Naruto Fantasy

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, but I do own my character Aielita. Just pretend she was there from the beginning!

" Hey dobe what are you doing ", Sasuke peered over Naruto's shoulder curiously. " Hey don't call me that teme ", Naruto replied indignantly, " And for your information I'm watching a movie on my mp3 ", he finished. " Dobe would you give that thing a rest, ever since Aielita got that thing for you all you've been doing is playing with it ". " Oh Sasuke leave him alone your just mad because he pays more attention to that thing than you ", Aielita said as she entered Naruto's living room. " Anyway what are you watching Naruto? ". Now she and Sasuke were peering over Naruto's shoulder. " Oh yea Final Fantasy: Advent Children ", the screen showed a blonde-haired man wielding a colossal sword in a fighting stance, " Its almost at the end, Cloud's about to fight Sephiroth " Naruto said intelligently eyes glued to the screen. (Here's a profile of Aielita so you know).


Skin: Light Brown

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brunette/short

Favorite Colors: Blue/Black

Crush: Naruto

Dislikes: Sasuke and Sakura

Demon: Reign, (A female wolf demon that resides within her), its pronounced like the word (Rain)

Likes: Fighting Sasuke and winning!!! (Sorry Sasuke Lovers, I just had to say that)

She is very powerful like Sasuke and she can communicate with her inner demon Reign. Although she has many powers, her best one is creating fire. No one knows she can do this because she does not want this public. Like Sasuke she is very popular and has both fangirls and fanboys. She is not cold-hearted, but she acts this way toward Sasuke and Sakura because they often pick on Naruto. She is a very caring and emotional person, although you may not see it. She is oblivious to Sasuke's slight feelings towards her.

" Hn, figures you would watch something stupid dobe ", Sasuke said nonchalantly. " TEME, IT'S NOT STUPID!!! ", Naruto yelled at the back of the Uchiha. He smirked, " Your just jealous that you can't do any of the things he can ", his smirk faded. " I bet I can do all of the things he can ten times better ", Sasuke replied glaring at the blonde. " Really Sasuke ", Aielita paused leaning her left elbow on the armrest of the couch, " But can you follow through on that promise? ". He slitted his eyes at her menacingly as she waited for an answer, " Of course ", he finally said. Aielita clapped her hands together, " Well shall we ", her blue eyes eyed both of the boys.

" Shall we what? ", Naruto asked innocently. " I've come up with a new jutsu that will transport us wherever we what ", Naruto's eyes became as big as dinner plates. " Hn ", Sasuke said eyeing her. " You can go into you favorite book, fanfic, and in this case movie ", she folded her arms and closed her eyes, apparently in deep thought. " OH WOW ", Naruto yelled and shoved the small device in her hands, " LET'S GO ", Sasuke walked over to Aielita expectantly. " Well ", he looked her in the eyes, " Send us to the Final Fantasy World ", Aielita sucked her teeth.

" We have one problem ", Naruto's bright blue eyes faded, " And what would that be ", Sasuke asked sounding a little disappointed himself. " We all have to be touching the mp3 while we do the hand signs, this usually isn't difficult for one person because you only require one hand to do it. She paused, " But with three people you need all the hands you can get ", she breathed in. " But maybe ", Naruto's eyes again lighted up.

5 minutes later…

" This is absolutely ridiculous " Sasuke complained, " I think it's fun ", Naruto exclaimed, blithe that he would finally meet his hero in person. " I don't care what we're about to do or who we're about to see this is uncomfortable ". They were all lying on their stomachs with their feet barely on the shining black mp3 paused on Cloud's face. " Awww Sasuke stop complaining ", Aielita said annoyed. " Now what I need you guys to do is the Dragon, the Hare, the Tiger, and the Serpent ", Aielita eyed both Naruto and Sasuke. Make sure you do the hand signs in that specific order and after that yell out Final Fantasy: Advent Children ", she turned back around and stretched, " Got it ", they nodded.

" You ready? ", " Hn ", " YEAH ", " Alright then 1, 2, 3! ",.

" DRAGON, HARE, TIGER, SERPENT ", their hands moved as fast as their words did. " FINAL FANTASY: ADVENT CHILDREN ",.

Suddenly! Nothing happened, " Hey are we there yet ", Naruto opened his eyes as did Sasuke. " Hn I should've known there's no such jutsu where you can do this ", he started to get up. " Sasuke don't move, now slowly turn around and keep still, you too Naruto ", Aielita said cautiously moving herself in a sitting position. " Wow ", Naruto said awed a blue light enveloped his left leg, Sasuke's right leg, and Aielita's right leg. The blue light slowly creeped up their legs, " Now slowly connect your legs ", she directed, they did as they were told and the blue light then completely swallowed their other leg. " Once it gets to about your mid-waist we will be transported ".

" Both of you grab onto the mp3 ", she said as she grasped it firmly, they both grasped her hand. " Get ready ", again they both nodded. It slowly creeped up their waistline and everything around them turned black and disappeared. " Close your eyes and don't take in one breath ", Aielita said as everything around them turned the color of her eyes. Suddenly, they were cold, and everything around them felt soft and wet?

" You can open your eyes now ", Sasuke opened them to stare into cerulean blue orbs, " Tada we're here ", Aielita stood up now looking down at him. Sasuke sat up and noticed he was in a bed of flowers surrounded by concrete and ruins. The bright sun shown down on them from the colossal hole in the ceiling. Naruto jumped on the dark-brown pews happily yelling incoherent things. Aielita carefully walked out of the flower bed and turned towards Sasuke, " So Sasuke you know where we are? ". " OH OH I KNOW WE'RE IN CLOUD'S CHURCH AND ", Naruto stopped jumping up and down. " Sasuke your stepping all over Aeris's flowers ", Sasuke scowled stepping out of the bed.

" What are you doing here ", they all looked toward the aisle where a blond-haired man stood clad in black a sword on his back staring at them. " CLOUD ", Naruto yelled about ready to faint, his eyes averted to Naruto. " How do you know my name? ", he asked drawing his sword.