother and her baking, her father tucking her in. Catherine… Catherine caring for her, playing with her. Even images of the few times she spent with Ichi. Her dream. It flashed into her mind, the boy with angel wing. Tears escaped the sealed eyes as she awaited the attack. Awaited her death…

But it never came.

Instead, she was met with a scream from Lucrecia. The clawed-hands releasing her kimono; her body falling back. Shakily she opened her eyes gazing at Lucrecia. An arrow was embedded in the demons arm. A hiss escaped her as she yanked it free, crimson eyes trained on a spot behind Izumi. Footsteps reached her ears, Izumi's eyes moved to look to her side as the figure approached. The first thing she saw were the dark blue pants of a priest. The split toed socks accompanied by wooden sandals. Pale, slender fingers wrapped around the end of the arrow while the other held the bow firm. Muscles taunt and firm, piercing blue eyes narrowed. Ichi stood in front of her now, wedging himself firmly between Izumi and the demons.

"Go." Was the only word he spoke, cutting through the air like a knife almost. Never before had she heard such a harsh edge to the priests' voice. No, it was always so warm and gentle; not harsh. He did not move arm still raised ready to fire the arrow. A soft wind blew, as if trying to calm Izumi. She looked up, just in time to see the priest's hair blow up. Kanji for 'Darkness' tattooed the back of his neck, partially on his shoulder blades… And yet it almost resembled a birth mark to her. A hallow laugh escaped Lucrecia, her hand moving to hold her temples in amusement.

"Oh what's this? The little priest has decided to step up and protect the little girl eh? You think you can do anything boy?"

"I said go." Ichi spoke, his words carefully chosen. Lucrecia just smirked, taking a step forward. The bow string was pulled back tighter. "Don't. You know I will not hesitate to fire."

"Now why should I go? The fun's just beginning!" Before either could react she lunged forward. The glow had returned to the claws. A stifled scream passed from Ichi's lips as the claws as dug into his shoulder. The arrow fell from his hold as he stumbled back, causing Izumi to scoot back sloppily. Gritting his teeth, the young priest managed to kick the demon off of his body. Blood seeped from the white cloth, his arm hanging limp for a moment or so. Lucrecia laughed hauntingly approaching him again unaffected by his kick. Kouichi managed to stay standing, his right arm gripping his bow. Willing his hand to work, drawing another arrow from the quiver that rested on his back. Carefully he placed it on the bow, aiming it again at the demon. She didn't seem worried. In fact, she released another haunting laugh. It caused Izumi's skin to crawl.

"Izumi-san," her eyes looked up. Ichi's eyes remained focused ahead, not leaving Lucrecia's feature. His voice however traveled back to Izumi. Softly, so she had to strain to hear his command. "Hide behind that tree. Do not come out till this battle is over. If I happen to lose, retreat to the shrine. Understood?"

Izumi gave a numb nod. Shakily she rose to her feet moving to the oak tree he had mentioned. Her eyes peeked out, in a mixture of nervousness but also, curiosity.

"You think you can stand in my way little priest?"

"I will not let you harm Izumi-san." Was all he said again. His left hand pulled back on the arrow and string, making it taut. Without hesitating he let it fly. Lucrecia side stepped it with simple ease. With inhuman speed she was in front of him. Blue eyes widening, his body flying back as Lucrecia rammed her palm into his chest. Blood escaped his mouth as he laid sprawled on the ground. His arrow skidded to the tree Izumi was sheltering behind. Arrows spilt from the quiver. A trembling hand rose to wipe the blood away from his chin. That was the only action he could do. A cry escaped him as the demon rammed her foot into the side of his head. His body rolled eyes wide. Another haunting laugh as she bent down clawed fingers yanking him up by his hair.

"Is this the best you can do?" She asked, another laugh escaping her as she shoved Kouichi back to the ground harshly. Her heeled foot rose stomping into his back forcing a soft scream. "I expected better," another stomp, "from some so called Warrior of Darkness!"

Wait, Warrior of Darkness? Izumi's eyes widened. One of the legendary Warriors of Peace was the kind hearted priest Izumi had always known? That would explain the marking on the back of his neck… Ichi only glared harsher at the demon as she brought her foot down once again. A scream escaped him, his hands forming tight fists as he tried to get away. Pitifully, a hand reached towards his bow. The heel came down on his hand this time, a crack sounding followed by an even larger scream. "C'mon little boy, let's see your magic! Let's see that darkness of yours."

"G-Go to Hell!" He managed to shout, rolling out of the way of another hit. He got to his feet quickly, Lucrecia striking forward with the glowing claws. He jumped back, avoiding the attack by mere inches. Another swipe, grazing his cheek, another one cutting off strands of hair. His eyes moved glancing towards the bow. He had to get it. The claws cut his side, forcing him to stumble.

"Why don't you fight back!? What, do you not fight women or something!?"

Kouichi didn't respond, rolling to the side to avoid another strike. A hand wrapped around his bow as he picked up another bow, setting it swiftly. "I won't hesitate to shoot." Were the only words he uttered. Lucrecia laughed softly, approaching him. He did not budge. Posture straight as a board, muscles tense. Without warning she struck; his arrow letting loose at the same time. It hit Lucrecia, though seemed to do no other damage. Another scream ripped from his throat as both her clawed hands dug into his shoulders. He was only lucky that he managed to avoid enough so she missed his heart. Gritting his teeth he pushed away from her stumbling back. Another strike. He fell against the tree Izumi cowered behind. Blood ran down his chin from his mouth, a glare set on his face. Lucrecia laughed standing in front of him, grabbing his chin with her hand. Automatically Ichi tried to yank away but her hold was too firm. A sadistic smile was on her face as she brought a long finger nail across his cheek. A small hiss escaped him eyes squeezing shut. A smirk escaped her as she shoved him back. Stumbling he remained firmly planted between the demon and the terrified blonde behind him. Lucrecia stepped forward raising a single, glowing hand. "Its over, you've disappointed me little Warrior. Now you and the Priestess will die!"

Ichi's eyes widened. A glowing blast shooting at the two. Screams echoing into the air.


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