Title: The Chilton Escapades (previously titled Physics Lessons)

Author: Amira

Disclaimer: Characters of Gilmore Girls don't belong to me, just the plot line below.

Rating: M

Timeline: Season 3. Dean dumps Rory, but she and Jess are yet to hook up. Tristan never left.

Summary: Rory learns a new Physics lesson … Trory, one-shot.

Author's note: One shot for now but who knows, I may be compelled to add another sometime. I don't know. R&R plz.

Escapade #1: Physics Lessons

Love is matter of chemistry, but sex is a matter of physics

¸.•¨) ¸.•¨) ¸.•¨
(¸.´ ¸.•´'

Rory Gilmore sighed softly as she slowly made her way to into the science laboratory, dumping her books unceremonially onto the nearest lab bench where Paris was already sitting down overlooking her notes for the day's practical. She sat down on the stool next to Paris. Moaning softly she placed her arms forward, closed her eyes and rested her head down against the high bench top. "Life is sucky."

Paris briefly glanced over at Rory before returning to studying her notes. "What's with you?"

Rory just sighed, eyes remaining closed, "I repeat, life is sucky."

"You know if you want me to do the whole friend thing you're going to have to be more elaborate than that." Paris stated her eyes never leaving the page they were focused on.

But before Rory could answer, Miss James walked in, effectively silencing the inane chatter amongst the student filled laboratory. Rory sat herself up and opened her books ready to complete the final torture of the day.

"Good afternoon class. In light of the introduction of random locker searches, it has been brought to my attention that some students have been putting a lot more thought into their own projects rather than the assigned class-work."

She held up what appeared to be a very cleverly constructed 'bong' made with what was obviously the school's science equipment. Several of the students snickered in appreciation.

Miss James shot a stony look that silenced them quickly. "That being said for the duration of this year, students will be assigned new randomly allocated lab partners to ensure this does not happen again." The class let out a collective groan. "When I call out your name, please make note of your new partner and wait until I have assigned everyone a partner before moving to your new seats."

Rory almost whimpered at the news, while Paris just had an angry scowl painted across her face as Miss. James read through a list she had on a piece of paper. "Great, now I'm going to be paired with some dumb-witted loser who was no clue when it comes to Physics and be forced to do all the work myself." Paris whispered furiously to Rory.

Rory bit her lip from retorting that she would do it anyway regardless of her partner. This piece of news was just really icing on the cake for what had been a really shitty weekend and now what looked like to be an incredibly shitty week. But it's not like it could get any worse could it?

"Brett Davidson and Louise Grant." Rory looked over at Louise who looked positively gleeful at the news while Madeline looked disappointed. Miss James continued on. "Tristan DuGray and Rory Gilmore. Peter Evans and James Harrison."

Miss James voice faded into the background as Rory's ears were filled with loud static. Apparently a higher power did exist and it was out to make a certain Rory Gilmore's life a living hell. She slowly turned around horrified to see Tristan right at the very back of laboratory smirking broadly at her. He waggled his eyebrows and crooked one finger at her, beckoning her to come over to him. It was clear he wasn't moving.

Suddenly loud shuffling and chair stools scrapping against the floor hit her ears. People were moving around to their new partners. Rory turned to Paris who looked positively livid at the idea of her new lab partner. Rory looked up and noticed Brad Langford hovering near her seat looking pale and slightly ill. "Um uh hey, Rory. Paris," he squeaked nervously.

"Oh hey Brad. Sorry, I'll get out of your way," Rory responded tiredly. She began to gather her things while Brad looked like he rather Rory remain just where she was. Paris looked apologetically at her, suddenly remembering Tristan was Rory's new partner. Rory just shrugged back at her. "Like I said, life is sucky."

She lifted her books into her arms and made her way over to where Tristan was sitting smugly at the end bench of the laboratory. Great they were secluded too. The room was filled with two long rows of two-seater lab benches, completely filled except for one bench in the very back row. The bench in the other row was occupied by none other than Tristan DuGray.

Rory groaned, slumped her books onto the bench and sat herself down on the stool next to the bane of her existence Tristan DuGray. She decided right now at this moment, that this higher power must hate her.

"No experiments today. Open your textbooks to Chapter 26, Biophysics. Read the first ten pages and then answer questions three, seven, eight and eleven. This is to help prepare you with your upcoming mid-terms. Work with your partners if need be and if you have any problems raise your hands. Otherwise, hop to it."

There was a small murmur of assent as students started flipping open their books and retrieving their pens. Rory began doing the same. "Mary, Mary, Mary." Tristan taunted smirking.

Rory closed her eyes already irritated. "Okay, here's the deal Tristan. You do your work and I'll do mine. There will be no need to talk. There will be no need to interact whatsoever." She was not going to allow this day to become any shittier than it already was.

