Kingdom Of Peace

Kingdom Of Peace

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon, if I would I wouldn't be writing this fanfic, I'd be turning it into an anime.

Summary: AU: An ancient legend. Wars seeming to be unending. The Priestess as will her Warriors. Their path difficult, tragedies awaiting them. Old memories, feelings, and destinies take hold. Will they be able to fulfill their destinies as they search for a Kingdom of Peace. (Summary hybrid between myself and Hope Night)

Chapter Four

"Just take a deep breath. Imagine that a string is attached to the leaf and you're pulling it." Kouichi's voice fluttered into her mind. Subconsciously Izumi nodded, her eyes remaining shut. She had never felt so relaxed before, continuing to take deep breathes. Her palms faced the sky held out before her, a lush green leaf resting in them. She could see it so clearly in her mind. She could see the imaginary string too. Following Kouichi's instructions she imagined one of her hands reaching out pulling the string up and in the process the leaf. A tinkling sensation brushed across her palms. She stifled a small giggle as she continued to remain focus. But she couldn't help it. Something was tickling her! There was a soft, deep chuckle before Kouichi's voice sounded again. "Open your eyes."

Doing as told she slowly opened her eyes. Shock painted across her features as she saw the leaf hovering a good inch above her upward palms; resting on small zephyrs that danced across her hands. For a few moments she stared at the zephyrs, holding her breath in fear that the tiniest of breaths would make them vanish. Her gaze then turned to Kouichi who smiled at her in a mix of pride and amusement. "You can breath you know Izumi-san."

She took a deep breath, relieved that the zephyrs remained. The realization dawning on her as her body began to tremble in excitement. Her eyes lighting up as she nearly leapt to her feet. "I did it!"

But with that shout the wind vanished; leaving Izumi to stare quizzically at her hands before at Kouichi, disappointment washing over her face. "I didn't do it…"

Kouichi shook his head in response to her dejected comment, that same gentle smile decorating his face. "No, no you did do it."

"Then why'd they go 'poof'?"

"My only theory to why they went," his hands rose in the air as he made air quotes to the next word. "'poof' was because you lost focus."

"For a split second…" She mumbled looking down. Kouichi released another chuckle, smiling still at her.

"When battles come, there is no chance for focus to vanish." She looked at him quietly. Though the gentle smile was still on his lips, the weight of his words sounded in his voice. His sapphire eyes showing pain that Izumi couldn't understand…

She had never seen battles. Sure she had seen the boys in her village fighting several times, mock little battles or real fights over a toy. And she had heard about the war, but the battles had never reached her village; only stories from merchants and travelers that passed through. She could not even imagine… What it would look like up close...

But she knew very well that soon she would.

"If we do get into a battle," Kouichi murmured shifting to open one of his bags, pulling out the worn black book she had so often seen with him. "Then you are to hide or run while I distract the enemy."

"And what if there's more then one? I can defend myself pretty well Kouichi. I mean… Sure I don't have a handle on my powers… But I can still fight."

"Not on the level these guys will," Kouichi replied in exasperation turning the pages of his book.

Izumi eyed him irritably, a frown plastered on her lips. "Okay Kouichi. What kind of 'level' will these enemies be on?"

For a long moment Kouichi was quiet. Blue eyes staring down at the pages half-lidded before he raised his gaze slowly. She could tell once again he was contemplating with his answers. Chewing his lip the same way he always seemed to do when nervous. Finally he released a heavy sigh resting the book in his lap before brushing the bangs out of his eyes. "Have you ever heard of the demon named Cherubi?"

She nodded quickly. Of course, everyone had heard of the demon. He was the one of the leaders in this whole war. He was on one side while on the other was the being Ophani. Of course there had once been a third side joined with Ophani, his name had been Seraphi but he had been killed early on in the war by Cherubi himself. Every child knew of these three beings. Of the fearsome warriors that followed Cherubi and the brave ones who stood besides Ophani. Every child grew up learning about them. Naturally she knew who they were! Frowning in confusion she continued to gaze at Kouichi who was silent once again before speaking very softly, so softly she barely heard him. "Cherubi's warriors are the ones who will be coming after us. And they are stronger then you can imagine. I will probably barely be able to handle them; I hope we can avoid them until we join with at least one other Warrior."

