Author's Note: Most of this story is not mine originally. One of my friends on deviantart known here as Firefury started it and wasn't able to finish, so I adopted the plot bunny. I'll be trying something a bit different with this story. Essentially, I'm going to extrapolate an awful lot on the alternate timeline we see in Masters of All Time, where Vlad and Maddie were married for presumably several years. Danny doesn't actually exist in that timeline... so I ask you, who does? This story is my response to that question.

"Dear Diary..." She flicked her red hair out of her face as she contemplated the journal lying open on the bed in front of her. So much for winter vacation. Oh well, I doubt the spring semester at Banquo High will be much different from the fall.

By all appearances, her family was ordinary. Mom kept house, Dad made the family fortunes in the dairy industry, and she was their brilliant, normal daughter. She was just a rich kid who attended a rather expensive but distinguished boarding school, visiting home only for vacation.

"Sweetie, time to go!"

She flicked the journal closed, the entry forgotten as she grabbed her backpack. Most of her things were already at the dorms, shipped there to await her arrival. She ran downstairs where her parents awaited her, along with a disinterested taxi driver.

"Love ya, Mom!" She gave her mother a quick hug before she threw her arms around her father's broad shoulders in a giant bear hug. "Love ya, Daddy!"

"That's my girl." Her father returned the gesture, ruffling her long hair briefly. "I'm sure you'll do wonderfully at school."

She barely kept the knowing smirk off her face. "I will! See you at Easter!"

Goodbyes finished, she stepped into the taxi waiting for her outside that was supposed to take her to the airport. Unknown to her parents, she had actually canceled the plane ticket weeks ago, keeping the refund to herself. Instead of the airport, she had the cabbie drop her off just a few miles from the large building she called home. She casually strolled into the forest lining the road, whistling tunelessly as she went.

"Man, I haven't been able to do this all winter!" She grinned widely, raising her arms above her head.

A pair of glowing white rings appeared around her waist and scanned over her head and to her feet, replacing her sweatpants and fleece jacket with loose black jeans and a matching blouse. With a grin, she adjusted her silver belt, no longer bothered by the cold as she shot into the sky.

Diana Masters was hardly normal.