Author's Note: Well, I hate to disappoint you all, but here's the last chapter. The vows in here belong to Rhonda Burgett, and are not mine.

Chap. 18: Everlasting Love

Megatron and Astrid had agreed not to get married until all the Cyber Planet Keys had been found and the universe saved from the black hole's destruction. A couple months went by, and now Astrid stood outside in an empty room waiting for the song "Only Time" by Enya to cue her entrance down the isle. The isle was really long, and during her practices, Astrid had needed a long song to extend her entire walk. "Only Time" had been perfect. But Megatron didn't know what song she had picked and she couldn't wait to surprise him.

Astrid had on a flowing white cape and was adorned by some decepticon jewels. She had on a veil and held a bouquet of white roses in her hands. Megatron was out in the main room, which was another ballroom, but this one more spectacular. He was waiting for her at the other end of the red carpet she was to walk down. The decepticon leader wore a black flowing cape and some decepticon jewels as well.

It had taken forever for Astrid to decide whom her maid of honor and bride's maids were going to be since she really didn't have anyone to pick from. She finally decided on Lori as her maid of honor, and Sixspeed and Override as her bride's maids. Megatron had Optimus as his best man, and Scourge and Thundercracker as his groomsmen.

Lori wore a beautiful pink dress, with a short pink cape, and carried a bouquet of pink roses. Override and Sixspeed also wore the short pink cape and carried the bouquet of pink roses. Optimus wore a medium length black cape, and a black bow tie. Thundercracker and Scourge were dressed the same, but had shorter capes.

Astrid's father wouldn't be walking her down the isle, because of the height difference. Instead since he was licensed as a priest, he would be marrying Megatron and Astrid. The femme wasn't sure how that was going to go, and instead of worrying herself more, she stopped thinking about it.

The ring bearer hadn't been an easy thing for Astrid and Megatron to decide on. They both had wanted a little boy, but didn't know whom to use, until Ransack popped into their minds. Thus Ransack stood near Megatron dresses like one of the groomsmen awaiting his role. Megatron and Astrid couldn't find a flower girl though, so they had Override throw flowers down the isle as she came down.

Astrid sighed calming her nerves. Just as the sigh escaped from her, her song to walk down the isle to came on. Ignoring the knots in her middle, she timed the music perfectly so she came out when Enya started singing.

Megatron had turned and looked just as Astrid emerged and Enya had started singing. Her beauty had blown him completely away and he couldn't take his optics off her as she slowly made her way up the isle.

Astrid glanced straight ahead, her head held high and she walked confidently with grace. Everyone was standing as she made her way up the isle, and she couldn't help but smile as her fiancé came into view.

Optimus smiled glancing at Astrid and whispered to Megatron, "She's beautiful Megatron. She couldn't have chosen a better song."

Megatron grinned and took Astrid's hand as she finally reached him. Together they walked up to the altar as the song ended. Victor then began the wedding and started off by immediately telling of Astrid's past and how Megatron and the family had met. He also told of how happy Astrid and Megatron were together and how honored he was to be marrying them.

Victor then told how Megatron and Astrid had met and all the struggles they had gone through. He explained how they finally came together and now, several months later, they had both decided there love for one another was everlasting. As Victor proceeded to talk, Megatron glanced over at Astrid, and she at him.

"You were in my dreams long before I even knew there was a you and me. It wasn't long after we met, when I realized that I loved you and wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. I thank God everyday, since the moment I met you, for the wonderful blessing of you."

Victor finally got to the vows. Both Megatron and Astrid recited them, Megatron first, then Astrid. After Megatron had recited his vows, he placed the ring, which Ransack had handed to him on Astrid's finger where her engagement ring was. Astrid placed the wedding band on Megatron's finger as well once she had recited her vows and Ransack had given her the ring. And both did it with a huge smile on their face.

"You have taken your unconditional love and added strength, trust, respect, kindness, desire, hope, and faith. I have learned from you that I don't have to be perfect to be loved. You inspire me to be the best I can be for you, for me, and for us. I share with you a lifetime dream that we will always be together, happy, and in love, and that someday we may have beautiful children to show for our deep, committed love for one another.

You are the love of my life, my best friend, my soul mate, my everything. This day, before God, family, and friends, I devote myself to you. I promise to love and respect you, comfort you and support you, believe in you, and be proud of you. I promise to cherish your love forever. I give to you all of my trust, respect, compassion, and affection. I accept you and do not wish to change you. I want to share all life has to offer with you, not control you. I promise to bring joy, strength, and commitment to our everlasting love and marriage. I promise to be forever faithful to your heart, mind, body, and soul. And I look forward to spending the rest of my life making you feel as happy and loved as you make me feel."

