Title: Can't Take the Heat

Author: Renegade87 (Tareena Langford)

Chapters: 10

Rating: M, language and sexual situations

Pairing: Alec/Rayce (OFC)

Warnings: language, sexual situations

Spoilers: AU, set after "Freak Nation."

Feedback: Hell yea! I didn't post this thing for my health.

Disclaimer: I do not own Alec ::damnit:: or Max or anything else from the Dark Angel universe. I do however own Rayce and her car. (Being the car freak I am, I actually designed and drew her car, BUT my scanner is hooked up to my currently crashed computer...so I can't upload the pic until I get my computer back)

Author's Note: This story has no real plot, no bad guys no crazy plot twists, Rayce decided to take up residence in my head and refused to leave me alone until I paired her up with Alec, that's the whole point to the story. Oh, and just a heads up, the first couple chapters, and a couple others are reallllly short, as in 200-300 words...so don't kill me, I'm warning you now.


Chapter 1

The black car sped towards the gates of Terminal City and towards the cop cars blocking them. The speakers blaring old rock music that drowned out the shouts of warning from the guards.

The officers all drew their weapons as the black beast, lights blazing, refused to slow.

At the last possible moment the car swerved to the right and used an old truck and some debris as a ramp. Barely making clearance over the police cruisers and flying right through the gates, the beefed up front bumper protecting the car.

The engine roared as the suspension groaned and landed hard on the trash littered pavement. The back end swung wildly and slammed into an old garbage dumpster, making a rather large dent in the rear fender.

"Son of a bitch," the driver hissed, bringing the car back under control and gunning the engine towards Terminal City's headquarters.

The side exhaust pipes spewed small flames at the breather perched over a hole in the hood screamed.

The car maneuvered through the destroyed city before finally racing up into the long deserted department store. The rubber wrapped around the mismatched rims squealed to a sudden stop in front of the army of transgenics and transhumans that all had their weapons pointed at the dark tinted windshield.

Max stood smack in the middle. Not holding a weapon, still holding on to her no guns policy, but ready to fight all the same.

The driver sighed before popping her head up through the open roof of the car.

"Hi Maxie."