Years ago, the Yondaime Hokage sealed the great Kyuubi no Kitsune in the belly button of a baby. That was 14 years ago. Now the same young boy who finds himself alone and depressed, with no-one to turn to. That all changes one afternoon. Naruto/ Female Kyuubi

Chapter One.


Uzumaki Naruto awoke. He stared at the ceiling for a while before slipping into some clothes. He frowned as he noticed his orange jumpsuit was getting to small for him.

I was getting tired of orange anyway.

Me too.

Naruto, a trained ninja, jumped at the voice pulling a Kunai from under his pillow he began to inspect his 2 room apartment.

Nothing out of the ordinary, must have imagined it.

Sighing he went to his kitchen and pulled out a cup of dried instant ramen. Oh how he hated ramen. If he had more money he could afford foods that were better for him. He put some water to boil as he went into the the living room. He still called it that even though his kitchen and living room were one room. He felt a tug at his heart when he saw the old Team 7 picture. Snickering at how everyone believed that fake smile they saw day in and day out. He ate his ramen in silence before going out to buy new clothes. Something that he seldom did.

(At the store)

Naruto, a true shinobi at heart, new how to dress like one. And this time he could stand his ground to the villagers instead of taking the orange jumpsuit they threw at him. Stepping in the store. Naruto went to the back where he saw a pair of black shorts, a long sleeve fishnet shirt, and a black short sleeve shirt to go over it. Buying multiple outfits exactly like this he left the store.

(Back at home)

Naruto laid on the bed, staring at the ceiling contemplating why he was the one that had to bare this burden. All because the stupid fox got pissed off and attacked the village.

I'm not stupid! You're stupid! Asshole...

Naruto sprang into action he knew he had heard something this time. He grabbed the closest weapon near him. A katana Kakashi had gotten him for his birthday. In his mind he heard chuckling but he couldn't seem to find anything wrong with his apartment.

You wouldn't know how to use that if you tried.

Knowing the odd voice was right naruto stopped to contemplate the matter before he doubled over in pain coming from the seal.

When he woke up, he noticed that he was in his bed. Surprised by this he hopped up and ran to his living room to see the most beautiful women he had ever seen in his entire life.

Red hair flowing down her back, to match her red eyes. She was watching the TV when the boy came bolting into the room. He stammered for a while before he could make out some words.


The women turned her head making eye contact before speaking.

"Kyuubi, nice to meet you."

She turned her head back to the television before she heard a horrible crack. Turning her head back around she noticed Naruto was lying on his tile floor of his kitchen with a pool of blood forming around him. She winced. That must have hurt.


When Naruto came around he noticed the same woman from his apartment in a chair next to his bed, staring out the window. She didn't bother to turn her head this time before speaking


Naruto nodded, and as he did he felt some drainage around his head and felt awfully dizzy. Looking out the window he noticed it was beginning to get dark before speaking.

"Why are you here?" he spoke with malice and hate, the same tone of voice as those damn villagers.

Kyuubi turned around and narrowed her eyes at him.

"Don't want me here? Fine! I'll just-"

"Wait." Naruto hated to admit it but he knew no-one would come visit him in the hospital. He could enjoy the company right?

"I'm sorry." He muttered.

Her eyes softened as when he spoke.

"It's ok. I can understand your surprise. You shouldn't be awake, its not very healthy for your body to be working while your conscious."

She leaned over and pressed her lips to Naruto's, as his eyes widened in surprise she pressed to fingers to a spot on his neck, effectively knocking him out.

"Good night, Naruto-kun."

She picked him up and walked out the door, heading towards the boy's apartment, knowing she would have some explaining to do the next morning.

(Aforementioned morning)

Naruto woke up remembered everything that had transpired. For some reason he didn't even want to get out of bed. He rolled over to see a sleeping Kyuubi lying on the floor curled into a ball. He got out of bed and draped the cover over her, it was the least he could do for her after she took him home.

Wait a second! She knocked me out after she kissed me!

Thinking back, Naruto had realized that was his first kiss. He smiled a bit and got dressed in his new clothes. He noticed a set missing and looked back to see Kyuubi with them on. Purring, The scene melted his heart. The Great fearsome Kyuubi no Kitsune, Was Purring in a ball on his bedroom floor. He smiled a bit more and went out to see what todays tasks were. He wrote a note, addressed to the woman on the floor.

Dear Kyuubi,

I don't know why you're here. But I don't really care. My cell number is on the fridge if anything happens. I trust you know how to defend yourself against intruders and stuff. I'll be home around 5. Theres ramen in the cabinets, if that doesn't suit you heres 40 dollars for grocery's.



With that he walked out to the Hokages tower, located not too far from his house.

(Hokage tower.)

Most people believe that in Konoha, the Hokage just barks out orders and people run around and obey. Well being a ninja isn't really like a day job. You are more of a freelancer after you reach the chuunin rank. When you go look for a mission, theres a bulletin board and space after that for a signature. There is a brief description of the job, and what class it is. After that you could leave until you would be briefed on the mission. Needless to say. Most ninja got up early to snatch the best jobs. Naruto was no different. Walking to the wall he noticed a decent B class mission. Naruto scribbled his name down before leaving the building. He mulled the whole idea of having the Kyuubi manifested in this realm when he came upon a revolution. He. Needed. A drink. He walked inside one of his favorite bars to see Shikamaru at a booth.

"Oi, Shika."

Shikamaru looked up from his book, to see Naruto decked out in a new outfit.

"Decided to dress like a ninja, ne?"

"Whatever, you know the situation."

And it was true, Shikamaru was one of the few people that saw beyond the mask and actually knew Naruto for Naruto.

"I Suppose.."

Shikamaru looked up to see naruto with a faraway look in his eyes.

"So whats wrong Naruto?"

Naruto broken from his trance spoke.

"Well you know tenant."


"Well you know its a she right?"

Shikamaru looked up from his drink.

"Didn't know that."

"Well it's true. She's also out of the seal, actually she is at my house right now."

Shikamaru did nothing more than sigh.

"God dammit Naruto, you really are to troublesome you know that?"

"I suppose."

Thats when Naruto's cell phone started ringing. It read: HQ

"Well mission briefing gotta go!"

"Whatever, cya round Naruto"

(Hokages room.)

"Uzumaki Naruto, chuunin of the village hidden in the leaves do you accept?"

"Aye Hokage-sama, I accept."

"Very well, ready your weapons, you depart at 0600 tomorrow. Dismissed."

Naruto exited with a well placed salute before he continued on his way to his house.

Well, I didn't get the mission I wanted, but at least I get to see Sasuke-teme.

Thats it, I'm out. Here's a preview I guess.

"But, I have to go!"

"Then I'm going with you!"


Kyuubi whipped around with a sad look in her eye.

"Because I have to."

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