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Ch. 1


He closed his eyes as he lay on the deck, glad to be finished with registration. The sun warmed his face, and he nearly smiled. Off at last. Off to a place where he could get stronger every day. And if it turned out not to be all it was promised to be, if Pin Academy was really populated with cowards and pansies, he would just leave. It wasn't a normal school, so they wouldn't try to keep him there. Not that he had been to a normal school in the past few years. He relaxed and drifted off to sleep, one hand on the three long katana looped onto his grass-green haramaki.

Zoro gave a start and grasped at his sword as two loud voices invaded his nap.

"But Ace-" This guy sounded like a ten-year-old child. Zoro opened one eye, but he couldn't see anyone through the stubbornly opaque oak railing. No surprise there.

"No buts. I'm going, and you're staying. There's no way I can stay, and there's also no way you're coming to the Grand Line." This voice sounded related to the first one. It was that of a man in perhaps his early twenties. He drew out his vowels, giving his speech a languid, sleepy quality that only slightly muffled the real warmth in his tone.

"Fine. But I'm coming after you the minute I graduate. I won't even change my clothes. And I'll have adventures, and beat lots of bad guys, and-" The younger, excitable voice was cut off mid-sentence once more.

"Yeah, I know. I believe you, no, don't look at me that way, you know I do. Alright, there's the signal. I'll miss you loads. Bye."

"I'm gonna miss you so much, Ace! Bye!"

Zoro frowned. That kid was too noisy. Somebody needed to distract him, and he needed to go away. Zoro was enjoying the sun and he wanted to sleep.

A nasal voice joined the loud one, along with several thumps and a yelp as if someone's toe had fallen victim to a heavy piece of luggage. Soon both voices moved off to different parts of the ship. Zoro yawned widely and settled back into his duffel bag. It made a good pillow.

Strange as it seemed, he was looking forward to his first day at Pin. As long as he didn't get lost in the corridors, he would be able to concentrate on his classmates, and here he might actually be interested in them. A fighting school like Pin was a rare place, and there were sure to be lots of powerful freaks to try himself against. Actually, now that he thought of it, Pin had to have something extra-special about it, because hadn't there been a law passed a few years ago condemning fighting schools on this model because of their high criminal output? Eh, whatever. It didn't matter whether the place was legal or not; half the people there were supposed to be in jail anyway.

He had requested a single room, and with such aggressive students, Pin was careful to give loners their space. Soon he would be settling into the first home he'd had since he'd left the dojo years ago. Zoro's mouth parted slightly, and he began to snore as he fell back asleep.

A bump alerted him to their arrival at Pin Island. Zoro shook out one of his legs (it had fallen asleep during the seven-hour boat ride) and picked up his duffel bag. It was light, perhaps because all it contained were the most basic of possessions: a change of clothes, a polishing rag for his katana, a toothbrush, and a jacket. That was all he needed. As he moved steadily through the melee of colorful students disembarking, he couldn't help but wonder that some of them had brought so much.

Zoro could barely even see one student under the enormous olive-green satchel on the guy's back. The girl with him had been more economical, and was carrying only a small, sky-blue suitcase. She looked too frail to be a combatant, but then her friend with the big green satchel didn't look terribly menacing either. He was waving his arms wildly as he staggered about beneath his gargantuan burden. They weren't the weirdest there, though. Not by a long shot.

A guy whose black hair stuck out from his head like bent fingers was biting his lip intensely, and next to him a chipper-looking blonde in a yellow mini-dress and matching hat kept whispering things to the trench-coat-clad man on her other side and then giggling. They were all annoying as hell. Zoro breathed deeply and waded through the weirdos as quickly as he could.

Emerging on the other side of the crowd, he finally had a chance to observe his surroundings. Pin Island was small. As he looked inland from the ship, there was beach, then lush forest, then a mountain. At the mountain's verdant peak perched a wide, sun-colored tower that Zoro assumed was Pin Academy. There was a winding trail leading all the way to the summit through the trees, and the first students were beginning the climb. Zoro adjusted his duffel bag and plowed onward and upward.

When he finally arrived at the top, Zoro's legs were a little sore. I'm going to run up here every morning. It's so weak to get sore from climbing a mountain. He had done better than most of his classmates, however. The man in the trench coat was panting, hands on his knees, as his giggly blonde friend kept up her steady stream of comments and shrill laughter. A skinny man who had been daft enough to ride a unicycle all the way up had collapsed, his checkered scarf soiled with the red dust of the packed dirt ground. Quite a few people had had to sit down and were leaning against the yellow tower or the rock walls of the spacious enclosure to which they had ascended.

"All right! We're all here, so let's get started. It's always so nice to have some new faces around the Academy," cackled a scary-looking old woman in the black and orange uniform of school staff. "I'm Kokoro baa-san, and I'm always here if any of you freshmen need me. First door on the left when you go in the front. I can help you with anything: lost clothes, new school supplies, broken laundry machine, you name it. Now come on in, and let me show you around."

The scary crone led them in through a utilitarian concrete hallway, keeping up a steady stream of what was where and how to do things Zoro didn't care about. The group meandered through a seemingly endless maze of gray hallways, some of which opened onto larger rooms like the cafeteria and the dining hall. Zoro didn't want to get lost on the first day, so he concentrated on staying with the group and was still with them when Kokoro opened a giant set of doors and ushered the students into the auditorium.

People milled about, waiting for their names to be called. Zoro put down his duffel bag against a wall and laid his head upon it, his three golden earrings clicking against each other as he got settled. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply. He would have liked a nap, but he would have missed his name and thus his room assignment, so he contented himself with listening in on the conversations around him.

"It's my blanket! I brought it from home!"