"But what if we don't? You really can't expect me to let you fight them by yourself. Especially if their so strong…"

"Please Izumi-san." Her cheeks puffed out in annoyance followed by releasing an irritated sigh. But she could tell there was no arguing at this point. He wasn't going to give in. Quietly she looked at the sky, the two falling into a simple silence. If it came down to it and they were attacked, Izumi would respect his wishes and stay hidden…

That is until there was a need to step in…


It was late at night or maybe it was early morning. Izumi wasn't sure. All she was aware of was that she was awoken in thick darkness. The fire a mere ember as a gentle hand pressed against her month. Eyes shot open as she prepared to attack whoever had snuck on her. Hands curled into fists as she prepared to strike, but relaxed immediately as Kouichi's face came into view. His one hand remained over her mouth, while the other raised his finger to his lips. Blue eyes were narrowed and Izumi knew it was no time to ask questions. Quietly she sat up not daring to make any sort of noise. His hand lowered from her mouth as he helped her stand. His hands were shaking, his body rigid. Izumi looked at him suddenly terrified to breathe. The look in his eyes, she couldn't describe it. It was like a mix of terror and sheer determination. She grabbed her bag quickly slipping it over one shoulder as he reached out taking her hand. He started to run pulling her along, at first she stumbled but soon she gained her footing. They ran through the woods, all her senses suddenly alert as her eyes darted around. Ears alert for the slightest sound of movement.

"Ichi," she finally managed to whisper, her voice cracking as it broke the silence they had been holding. Kouichi didn't look back though, not ever at the use of his old nickname she has let slip out. Narrow eyes remained trained ahead, his hand clinging to Izumi's own. Branches and leaves crunched beneath their hurrying feet. A root caught her foot like a claw snatching at her. She stumbled slightly, Kouichi turning around slightly to help her regain her footing though they barely stopped. Their pace did not slow, even as the outgrown roots tore at them. Snatching at their clothing over and over again. Izumi risked a glance over her shoulder before narrowly jumping over a log. She squeezed his hand, attempting to gain his attention. "Kouichi! Stop!"

He glanced back at her \ though it was just barley. Finally they slowed to a halt her hand remaining firmly in his. Her chest heaved as she drunk in the air around them. Eyes moving back to his a small frown on her lips. Moments ticked by as they stood, clutching each others hands as if they were their last life lines, their chests heaving as they caught their breaths. Slowly his fingers released her hand, but Izumi refused to let go. Fear finally catching up to her as the realization hit.

"They found us…" Kouichi only nodded in response looking around his body on edge. Licking dry lips Izumi too looked around though she saw nothing. Nervously she stepped closer to Kouichi, her hands now moving to cling to his sleeve. She had talked so bravely early. She had envisioned herself being able to fight alongside him if they were attacked. But now she felt her entire body shaking. Wild thoughts racing in her mind and tears of fright threatening to spill. "Can… Can we outrun them?"

"It's doubtful. If we continue to run the only thing we will accomplish is tiring ourselves out. But at least now we have a bit of distance…" Came the soft reply, confirming what Izumi already knew. Kouichi gazed ahead, sapphire eyes still narrow. "There's only one though. From what I can sense…"

"Y-You can sense them?" He nodded in response carefully peeling Izumi's hand off his sleeve. Easily he shrugged his bow off while his other hand rose to draw an arrow from its quiver on his back. He aimed silently continuing to speak softly to Izumi.

"I want you to run and hide. I'll keep the enemy busy alright? I want you to go and hide and do not make the slightest noise until I come for you alright?" She nodded shakily backing into the trees. But she didn't go far. She couldn't. How could she? What if something did happen to Kouichi? If he was killed. Looking around she nodded to herself silently slipping towards a tree. Bark cut at her hands as she climbed the tree. Higher and higher up until she was sure the foliage concealed her. She tried to ease her breathing, to stop shaking as she peeked out at the leaves. Kouichi remained still in the center of small clearing they had run into. His bow raised silently, an arrow resting against it. He was still for a moment before releasing it. The arrow shot through the darkness, into the trees that encircled them. In one fluid motion he drew another arrow, setting it and then releasing it.

"I know your there. Come out now." His voice was sharper then its normal tone. He wasn't requesting they come out, it was a demand. Another arrow was placed against his bow as he kept his eyes locked ahead. A laugh echoed through the trees. Izumi finding her grip on the tree branch tighter. A shadowed figure appeared, but Izumi couldn't make out a distinctive shape…

"You gotta be one of those warriors," came the shadowed figures voice, followed by a rather loud sniff. A scowl was on Kouichi's face from what Izumi could see through the leaves, his arrow aimed at the shadow.

