"Oh for god's sake Billy hurry up." Billy Parkers mom, Valerie, called from the parking lot of the latest run

down hell hole of a motel they were staying at." Coming mom I just gotta find my shoe Billy called while

digging under one of the queen sized beds. "Well hells bells by the time we get to Mcdonalds they be

serving lunch Valerie yelled while tapping her foot impatiently, "go help him find his shoe Valerie told her

older daughter Anne. After a few minutes of searching Anne produced the shoe from a pile of clothes in the

corner " now come on dweeb."Anne hollered while opening the door. "Wait I gotta check on Rex first" Billy

said referring affectionately to his pet trantula."Forget the damn spider and come on Valerie called. A few

minutes later they were buckled in the car on they're way to McDonald's

Mean while the Winchester's were headed to Creek side ,W.v on their next gig to investigate a

haunted library "so uh let me get this straight the library was built on the site where the jail was ?" Dean

asked as he tapped his fingers on the steering wheel in time to AC/DC' S Back in Black. "Yeah the website

also said a man had hanged him self in the jail and that's who is believed to be haunting the library

now." came Sam's reply. "You know this sounds like your kinda gig, Sammy." Dean said looking at Sam

while grinning from ear to ear."Damnit how many times do I have to tell you it's Sam not Sammy, and why is

this my kinda gig?" Sam asked a puzzled look on his face. "Well because you spend 99 of your time in

library 's any way Sammy, Dean managed to gasp out while laughing he barley had time to jerk his arm

away as Sam punched him in the shoulder. The action caused the impala to swerve into the other lane.

"Jeez Sammy don't get your panties in a bunch it's the truth." Sam just glared at Dean if only looks could

kill Sam would have been rid of all of his problems.

They drove on in silence for the next twenty minutes except for AC/DC blaring out of the

speakers Sam deep in thought about how to get rid of the ghost , Dean wondering if there would be any hot

girls in this little town." So where is this motel at?" Dean asked."Oh about two miles up the road on the

right, it's a little mom and pop place called the Creek side inn". After pulling in the parking lot Dean told

Sam to get the bags he'd get them a room." We got room number eight, here's your key." Dean called while

holding out a plastic card to Sam. "Can't you see my hands are kinda full with your bags, you know I'm not

the pack mule dean?" Sam grunted "Well open your Sammy. As Sam opened his mouth to make a reply Dean

shoved the card in Sam's mouth. "There now ya got your key, Dean said grinning and busted out laughing at

this brother. After getting in the room and claiming the bed by the door as his Dean headed toward the

shower ,while Sam done more research on the library. Sam heard the water in the shower turn on "Hey save

some hot water for me Dean" He yelled . After about ten minutes ( which by the way was not enough time

for Dean to take a shower) Sam heard a scream and as he got up to go check on Dean afraid that maybe he

had fallen and hurt himself Sam heard the bathroom door swing open followed by a line of cursing." What

the hell..."But Sam never got to finish as Two hundred pound of naked Dean almost plowed him over.

"You scream like a girl and what the hell was that all about?" Sam asked pointing to the bathroom where

the water was still running. "I do not scream like a girl Bitch and there was a huge spider in there." Sam

went in the bathroom shut of the water and grabbed a towel and threw it at dean." You might wanna put that

on Little Miss Muppet the big bad spider might get you, so ah how big was the spider this time?"

Sam asked while trying but not succeeding in chocking back his laughter. "It was a freaking tarantula, now go

kill it." Dean ordered while wrapping the towel around his waist. "No." Sam answered firmly. "Okay we'll

flip a quarter, heads i win tails you lose, now give me a quarter Bitch."Dean growled. "Oh no that's the

oldest trick in the book , I was thinking more like a trade I kill the spider and I get to shower first for a

month. Sam said "Two weeks "Dean ground out "a month or I let the spider go." Sam laughed "Oh okay, but

you had better kill it ."Dean growled. Sam entered the bathroom looking for the spider dean had said it was

on the wall near the sink. What Sam couldn't understand is how his fear nothing big brother could take on

ghost ,werewolves, windigos, and shape shifters just to be scared to death of a tiny little spider Sam silently

chucked to himself at the thought.


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