"No, you dumbass, it's mine. I bought it at my village market. They aren't made anywhere else. Look, I can prove it." Zoro groaned inwardly. Trust the most dangerous college students in the world to bicker over a blanket. He moved on to the next voice that singled itself out from the rest.

"…So now you owe me five thousand belli. That's great, with interest it'll be twenty thousand, with an additional thousand for every time you look at a pretty girl."

"Haiii! I would never dream of not paying you back, oh beautiful light of my life, most gorgeous of kawaii ladies…" And it went on. Zoro snorted in disgust and listened for something more interesting.

"That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Why would you chase a dream? It won't get you anywhere," rasped a deep, reckless voice. "Dreams are for pussies. You just can't appreciate what you could get from what's in front of you." The voice chuckled, and a chorus of other voices cheered it on.

"Be a show-off! Show this guy what a real pirate does."

"Beat him up, weaklings like him are such a nuisance."

"Well?" continued the raspy voice. "Anything to say for yourself, pacifist? I guess not. Here's something to think about."

There was a loud thud as someone w

as slammed into the wall. Zoro could hear repeated punches and the drip of blood to the floor. At the front of the room, names were still being called, and now that he listened, the speaker was getting close to his.

"… Roronoa Zoro, Hall 6, room 12. Oh wait; there's been a room change. Please report to Gin, the proctor of Hall 6." Zoro frowned. This sucks. I better not get stuck with a roommate. He stood, picked up his bag, and walked over to the proctor table. Gin was a slim, efficient-looking man a few years older than Zoro with deep shadows beneath his eyes and a sincere smile of welcome.

"Hello, I take it you're Zoro-san?" he asked. Zoro nodded curtly. "Welcome to Hall 6, Zoro-san. Unfortunately, one of our students was discovered at the last minute to need a single room rather urgently." Gin jerked his head to indicate an enormous, pale man in iron armor with a luminescent round hat and a smug expression. Okay, he takes the weird prize for the day. It's probably a good thing he's in a single, mused Zoro.

"Since he's in a single, I'm afraid you got moved into a double. I know you requested a single, but this is the best arrangement we can make for now. Between you and me, my room is empty for most of the day, and you're welcome to stop by if you need to be alone. I'm actually barely ever in there, so it wouldn't matter if I had a double, but the proctor has to have the room with the DenDen line. Since your was the only room change in our hall, I'm free now and I can show you over there."

Shit. I don't think I'll be able to cope with having some maladjusted sociopath in the same room as me 24/7. If they don't watch it they'll end up with one limb too few in the first week. Zoro kept a stony, blank demeanor as he followed Gin out of the auditorium.

"You'll need a map of this place, it's a lot bigger than it looks," continued Gin. "Hall 6 is pretty accessible to the rest of the school though. We're lucky that way; the Hall 12 kids have to walk for almost fifteen minutes to get to the training grounds. For the first few days you should try to always be with somebody while you're walking around so you don't get lost, even if you do have a map, but by the end of the week you ought to be okay." Zoro didn't really care about maps. He asked Gin about the fighting part.

"Well, you'll have your first fight within the first few days, though they aren't the only classes you'll take. Two teachers will grade a fight, and they'll give you a list of practices and workouts to improve your style or stamina or whatever needs improving. They're serious fights, though. You get suspended and have to take moral classes for giving somebody a permanent injury, but pretty much anything healable is allowed. For example, you could give somebody a huge slash with lots of blood loss from those katana, but you'd get punished for taking a hand. Breaking most bones is okay, just not the backbone. You'll hear all of this again tomorrow, though, and we're here, so let's go see your roommate." Gin gestured at one of the blue doors lining the hall they were in. The iron plate on the door said Room 12, Hall 6. "After you."

Zoro opened the door cautiously. The room was small, with

stone walls and a large window with a view of the sea. Two long, skinny futons lay by opposite walls, and there was a wooden chest, a desk, and a rickety chair next to each. Somebody had thrown the contents of a backpack messily across one futon, scattering clothes all over. The dripping of a just-turned-off shower came from behind a gray door, and a straw hat with a red band hung from the doorknob. Well, at least doubles get their own bathrooms. Better sharing with one person than with half the hall. Zoro set down his duffel on the remaining futon.

"Arigotou, Gin-san. Is there anything else I should do today?"

"Nope, just hang out here or in the hall. Get to know people; Hall 6 is a good group. See you later, Zoro-san." Gin left, and Zoro sat on his futon, thinking. He should probably unpack, but he could really use a nap. He yawned hugely and lay down, glad the busy day was over and he could finally sleep.

The bathroom door slammed open as a skinny, shirtless boy tumbled out, followed by the contents of a towel rack. The towel rack itself followed with a clang, bouncing off of the doorframe and hitting the boy on the head as he tried to sit up. The kid untangled himself from the mess and stood, surveying his handiwork ruefully. Then he saw Zoro.

"Hi! Are you my roommate? I like your hair. I'm Monkey D. Luffy," he exclaimed, grinning.

"Yeah, I guess. I'm Roronoa Zoro," said Zoro. He looked Luffy up and down, and didn't see anything to be impressed with. Luffy was short and slight, with messy black hair, huge dark eyes, and dim blue bruises all over his skinny torso. He didn't seem to notice that he wasn't wearing a shirt, but Zoro sure did.

Luffy saw his roommate looking and his cheeks colored. He went back into the bathroom, to reemerge silently a few seconds later wearing a red sleeveless shirt and a pair of sandals in addition to his cuffed jeans. Zoro didn't show as overtly what else he noticed about Luffy; the skinny boy's shirt was stained with half-dried blood.

Zoro closed his eyes and went to sleep, and Luffy sat on the floor and watched him.


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