"And you must be one of Cherubi's men." She heard the arrow cut through the air, and then a 'thunk' as it became embedded in the trunk of the tree. "Go now. I do not want to fight."

"Hand over the Priestess and maybe I will go," came a nasally retort followed by a strange giggle. "Either way, you end up dead!"

The ground beneath them shook. Izumi clung tighter to the branch that she sat on; shakily she raised a hand pushing leaves aside to see what had just happened. Said hand flew to her mouth to muffle a gasp. A giant crater was where Kouichi had once stood, a spiked hammer embedded in the ground. Her eyes darted around a sigh of relief escaping her as she saw her friend had escaped the attack. The hammer was swung again. This time Kouichi barely managed to avoid as he jumped out of the way. Again and again the man attacked the young priest in-training. Izumi watched with wide terrified eyes. She wanted to jump down and help, but she felt frozen. A cry of pain escaped Kouichi as the hammer collided with his side sending him crashing to the ground. The opponent approached, his hammer raised above his head, a disgusting smirk still on his giggling face. "Some protector you are!"

"Go to Hell," Kouichi spat out as he tried to push himself up, before rolling out of the way of the hammers strike. Once again Izumi watched as a crater formed where Kouichi had just been.

"Why not use your powers little warrior?" Izumi could not help but wonder that same question… Why wasn't Kouichi using his powers? Not once during their travels had she seen him use them. Not once. And now of all times he still wouldn't use them. She wanted to scream at him. Shout for him to use them. But she couldn't. If she did that, the enemy would know where she was. Kouichi would know she had disobeyed him (to an extent). And if she revealed her location things could get worse…

All she could do was watch as her companion narrowly avoided attacks, attempting to fire off arrows with no success. "Is someone afraid of the dark?"

"Sh-Shut up!"

"Someone afraid of what they will become?"

"Shut up!"

"You're going to die little warrior, and then that Priestess will die as well."

"I said shut up!" Anger had enveloped on Kouichi's voice. The anger seeming to blind him as he swung his fist at the enemy, only to miss. It gave the hammer the opportunity to strike him once again, sending the young priest in-training flying to the side. His body slammed into a tree the bark splintering as he fell to the ground like a rag doll. Her breathe caught in her throat as she griped the tree branch. Wide eyes staring at the unmoving form. He wasn't getting up. He couldn't be… He couldn't be dead could he? Fearfully she watched as the enemy approached a sick-twisted smile on his face. Her eyes widened as he raised his hammer, this time the spike side was bared.

And within an instant she had forgotten her earlier worries and fears. She climbed down from the tree her eyes still wide. In an instant she had shot forward ramming her shoulder into the man's side sending him tumbling to the side. She planted herself in front of Kouichi. Swallowing a large lump that had formed in her throat as she saw the man recover, slowly turning to face her with a surprised look on his face. But that surprised look melted away as that sick-twisted smile returned. "So there's the little Priestess!"

The fear crashed into her. Immobilizing her. The hammer-wielding man smiled more and more as he approached Izumi who dared not to move. If she did the unconscious Kouichi would be defenseless. Aqua eyes glanced back at the motionless form behind her. This was not good. Her gaze returned forward just in time to see the enemy raise his hammer. She stepped back before turning around her arms wrapping around Kouichi's waist. A small scream escaped her as she managed to jump out of the way pulling Kouichi with her. She moved quickly, safely laying him by a tree as she slipped her bag off her shoulders. Slowly she stood again turning to face the smirking opponent. With a nod to herself she stepped back out her mind racing. Again she jumped out of the way of another hammer strike. She stumbled back before tripping over a rock. She fell back, rolling out of the way of another strike. Her heart pounded against her chest. She had to focus. If she could just focus she could create those zephyrs again. Just like earlier that day. She could fight back that way. She could use the wind. All she had to was focus. Narrowly she avoided a direct hit, though not completely. The spikes sliced her leg, forcing a small wince as she put weight on it. Stumbled back she ducked out of the way of another hit. Focus, she needed to focus.

"What's wrong little Priestess? Can't fight? Scared?"