Tristan's mouth twitched as he struggled to repress a grin, "But I've left my textbook at home."

Rory's hand shook in slight anger as she struggled to keep her temper in check. "No. No fucking way. We are not sharing."

Tristan sat back on the stool in surprise. Rory was swearing? This was definitely new. He'd barely begun his usually start to their banter and she was already chewing his head off. She was definitely pissed about something. "What's up with you? Did you have a bad day or something?"

Rory almost laughed out loud. "Bad day? Bad day?" she whispered angrily. "Well let's see shall we? Right now my feet are killing me to the point that I can barely actually walk because of this stupid 24 hour dance marathon that my mom insisted on dragging me into this weekend. Which by the way has also left me as a result completely unable to concentrate in any of my classes today, so that I can fall behind in my preparation for mid-terms."

Tristan moved to interrupt but Rory continued on now that she was completely in her tirade. "Oh and let's not forget during said marathon that my boyfriend of almost two years publicly dumped me and accused me of basically cheating on him with Jess." She noticed Tristan's look of confusion at the mention of Jess. "A fellow townie." She said dismissively not one to be deterred she continued. "But yes right in the middle of the marathon so that the whole town can bear witness and dub me the new town tramp. Not that I'm upset about the break-up, it was a long time coming, but no one likes being publicly humilated do they? Plus let's not forget to mention Jess thinking that it's cool to put the moves on me now when I'm not even sure how I completely feel about him. And you know the best part of this whole little debacle?"

Tristan just shook his head, not wanting to interrupt anymore, completely turned on at the sight of angry Rory whose blue eyes were blazing with fire. "We didn't even win! So one could say it was all for nothing." Rory finished off breathlessly.

Tristan stared at Rory amused, one eye-brow raised at her outburst only furthering to incense her.

"So right now, I'm tired, exhausted, my feet hurt and after a very long Monday, I find out that in my final class today, Physics, I am now partnered with the Evil Spawn, Tristan DuGray when all I want to do is, go home and just block out the world. Is that too much to ask?" Rory argued loudly.

"Miss Gilmore, as unhappy as you may be with your new lab partner that does not give you reason to speak at that volume in my classroom. Maybe an afternoon in detention will help you to adjust to the new developments?" Miss James spoke up from the front of the laboratory.

Rory opened her mouth to announce her protest but Tristan beat her to it. "She's helping me with the assigned questions."

Rory turned to look at Tristan, her mouth now slightly open in disbelief. Tristan just looked ahead at Miss James trying to come off as sincere.

"How admirable of her. Try to keep the volume down to a dull roar or it'll be detention for the both of you." Miss James shook her head and looked down to continue on marking the students' recent assignments.

"Um, thanks," Rory said quietly to Tristan.

Tristan nodded. "You know angry works for you. Very hot. Very sexy." Rory looked stunned for a moment, but Tristan continued speaking on, "But there's no reason to take it out on little old me. I can help you, you know."

"What?" she questioned dumbfounded choosing to avoid his earlier comments. "How can you help me?"

"You think that just because what I party all the time, don't study to a freakish level and forget my textbook, I have no clue what I'm doing when it comes to Physics? I'll have you know, that I'm actually top of the class."

Rory's jaw dropped. Tristan DuGray, King of Chilton, playboy extraordinaire was top of the class in Physics?

"What?" he demanded, fighting off a smirk when she continued to stare at him, speechless.

"Look if you're in this much of tussle to get of here as quickly as possible, you do the first two questions and I'll do the other two. We can swap questions and you'll be out of here before you know it, so that you can what is it? … Go home and block out the rest of the world?"

Rory blushed, embarrassed by her outburst. He had a point, much as she hated to admit it, so she simply nodded mutely, opening the textbook to the allocated pages.

Tristan still turned on by her outburst, decided right then if there was any time to make his move then this was it. He wasn't going to let some punk named Jess swoop in on what was rightfully his. Class be damned. He scooted his stool close to her, invading her body space causing her skin to tighten and several goosebumps to form all over her body. Rory looked up at him in surprise.

"Um, do you have to sit this close?"

"I just told her you were studying with me," he said indicating the front of the class with a quick jerk of his head. "Plus you've got the only copy of the textbook."

Rory shifted uncomfortably. "Oh. Well, um, can you at least move over?"

"Sure," he agreed, moving closer and pressing his thigh up against hers.

Rory ignored the heat she felt at the touch of his body against hers, and instead leaned away from him.

"That's not what I meant and you know it," she whispered sharply.

He smirked at her knowingly. "You like it. Quit complaining."

Rory flushed red quickly glancing to make sure no one in the laboratory was looking. "I … I do not. Now move."

"If you keep arguing, you're going to get busted," Tristan pointed out calmly. It was all he could do not to inhale loudly as her sweet scent filtered into his nostrils. "Just share the book."

