Getting to Know Pt. 2

Naruto and Cloud finally reached the gas station a couple hours later. The darkness hadn't gotten any better and the moon decided to hide behind a bushel of clouds again. Naruto yawned covering his mouth with his hand and squinting his eyes as he watched Cloud purchase gas. All he could see was the tousle of blonde hair on top of his head ( compliments of the neatly stacked merchandise covering over half of the glass window ), but he still looked on. They were lucky, gas stations usually didn't start appearing 'til main roads did. But the two came along a deserted looking station, which turned out to be just the opposite. Naruto looked at Cloud, who had just came out of the station, with sleepy cat eyes.

" Hey Cloud ", Naruto said tiredly. Cloud stopped finagling with the gas pump and looked at Naruto, paying his utmost attention to him. " What is it? ", he asked. " About us ", Naruto looked down at his feet. ' Why am I always so shy about this stuff? '. Cloud furrowed his eyebrows. " Us? ". " Y-yeah we may not last that long ", Cloud turned away from Naruto not wanting to hear it. " Cloud I have to leave-- ". " IF IT'S NOT TODAY OR TOMORROW THAN LEAVE THE SUBJECT ALONE ", Naruto stared at Cloud with wide eyes, he'd never heard him yell before. The gas station man and his wife peeked over a small pile of merchandise curiously watching the two.

" Okay Cloud ", Naruto bent his head down looking at his feet again, his shoes were worn from all the walking they had been doing. Cloud again picked up the gas pump trying to figure out how to get the gas to come out and he refused to ask for help, his anger was just boiling up inside of him. The gas pump didn't help. He stared at the weird constructed pump defeated. He got out his cell and called Reno placing his other hand in his pocket.

" Hey this is Reno ".

" Hey Reno ", he stopped it was a recording.

" Call back later, yo.

" Oh almost forgot leave your message after the beep ". There was an explosion in the background.

" Damn--...beep ".

" Hey Reno I'm coming to get those kids meet me at the church... bye ". Cloud ended the call shaking his head. ' Only Reno would try to do a message while on a mission '. Silence ensued as Cloud finally figured out how to get the gas to come out. He felt the guilt well up inside him and he didn't dare look over at Naruto for fear of meeting his eyes. He hadn't meant to snap like that at Naruto, it was just that he had already fallen and fallen hard for him and he wasn't ready to lose him. ' I still haven't even gotten to know him yet ', Cloud thought. He could feel the boy's eyes on his back. ' Naruto ', he thought sadly. Why did everyone he truly loved have to go away?

" Cloud I'm sorry ", ' I can't lose him like this ', Naruto thought. " I shouldn't have said anything ". Cloud stopped fiddling with his gloves and faced Naruto. " It was completely called for Naruto and I shouldn't have to hide from the truth ", he cupped Naruto's face in his hands, " When I yelled at you I was just being a coward ". Cloud turned away from him swiftly, these words, he didn't what emotion went with them.

So... he made up one.

" Hey Naruto ", he pushed the boy and Naruto fell off balance. " Tag ", he said when he hit the ground.

Naruto lay on the cold cement staring up at the gas station's lights and the bugs buzzing around the fluorescent bulbs. " N-nani? ". But by the time he sat up Cloud was speeding off on his bike laughing.

" HEY WAIT UP ", Naruto ran after Cloud desperately. Into the night they went and two pairs of wide eyes watched them from the gas station window.

" YOU BASTARD ". And if there was ever a smirk it would have been the one on Cloud's face.


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