Sam searched the whole bathroom over for the spider and never found it.

"Well little miss. Muppet I think that your seeing things." Sam told Dean

"Damnit Sammy I know I saw a spider in the fucking bathroom alright."Dean yelled

"Well put some clothes on or go to bed I'm going to do some more research on this library

ghost." Sam replied while sitting down at the

table and pulling out his lab top. Dean was content just turning the TV on and try to find

something to watch, anything as long as it took his mind of the giant spider lurking somewhere in

the motel room. Two hours slowly passed with Sam stealing glances at Dean every

five or six minuites.Dean finally got up off the bed where he was watching one of countless game

shows." I gotta piss."He muttered almost under his breath as he headed for the door leading


"What ?"Sam asked a questioning look on his face.

"I said I gotta piss alright!"Dean practically yelled.

"Well you know that's what they invented the toilet for, we're not cave men ya know." Sam replied

Dean slammed the door behind him, Sam was surprised it didn't fall off its hinges. Fifteen

minutes later dean returned looking relieved.

"What the hell took you so long, and what's in the bag?" Sam said finally noticing the white

grocery bag in Dean's hands. Dean just smiled deviously and pulled a can of RAID out of the bag.

"Well it occurred to me while i was pissing in the parking lot that there was a 24 hour convenience

store right up the road..."Dean started

"Whoa, whoa backup you pissed in the parking lot?" Sam asked

"Yeah, but anyway it occurred to me that the convience store should have RAID, So tada." Dean

said waving the can in front of him.

Mean while the Parkers had just come back in, Billy rushed over to his pet tarantula Rex's cage.

"Mom, mom Rex is gone ."Billy cried while running toward his mother and sister holding a empty cage.

"Just calm down he can't have of gone far, we'll look around for him." Valerie called.

So while the Parkers continued to search for Rex in room number seven, the Winchesters in room number

eight got ready for bed, Dean slipped his trusty knife under the pillow on the bed by the door (and yes he

even took the can of Raid to bed with him,cradiling it like a child would cradle their beloved teddy bear.)

,Sam climbed into the bed by the door. Everything went fine until about midnight when Dean had to

go piss again (damn it I shouldn't have drunk that Mountain Dew)When he climbed out of bed to head for

the bathroom he swore he saw the damn tarantula run across the floor, he screamed ,which woke Sam

up." Now what's a wrong?" Sam questioned

"Well I had to go piss again and that fucking spider is still in here, it just ran across the floor." Dean

replied. Sam busted up laughing .Dean quickly pulled his clothes on, grabbed his knife and the can of Raid,

which had fallen on the floor, and headed toward the door. By now Sam had pulled himself together enough

to ask where the hell Dean was going. "Well I told you I gotta piss and then I'm gonna sleep

in the impala." Dean told him. "Sweet dreams, sleep tight don't let the spiders bite." Sam chuckled out