Rory reluctantly moved the book so that he could read it, holding her side up with her left hand as he held the other side with his right hand.

It was his left hand that concerned her. It was now resting on her leg, gripping her smooth upper thigh underneath her plaid skirt. Her skin was amazingly soft. So smooth. Tristan almost groaned out loud at the sensation of finally touching her, but managed to keep himself in check.

"Tristan!" Rory whispered again. "Please!"

"What?" he asked her deadpanned. "Please what? More?" He slid his hand further up her bare thigh under her skirt, bare inches away from her crotch shooting tendrils of a tingling sensation up her leg and throughout her body.

Rory tried to grab his hand and remove it, but his grip was too strong.

"Please! She … She's going to see!" She said, indicating towards Miss James. Not to mention the several other students sitting in front them. Thank god, there was no one sitting behind or next to them.

"Nah, the front of the bench is solid remember. She can barely make out our feet. Plus this far back, I think we're sufficiently blocked by everybody else. She can't see under the table. Trust me."

Rory bristled, wondering how he could be so sure, but decided she didn't want to know how he had tested that theory.

"What are you doing?" she asked instead.

"Are you with Dean anymore?" he asked rhetorically.

Rory frowned at him. "No."

"Am I with anyone at the moment?"

"Um … No?" she wasn't quite sure on that one. He seemed to change girls from week to week.

"No," he affirmed. "And I've decided something. I want you now."

"What?! As opposed to all the times you've subtly hinted before?" she hissed, her doe blue eyes wide as she again tried uselessly to pull his hand off of her thigh without attracting attention.

Tristan ignored the latter question. "You heard me."

"Yes, but, I don't understand. What makes this any different from all the other times you've badgered me and tried to ask me out?"

"I let you be with Bagboy because it was what you thought you wanted and I was patient. You weren't ready. But now time is up and I'm tired of waiting. I want to fuck you, Mary," he said, ignoring her gasp. "Now that you're no longer with Bagboy, I intend to do that every chance I get."

"What?!? You let me be with Dean? Um, what kind of alternate universe are you living in?" Rory hissed outraged, desperately trying to ignore the sensations he was evoking in her.

"You heard me."

"So what, are you asking me out or something?" Rory was completely lost. Had she blinked and missed some sort of courtship that had taken place? Had she fallen into some alternate universe where she actually was considering this? This was ridiculous! She liked Jess now, didn't she? Not Tristan. So whatever was happening now just had to stop.

"No, I'm telling you we're going to fuck each other. Not a relationship or anything. I don't do relationships. Just sex."

"I despise you! You know that! How could I even possibly even want you like that?" she exclaimed as quietly as she could.

"You do," he informed her confidently. "I've seen the way you look at me. Plus we have sexual chemistry."

"I- we- … what?" Rory flushed red again, flipping a page in the book finally, both to maintain their cover story and to do something with her trembling hands.

He snorted lightly. "Nervous, Mary?"

"No!" she objected loudly, and then lowered her voice when she caught Miss James' stern eye. "No. I…"

"You'll enjoy it," he promised with a low gruff voice that made her shiver. He smirked again at her visible response.

"Wh- … what?"

"Want a preview? A lesson?"

"A preview?" she could only repeat as Tristan's hand skilfully teased and caressed her skin. She could barely surpress the moan that was desperate to escape her lips. What the hell was happening to her? How had he managed to reduce her to this stammering, nervous creature?

Suddenly she became aware that past his hand, still gripping her upper thigh, was a cool breeze brushing against her crotch.

She glanced down in utter horror to find herself pantyless.

"Tristan!" she gasped. "What the hell did you do? Give me back my panties!" How in God's name did he do that without her knowing?

"Mary, you have two choices here. You can throw a fit and then your buddy at the front desk will come over here and find you without any panties, getting you suspended, I bet. Or, you can relax and enjoy the ride. And I already promised you'd enjoy it."

Rory shook with … rage?



She wasn't even sure anymore. Before she could form a coherent response, she realized his hand had shifted upwards. He had parted her thighs slightly and his fingers were now trailing over her light brown curls, caressing, teasing her, tugging at them lightly, as he pushed his hand lower to its desired destination. A short burst of pleasure shot through her blood. Oh god this was not happening.

Rory attempted to clamp her legs shut, but merely trapped Tristan's hand in the process.

"Relax, Rory," he drawled as he casually reached over to turn a page of the book. "You needed a preview; I'm just letting you know what you've got to look forward to."

"Tristan, I'm … pantyless … in Physics class… Stop!" She managed to get out, in spite of the tremors that seemed to have taken over her body. "Give me back my panties!"

"I'll give them back to you," he assured her, still softly stroking between her legs as best he was able to with her clenched thighs. "Later. Now relax or else."

"Or else?" she dared ask.

"Or else I tell our mutual friend up there that you're not wearing any panties."