"Scared? Who me!? Not a chance!" She laughed, despite how she really felt. She forced herself to grin, to hide the fact she was petrified. Again her aqua eyes darted over to Kouichi's form. He was coming too, slowly but surely. If she could just stall until he had recovered his senses… Nodding to herself she jumped to the side to avoid another attack. She had to stall that was all there was to it. "I'd never be afraid of a coward like you!"

"What did you call me?"

"A coward," she laughed a little despite the violent churning in her stomach. "Only a coward would attack a defenseless girl, and only a coward would use such a stupid weapon as a giant hammer. What's wrong? Can't fight with your own fists?"

He growled swinging the hammer again, Izumi once again dodging. Angering him was most likely not one of her most brilliant plans. But it did distract him in a way. She just hoped Kouichi would recover soon. She wasn't sure how much longer she could keep this up. "C'mon little boy, can't hit me? I'm such an easy target!"

"Shut up you stupid girl!"

"Make me!" Sticking her tongue out ducked again, swinging her leg underneath his legs. A yelp escaped the enemy as he lost his balance. She felt a small satisfied smirk form as she hoped back and out of the way. Growling still the man stood back up slamming his hammer into the ground, Izumi leaping back to avoid. Her eyes widened as the ground shook, rocks shooting out from the earth. A scream escaped her as they collided with her. Slicing her skin and slamming into her limbs. She was sent flying through the air before harshly landing in a heap. Biting her lower lip Izumi pushed herself up, blonde hair falling into her face. Eyes widened as she looked up. The man was standing over her. His hammer raised into the air. That sick-twisted smile returning.

"Time to die silly Priestess!" Her arms shot up to shield her head, eyes squeezing shut. She was going to die. This was the end… She waited for the attack to his… But it never came.

Timidly she opened her eyes before lowering her arms. An ink-colored wall sat in front of her, sprouting out from the shadows that coated the forest floor. With a shaky hand she reached out her fingers brushing against the shield, momentarily surprised that it was not solid at all, it was like water. Tilting her head to one side slowly she stared at it, more of her blonde hair falling into her eyes. Little by little her gaze shifted until it rested on the source of the protection.

Kouichi had recovered, to an extent. He was standing, though she could tell it was just barely. His body swayed, one arm raised out towards them. His fingers clenched into a tight fist. So tight Izumi could see the hand shaking. Hair hung in his pale face shadowing his eyes from view. The enemy turned to look as well, that annoying giggle escaping the man as he saw who it had been to come to her rescue. "Oh so the little warriors finally usin' that darkness of his eh?"

"Shut up," came the sharp voice of Kouichi. It sounded like he was struggling. To stay standing maybe or perhaps it was something else. Izumi wasn't sure. He took an uneasy step forward his fist uncurling as the shield of darkness dissolved into the air. His arm lowered as he continued to step forward, the uneasiness vanishing with each step he took. "So you are the one they call Gigas? The earth manipulator?"

"Your pretty smart," came the giggle. Gigas? Well at least she had a name now to match the face. Kouichi was still walking towards them. He didn't even seem to notice that their enemy had spoken.

"Izumi-san you okay?"

"A bit scratched up but other than that I'm fine." She replied softly, still shaken up by what was occurring. She had really been close to dying. Quietly she looked at the young man she traveled with. Something seemed different about him. But she could not understand what… He was still shaking, one hand gripping his head as if he was in pain. The darkness in the area was shifting closer to him. As if it was being drawn in by a vacuum. So this was the power of the Warrior of Darkness…

"That's good." He whispered catching her attention. She looked at him again as slowly he lifted his head a shudder running down Izumi's spine. Something was wrong. Something was very, very wrong. His eyes were growing sharper. Growing colder, maniacal. He closed the distance between them, a smirk forming across his lips. One that did not belong. He said nothing else to her, the darkness springing forward with a simple nod of his head. It crashed into the enemy, Gigas, sending the earth manipulator flying back. But the opponent was quick to react, slamming his hammers spiked side into the ground to keep him from flying too far back. As a result more rocks shot out from the ground and with another swing of the hammer they went hurtling towards Kouichi and Izumi. The young man did not looked bothered however as he raised his arms another inky shield appearing around them. The rocks shattering upon impact with it. The strange smirk never vanished as more of the darkness shot out at the enemy. Rocks flying up to protect the man. "You were really a dumb y'know that Gigas?"

