Author's Note: Alright I loved Reoccurring Dreams so much I had to write a sequel. Plus I had a request. Anyways this fic should be just as good as the first, if not better. Transformers belong to Hasbro but Astrid is mine.

Chap. 1: Homesickness

Love, happiness, security, peace. Those were all the things Astrid felt as she lie in her bed beside Megatron. He was sound asleep right now and the femme didn't want to disturb him. He was so handsome looking right now she couldn't do it anyway. She smiled and snuggled into him. Megatron let out a soft sigh showing he was content.

It was the middle of the night and Astrid couldn't sleep. It had been a few weeks since she had been rescued from Starscream and last seen her family. The girl was homesick and worried about her family. It was a normal emotion to feel though, and if she were given enough time it would pass.

This had been the third time in the last two weeks she hadn't been able to sleep. Astrid didn't know why she was having these sleepless nights. Yes, she was worried about her family but she knew they were alright. That's when Astrid began to fret that something was wrong with Megatron.

She listened to the soft humming that came from inside Megatron. Another smile surfaced on her lips. Megatron was functioning normally. That humming was the sound his internal parts made when he slept. It was a comforting sound and usually put Astrid to sleep.

But not tonight.

Astrid knew that if she didn't fall asleep soon Megatron would wake and would think something was wrong. He knew when she was pretending to be asleep as well so she couldn't do that. The decepticon leader woke up at least once a night just to make sure she was alright. Astrid admired him for doing that. He cared so much.

The tyrant stirred suddenly and stretched. He rolled over on his side so he was facing her now. Astrid rested her head on his chest and she felt his arms wrap around her waist. His body was warm and comfortable much to Astrid's liking.

"Why aren't you asleep?" Megatron asked suddenly while yawning. He was quite tired still, but he knew he couldn't sleep unless he knew his beloved was asleep.

"I don't know," Astrid answered sounding quite wide-awake, "I just can't."

"Have you actually tried?"

"Yes, Megatron you don't need to be so worried. You're tired still, go back to sleep and I'll fall asleep on my own,"

Megatron ignored her suggestion, "Is anything bothering you?"


"Are you sure?"


"This is the third time in the last two weeks this has happened though. What do you get thinking about that keeps you from sleeping?"

"Nothing much, just my family," Astrid responded moving closer to Megatron.

"You're homesick," he said massaging her lower back with one of his hands, "Am I right?"

"Well I do miss my family and I'm worried about them,"

"Tell you what," Megatron said getting as close to her as he possibly could, "If you get some sleep, I'll go with you to see them."

"When?" Astrid asked. A look of delight was plastered on her face as she looked up into Megatron's optics.

That moment melted Megatron's spark and he answered, "As soon as I get the chance." He kissed her quickly and rested his head in the nape of her neck. "Please, go to sleep," he whispered.

"Is that an order?" Astrid wondered out loud causing Megatron to smile.

"Yes," he remarked, "And a word of advice."

"In that case I love you and good night,"

Megatron lightly kissed her neck before whispering, "Sweet dreams love."

They lay in silence and about ten minutes later Megatron heard Astrid's breathing rhythms relax and he knew she was asleep. Relieved, Megatron let his optics go offline. He couldn't help but feel something else was bothering Astrid, what he didn't know. The tyrant felt though that it was the real reason why his love was having trouble sleeping at night. Megatron hoped though that it wasn't anything more than homesickness.

Author's Note: Yes, I know it's a short chapter, but the chapters should get longer as the fic goes on.