"You wouldn't!" she gasped, finally daring to look away from the book in front of her and make eye contact. She was lost immediately. His stormy azure eyes were filled with lust. She couldn't bring herself to look away.

"I would. If you were at home, suspended, I could have a lot more fun with you than at school, anyway," he grinned lecherously down at her wide blue doe eyes.

She immediately relaxed her thighs spreading them slightly for him.

"Good girl," he remarked. His long fingers swept between her outer lips, exploring her intimately, causing another burst of pleasure to shoot through her body and resulting in every little hair on her skin to stand on its ends.

"Oooh," she sighed softly, against her will.

He chuckled to cover the effect the sound of her voice and the feel of her body was having on him.

"Keep it down, Mary. If you're gonna start making noise now, we'll never finish this."

"Tristan, I can't …" she whispered, her voice trailing off as Tristan stared into her eyes. Rory swore she could see herself drowning.

"…can't be quiet?" he questioned suggestively his eyes never leaving hers. She wondered briefly if her eyes were as stormy as his. She shook herself into her senses.

"No!" She protested, urgently trying to fight the swarms of desire he was eliciting within her. His scent was overpowering now. "Can't … can't do this! Please … !"

"Shhh…" he silenced her, as he continued to stroke between her lips, reaching deeper. Her heart thudded painfully in her chest. "You say you don't want this, but your body says otherwise. Feel how wet you are, Rory…" he said huskily.

She whimpered softly in response, the sound going straight to his groin. Her was body tingling from the way he said her name. He was right. She never even felt remotely like this with Dean. And she knew now she never could or would want to with Jess. The book shook slightly in her trembling hand.

"Relaaaaax," he whispered, leaning towards her ear, breathing hot air into it. "You're shaking. Relaaaax."

The cadence of his voice soothed her, but his nearness only further heightened her desire. Steady bursts of pleasure were taking over her body. She fought to steady her breathing, all the while immersed in the sensations of his nimble fingers stroking up and down, up and down between her nether lips. He grazed over her clitoris, causing her to flinch, sucking in air quickly.

"You like that?" He murmured as he turned a page of the book. He touched her clit again briefly, lightly. "Rory?"

"Wha … what?" Rory stammered.

He blew gently into her ear again and she shivered in delight, leaning in closer towards him, "I said, you like that?"

"Yes, Tristan, please." She murmured.

"Damn, you're so hot and wet, Rory." He thrust a finger deep inside her as his tongue quickly darted in and traced her ear lobe.

Tristan had never felt anything like Rory before. So hot, so wet, so tight, so beautiful. It was all he could do to not throw her down on the bench right in front of everybody and just fuck her senseless. He was now painfully hard. He had never wanted someone as much as he wanted her. And now that he had the opportunity he wasn't going to squander it away. But he had a feeling once he had her; he'd never be able to let her go. Somehow deep down he knew it would become more than fucking.

Tristan shook the thoughts away as he just concentrated on the feel of Rory's heat enveloping his fingers, slick with desire, and the scent of her lust invading his nostrils. "Rory" he whispered gutturally.

"Tristtaaan … !" Rory groaned softly, having completely given in to the haze that seemed to have overtaken her senses and her sanity. Her entire body was electrified at the sensations Tristan was evoking in her. She unconsciously opened her legs wider. Tristan merely grinned in response.

"Shhh … You're so tight, Rory. I can't wait to fuck you senseless." He thrust a second finger in and began thrusting rhythmically within her, allowing his thumb to stroke lightly over her clit in time.

Her breathing sped up, her heart beated faster, her muscles clenched and Rory moaned as softly as she could as she felt her orgasm fast approaching.

"That's it. Cum for me, Rory," Tristan urged her hotly, thrusting his fingers harder within her as they both continued to stare at the book before them. Rory couldn't control the shudders that had seemed to have overcome her.

"Tri …Tristan!" she whimpered hoarsely, finally relinquishing her death grip on the book to lean forward and rest her head in her hand, shading her eyes from the view of Miss James.

"That's my girl. Just let go. Come on, Rory," he urged as he felt the tremors within her body begin, twisting his fingers deeper into her core. Rory withered chaotically, desperate to meet Tristan's nimble fingers.

"Oh! Oh! Ohhh Trrristannn" She bit down on her hand, attempting to silence the screams she felt rising within her as her body suddenly exploded with pleasure, stars filled her vision and her entire frame shook uncontrollably.

Tristan waited for Rory to regain control over her body before he slowly removed his slick hand from between her smooth legs. He grinned lazily as he pocketed her panties for a reminder, successfully getting his body to cool despite all the excitement. Though he had to have her, utterly and completely and as soon as possible, he was sated for now, knowing he would given time.

"So are we on?" he asked, redirecting his gaze at the textbook.

Rory nodded breathlessly. "Oh yeah, we're good."

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