Kouichi's voice had changed. It had become harsher than before and much colder. With wide eyes Izumi watched as he raised his hand again, the darkness sprouting out from the ground like vines. It wrapped around their enemies limbs, despite Gigas's attempt to cut them away or escape. Kouichi just clucked his tongue, tilting his head to the side as he spoke. "You shouldn't have taunted him, y'know that Gigas? You really shouldn't have riled him up so much. It makes him lose focus."

Kouichi's eyes were not the same. Insanity was shining through them matching that insane smile that had stretched across his face. His head remained tilted to the ground as the tendrils yanked Gigas down in accordance to Kouichi's will. Gigas cried out struggling to get away but it was no use. Izumi watched as the insane smile seemed to grow more and more.

"And when he loses focus, I gain control." Came the sharp hiss as slowly Kouichi's (was it still Kouichi?) fingers curled into a tight fist. More darkness appeared, draping around their enemy, weighing against the struggling earth manipulator. Crushing him. Izumi's eyes widen even more at this realization. She shot up to her feet despite the cry of protest her bruised body gave her, rushing to her friends side.

"Kouichi stop! You'll kill him!"

"Better him then us girl," came the crazed laugh as he turned his head to look at her. His head still was tilted to the side. Raven hair falling into those insane eyes. She shuddered at the look wanting nothing more to step back. But she couldn't she had to stand her ground. She had too. If she didn't…

"Kouichi. Stop."

"Kouichi isn't here right now," he laughed. Another shudder ran down her spine at the sound of it. Shakily she reached forward grabbing hold of his arm, the sound of the man struggling to breathe echoing in the air around her.

"Stop Kouichi! Please! You'll kill him! Stop this!" She gripped his sleeve but shoved her away. Stumbling back a small squeak of surprise escaped her. Shaking her head she rushed forward again in an attempt to stop him. Again he pushed her away his fists tightening as the weight of the darkness seemed to grow. Gigas's struggled screams sounding. Panic gripped her chest as she looked back at the enemy. She knew he was her enemy. That had become quite obvious in the short amount of time she had met the man. She knew his goal was to kill her and that the second he recovered he would try to kill them again. Despite knowing this though, she still could not allow him to die. She couldn't let Kouichi kill him. To allow the young, kind man's hands to be stained with blood. She just couldn't allow that happen. But how was she going to stop him? Her mind race as she looked at him. How could she stop him? That was the question

"You were really dumb Gigas, and now your go-" He didn't finish as Izumi did the one last thing she could think of. The slap echoed in the air around them as he stumbled to one side. Izumi stood where she was her hand stinging in pain though she hid it. Fearfully she looked at Kouichi before sighing in relief. It had worked, much to her relief. The darkness slowly slipped away releasing Gigas from the suffocating cocoon it had formed. The insane smile had vanished from Kouichi's face becoming replaced by a confused look. His body shook as he held his cheek looking at Izumi with the same wide, kind hearted blue eyes that she had come to known so well.

"I-Izumi-san… What…" She shook her head quickly grabbing his arm.

"We got to run. Come on!" She shouted giving his arm a harsh yank as she darted through the woods pulling the young priest in-training behind her. As much as she wanted to question what had just occurred she could not. They needed to escape while Gigas was still down. Before he had the chance to recover and attack again. Her heart pounded against her chest as the adrenaline coursed through her veins. She didn't know where they were going. She didn't know where she was running too. All she knew was they had had to get away. They had to keep running while they had the chance. Thoughts raced in her mind as she jumped over a log. What had just happened? What had happened to Kouichi? Who had that been? Who had that been wearing Kouichi's face?


He couldn't breath. Sapphire eyes darting around in hopes for some sort of light, but he could find none. Only the crushing darkness that weighed against him, that was slowly suffocating him. His lungs burned as he tried to claw his way out of the ocean that surrounded him. A voiceless scream escaped his throat as his body writhed in agony. He could feel his back arch painfully, blades from the inky blackness cutting into his flesh. Blood spluttered from his mouth and down his chin as he continued to try and free himself from this prison. He could feel his limbs trapped by vines of darkness. Piercing red eyes gazing at him from the shadows, an identical face gazing at him; a twisted smile adorning the others face.

More blood escaped his mouth as he felt his body convulse tears spilling down his face. The identical face released a chillingly laugh as he reached forward resting a delicate hand against his tear-stained face. A cruel smile remained on his face as he spoke, his voice nothing but ice. "Tears will get you no where dear brother. Though they are a pleasant sight for me to see."