Victor then pronounced them husband and wife saying, "You may kiss the bride."

This was the part Megatron had been waiting eagerly for. He removed the veil from her face and let it fall freely down the back of her head. Astrid had a pleading look in her optics as to say, "Don't you dare embarrass me."

Megatron grinned ignoring her look and kissed her. As he kissed her he lifted her in his arms and the audience thunderously applauded. Astrid nearly dropped her bouquet as she struggled to wrap her arms around his neck, but managed to keep her grip on it. A few seconds later they both broke away from each other and looked each other in the optics.

Astrid grinned, "I love you my hubby."

Megatron couldn't help but smile, "Love you too."

He then walked back down the isle with her and stopped at the end of the isle so they could greet people as they headed to the reception. Many people congratulated them and the last one to come up was Optimus.

The autobot leader looked at Megatron and then smiled, "Out of all the people in the universe I never thought I'd see the day when you would vow your love to someone Megatron."

"With my reputation, I guess it could be hard to believe," Megatron responded.

"You finding Astrid was probably the best thing you've ever done in your life. Not only did you save her, but she saved you,"

Megatron smiled, "And the universe."

Optimus nodded, "And the universe. Astrid, make sure you keep him in line."

Astrid grinned, "I don't think you'll have to worry about that."

"I didn't think so. Well, I guess I'll see you two at the reception," Optimus said starting to walk away.

Megatron nodded and when Optimus had gone Astrid immediately asked, "So where are we going for our honeymoon? You never told me."

"I'll tell you later at the reception," he remarked and went to kiss her when Astrid's family walked up.

Victor was the first to speak, "I must say I did a fine job marrying you two. Now, all you guys have to do is return the favor."

"Return the favor?" Astrid asked confused, "You didn't say anything about returning anything when we asked you to marry us."

"If I had said something, you wouldn't have let me marry you," Victor protested.

"Just what is it do you have in mind?" Megatron questioned curiously.

"Babies! How many kids are you guys going to have? There's no better time to try for them than on your honeymoon," Victor exclaimed excitedly.

Marie smiled innocently and Astrid blushed saying, "I don't know if transformers can even produce offspring."

"They can," Megatron stated.

"There you go! Let me know once you get to the reception," Victor finished and left with his family.

Megatron and Astrid looked at each other and said in unison, "Not yet."

With that agreed, they started to the reception. Astrid then asked, "So, just how are transformer offspring made?"

"Well, if you really must know, when two transformers make love, their sparks fuse together briefly and the programming information from the two transformers combines to make a third spark. The spark and body then develop inside the femme for about 9 weeks and then from there the process is identical to that of a humans," Megatron explained.

"And just how do they get their sparks to fuse together?"

"That I'll show you some other time. Now come on, let's get to the reception,"

As they came down the stairs to a different ballroom where the reception was, the two of them received another huge applause. Megatron and Astrid took their seats at their own separate table where the bride and groom, bride's maids, maid of honor, best man, and groomsmen sat.

The reception consisted of lots of music, mostly slow songs which Astrid and Megatron constantly danced to, drinks, food, lots and lots of talking. Each table had a bell, and Victor set up the rule that whenever someone rang a bell, the bride and groom was to kiss. The bells seemed to be ringing constantly.

Near the end of the reception, Megatron announced that he and Astrid were going to a private tropical island for their honeymoon. He also stated where they would be living when they returned, the Royal Decepticon Palace.

Not long after Megatron's announcements, people began to leave. Astrid leaned against Megatron as she watched some of the bots exit. She couldn't have asked for a better fairy tale ending than what she had got. Megatron had set out to prove to her that he loved her, and he had accomplished just that.

"Who can say where the road goes

Where the days flows

Only time…

And who can say if your love grows

As your heart chose

Only time…

Who can say why your heart sighs

As your love flies

Only time…

And who can say

Why your heart cries

When your love dies

Only time…

Who can say when the roads meet

That love might be

In your heart…

And who can say when the day sleeps

If the night keeps

All your heart…

Night keeps all your heart

Who can say if your love grows

As your heart chose

Only time…

And who can say where the road goes

Where the day flows

Only time…

Who knows

Only time…

Who knows

Only time…"

Author's Note: Kenya Starflight, I have to give you credit for the whole "where do babies come from" speech. Once again the vows were from Rhonda Burgett. The song is called "Only Time" by Enya and does not belong to me.

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