disclaimer: I own nothing that has anything to do with LoZ...or even apples for that matter.

Where Apples Grow
1. once upon a time

In the land where apples grow, she is not a princess. He is not a hero. They are but lovers beneath an autumn sky.

Here, time cannot touch them or steal their souls. It cannot beat upon their love as waves on a rock. In this land, time is the frog in winter; frozen 'til spring's sun shines.

Under the apple tree, against his strong chest, she has no duty to any country. She has no Father-King to please, no Beggar-Prince to marry. Likewise, he—with his dearly beloved wrapped securely in his battle worn arms—has no Kingdom to save, no evil to face.

They are but lovers in the land where apples grow; legends to all those who follow.

This idea has been torturing me, causing unnecessary cases of writer's block, and refusing to allow me to think straight until I came up with something for it. here ya go. Reviews are nice, ya know. I...I think I can see my ribs. -wink-