This is a short one off written about the team as a whole. enjoy.


Gibbs was dead.

The bomb blast had killed him. But his corpse was still intact, unlike the others who had not been so lucky. His body had been tossed against a wall with the force of the explosion; twisted metal lay about the room he was in. Flames emerged from the ship's doorway alerting his team to the area.

Tony was the first to rush in and McGee was next.

Ziva was on her phone calling Ducky and the director. "There has been an explosion." She had said, "Gibbs is hurt." And she looked on.

Tony checked his pulse and found nothing. Immediately he began resuscitation and although McGee thought it wouldn't work he joined Tony. Tony breathed for Gibbs and McGee pumped his heart.

Ducky arrived with Abby and Palmer and the director followed in her car. Abby's heart raced and she pushed past everyone to get to Gibbs. But she screeched to a halt when she saw the two men working on Gibbs, willing him to breath. And in that very moment her worst fear was realized. But her own self-pity was brushed aside quickly and she rushed to his side, crashing to the floor next to him. Careful not to get in the way, she clung to his hand and spoke in sweet tones, "Don't leave us Gibbs. We still need you. I still need you. Please, please breath. Listen to me, wake up. You have to wake up." Her skin warmed him.

The director stood to the side, a serious look on her face. She prayed a million prayers as she called in a favour at the hospital to get their very best out to the secluded area.

Ducky took over and attempted to resuscitate him, willing his old friend to wake.

Ziva stood in the doorway, staring at the lifeless body of what had become her friend and trusted colleague.

As the scene unfolded every single one of them willed him to live again, willed him not to leave any of them. They all realized how much he meant to them. And how much he had affected each of their lives. The most obvious thing was that without him there was no 'them'; he was what kept them going, what kept them all together and most importantly what made them a successful team.

And with Abby's words in his ear, her tears and touches falling softly on his skin. Tony, McGee and Ducky's attempts at resuscitation. Jen's prayers and her phone calls for favours. And Ziva's watchful eyes and her own prayers, Gibbs took a breath. And with his breath came the realization that without all of the people around him at that very moment he would not exist. These people made him whole.

Gibbs was alive.