Checkpoint 6: Epilogue

"I will rip your still-beating heart out of your living chest! I will turn your penis into a cockroach and stomp on it! I'll kill it! I swear! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!"

Buffy gratefully slipped out of the room.

"You fucking bastard! Get out of my life! I NEVER want to see you again!" Buffy sighed and tentatively stuck her head into the room next door.

"How's it going?" she said with false cheer and a huge fake smile on her face.

"Oh, well, it's a-ah-ha-ha!" Buffy watched in mute horror as her mother crushed Giles's hand.

"It's FANTASTIC!" Joyce growled, her eyes narrowed on Giles's pale, pain-filled face. Pain? Oh, she'd give him pain!

Spike took a measured step back when Joyce growled; she was one scary human being. There had to be a touch of demon in her somewhere. He threw a desperate look at his mate, who gave him a sympathetic smile before slowly backing towards the door.

"Aren't you supposed to be documenting this glorious occurrence, WILLIAM?" Joyce growled again. Spike's eyes widened and he shrank back into the wall. Next time Rupes magically knocked up the Slayer's mum, he was not volunteering for picture duty. No matter WHAT Buffy did with those Slayer muscles of hers.

"Great. Every thing's under control here; you just deliver my brother or sister safely, Mom. I'm going to go check on my godchild." With that, the bravest Vampire Slayer in history fled her mother's room, opting to deal with an ex-vengeance demon's creative ways to make her husband pay.

Buffy held the blue bundle with a look of awe on her face. He was so tiny! With tiny little tufts of hair, and tiny little eyelashes, and tiny little fingernails. He was perfect.

"Hello, Jason. I'm your big sister Buffy! We are going to have so much fun! I'm going to teach you everything I know!" she said with a goofy grin. She pouted when the sleeping babe was plucked out of her arms, but her gaze softened when Spike expertly cradled the newborn in his strong arms, his blue eyes alight.

"And I'm your Uncle Spike; don't you worry, I'm not gonna leave you at the mercy of the Summer's women. I'll teach you to be a man!"

"Hey!" Buffy said with a laugh, sticking her tongue out playfully. She grinned when Spike's eyes darkened, his pupils dilating.

"I'll happily show you how much of a man I am," he said, his voice low and gravely. It was his turn to grin when Buffy's breath caught.

"No traumatizing the new born!" a giggling voice whispered. Dawn came up and took her new brother from Spike's arms, smiling. FINALLY she wasn't the youngest! She glanced at her sister and pseudo older brother, happily hugging one another. It had been a little rocky at first, after the spell had been lifted. Buffy and Spike had hemmed and hawed a few times, beaten the crap out of each other a few times, and generally been idiots…but they'd worked through it after a hormonal Joyce had sat them down and explained exactly how they would be acting for the next six months of her pregnancy.

"How's my boy?" a raw, tired voice asked. Joyce looked haggard, but she had a happy glow to her. Dawn carried her brother to her mother's bed, placing him gently in her arms.

"Perfect," she breathed, resting her head on her mom's shoulder.

"He has his father's eyes," Joyce noted, glancing at the exhausted man sitting next to her bed. She refused to feel bad about the bandage covering his right hand. She smiled indulgently as he blushed and started vigorously cleaning his glasses.

"Hey-o!" a happy voice called out.

Everyone exclaimed as a sweaty, beaming Anya was wheeled into the room, holding a white-wrapped bundle close to her chest. Everyone looked at the ex-demon expectantly, waiting for her announcement.

"Well?" Dawn demanded impatiently, stomping her foot a little. Anya's grin widened as she carefully unwrapped the pink little baby.

"I would like to introduce you to Christopher Devon Aaron Emmanuel Harris-Jenkins. We put the hyphenated names in alphabetical order. I just wanted everyone to know so that no one doubts Xander's manliness." Anya was suddenly surrounded by cooing, adoring people.

"Hey! Godmother coming through!" Buffy cried, reaching to pick up her godchild.

"Hello, Christopher. I'm your Aunti Buffy! I'm going to take you on shopping sprees, and to the park, and..."

"And I'm going to teach him how to be a man too, since Xander's bound to do a piss-poor job," Spike interjected with an eye roll.

"Hey!" Xander said. But he was smiling, taking Spike's ribbing in stride. Joyce had also forced them to call a cease fire, and so far, it was sticking. Dawn suspected Anya and Willow had joined forces against Xander, and Buffy and Tara had done a number on Spike.

"H-h-he's really cute, Anya," Tara said with a smile, her arm resting loosely on Willow's waist. The two had grown closer after the spell had ended, Willow's guilt at her actions under the spell keeping Tara in cookies and cuddles for a month.

Xander helped his fiancée into the bed next to Joyce, tucking the covers under her with a soft smile. The pregnancy hadn't been easy on either of them. They'd both had to face some of their demons, but they'd come through it and the future looked bright. Xander had a good job at a construction company, and with Anya's financial know-how, they'd just put a down payment on a house.

"Sorry to interrupt, but visiting hours are over," a nurse said.

"Oh, come on Leila! Ten more minutes," Spike said with a grin. The nurse shook her head at the blonde man who'd been haunting the halls since the night before, waiting for his mother-in-law and friend to give birth.

"Oh no, mister. You're not sweet-talkin' me. Everybody out but the fathers. These ladies need their rest." With quick kisses for the beautiful newborn boys, and brief hugs for the new moms, everyone shuffled out of the room.

Buffy and Spike dropped Willow, Tara, and Dawn off at Joyce's house before heading over to their apartment. Buffy spent the ride in contemplative silence, staring out the window and into the darkness.

When Joyce and Anya had both turned up pregnant, Buffy had gone through a stage believing that she might be too. But that hadn't panned out. Not that that should have surprised her. Vampires couldn't have children. Neither did Slayers. They didn't live long enough. But that didn't mean that she didn't want them, sometimes. But she had Spike. And that was enough for her.

Spike hid the smile that wanted to break free on his face when he broke Buffy out of her trance. She gave him a small smile, and let him escort her up to their two bedroom apartment. His lips were captured as soon as the door closed, Buffy's body pressed into his. He moaned, feeling himself react to her. She knew exactly how to touch him. With extreme effort, he pulled away.

"Spike," she whined.

"Hold on, luv," he murmured, pushing past her to retrieve a small package. He handed it to her with a grin.


"Just open it," he said, rocking onto the balls of his feet. Buffy narrowed her eyes at his nervous habit before slowly opening the brown paper package. She picked up two vials of some sort of liquid. She turned them over, noting there were four more in the box.

"OK. I give up." She glanced into her mate's eyes and gasped at what she saw.

"I love you," he said, the emotion behind his words bringing tears to Buffy's eyes. "These…these are the mystic equivalent of fertility treatments. I know we haven't discussed it, but if you want—" He never got a chance to finish. Buffy threw herself into his arms, tears streaming down her face.

"I love you."