The hand brushed against his cheeks before the mirror image dug his sharper nails into his cheek. His eyebrows knitted together in pain as he felt his body seize again, the world becoming blurry as he tried to speak. But no voice escaped him. His heart pounded painfully against his chest, echoing in his ears as his lungs continued to burn. Coldness spread throughout his body, the dark chuckle from the mirror image resonating through his mind as everything went black…

He sat bolt upright gasping for air, drenched in sweat as he tried to ease his heart beat. Shakily he reached forward grabbing hold of the dimly lit lantern that sat nearby. His body seeming to cling to it as if it was his last tie to life. Warm tears raced down his face as he tried to suppress a sob. He wouldn't cry. He wouldn't cry. He was stronger then that, he wasn't a child anymore. He didn't cry. He wouldn't cry…

He held the lantern tighter feeling its warmth course through his veins banishing the frozen shadows that wrapped around him. Blue eyes remained wide, his pupils nothing but small dots as he tried to ease his breathing back to its normal pattern. It was only a dream; he reassured himself, only a dream.

Movement caught his attention. His hand flying to the sword that sat by his side sheathed, in an instant it was drawn his blade pointing at the snout of a grey-dappled horse. For a moment they stood still. His sharp, terrified blue eyes gazing at the horse wide, calm, brown colored eyes. It didn't look afraid at the blade that was directed at it. Instead it nudged the blade aside before walking forward. Leaning its head down as the frightened swordsman slowly lowered his sword. Gently it nuzzled his tear stained face, his hands rising up immediately wrapping around the horse allowing small sobs to escape him. The horse waited, continuing to nuzzle against him comfortingly; softly neighing in an attempt to calm him. The tears slowly stopped as his breathing steadied. He shut his eyes keeping his face hidden in the horses' mane before slowly lifting his head. It gave him a concerned look as he attempted to smile. "So-Sorry Mitsu. Just a nightmare."

The horse, Mitsu, shot him a look forcing a tiny chuckle. "I just… Was remembering… But I'm alright now. Just needed a good cry I suppose. I'm going to wash my face in the stream okay? I'll be right back."

He stood shakily, his hand gripping the lantern again. From behind he felt the horse's snout pushing him causing him to stumble. He turned his head to snipe at Mitsu but sighed instead moving to grab his traveling bag before its reigns. "Fine, fine, will both go. You could probably use a drink ne?"

He smiled a bit as he lead the way to the small stream. It was still night, all but one of the three moons shielded by clouds. A storm was coming he expected. Quietly he knelt down by the stream cupping his hands and splashing his face with the cold water. It felt refreshing, a small sigh escaping him as he gazed at his rippling reflection.

His hair had grown longer, uneven bangs hanging in his blood-shot blue eyes. The rest of his hair meanwhile rested in a messy ponytail that currently spilt over his shoulder the uneven edges dipping into the rushing water. Heavy bags hung beneath his eyes, his face a good two shades paler then its normal completion. Dirt still clung to his skin, though the sweat and water had cut through much of it. Idly he rubbed his cheek where the nails had dug in. Frowning a bit as he mumbled, off-handly, to Mitsu who stood besides him drinking. "Remind me next time we're in town to actually shave…"

Mitsu snorted slightly and in one swift turn of his head and pushed the dark haired boy into the stream. A small yelp escaped him as he hit the water face first. He lifted his head, soaking wet hair hanging in his face, he could hear his companion snicker. "Ha, ha, very funny you stupid horse."

The horse leaned forward playfully nipping at his hair before attempting to pull him out. He allowed himself to smile a little as he pulled himself out of the water with a bit of help from Mitsu. Sighing he wrung out his now drenched hair before sitting down again. Distantly his eyes moved his distorted reflection, the image of the red-eyed mirror image flashing through his head. He stiffened, hands forming fists as he scooted closer to the lantern. Mitsu leaned down nudging his shoulder, forcing him to sigh. "I know, I know. It's not like he can hurt me now, that he would even want too. Just… Earlier I felt like something shifted in him. Y'know? That goddamn twin connection I still share with him. It's not as strong as when we were kids but…"

Timidly his hand began running through the wet ponytail; awkwardly fussing over it as he continued to speak to the ever attentive Mitsu. "I still… I hate him. I can't… I won't forgive him… I just…"

He sighed again leaning back on his hands. Sapphire eyes gazing up at the dark sky, early rays of sunlight beginning to poke out through the clouds. "I hope he's okay…"


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