Title: The simple life

Rating: G, Humour

Pairing / Characters: Aizen Sousuke

Word Count: 471 words

Warnings: Nothing I can think of. Really.

Summary: Yamamoto's latest advertising campaign for new shinigami.

A/N: Don't ask. Its safer not to know where this came from. It just seems to make sense though…

The scene:Early morning Rukongai.

The offending items:Posters, scattered around Rukongai.

Do you have untapped depths of spirit power?

Have you ever noticed monsters in your area?

Has anything unexplained ever happened to you?


In that case our institute is the place for you!

Nearly five centuries old, the shinigami institute offers the finest training for budding death gods, with success rates in the nineties. Once accepted into the institute, you will be taken to your accommodation for the duration of your stay – pleasant quarters for both male and female students.

Set in beautiful surroundings, your quarters will be personalised to your unique needs, and you will find that we have catered for your unique situations.

There is no need to worry about fitting in – our administration staff and counsellors are available at all times to assist you with any troubles you may encounter. We also provide each student with a friendly senior who will show you around the academy and guide you to your classes until you are familiar with your daily route.

Classes take place in the main block, inside the western wall of the institute itself. You will be taught rudimentary basics in your first year by highly qualified staff who are capable of meeting your requirements as a student. Personal courses are now available to those with particularly high spirit power, as well as exciting, stimulating training camps to teach you a wide variety of skills for your new life.

Our staff is fully qualified, and have been with us for decades. we also feature lectures and interviews with squad captains, lieutenants who will take you through the day to day running of a division, various members of the mobile corps as well as the prestigious room forty six.

Truly, all your needs will be addressed, no matter the course you wish to follow.

Campus life is extremely fulfilling. You will have the chance to mingle with seniors at the institute, teachers who will more often than not give you individual tutelage, and you will also be able to meet former students on business at the academy.

Graduating from the institute itself is simple – you cannot fail!!!

All that is truly needed is the basic handling of your zanpakutou, and the ability to control its initial release.

Qualified shinigami will be available to escort you to the division most suited to your skills and levels.


Registration now open to all students.

Personalised courses offered at last year's reduced fees.

Any acceptance to the institute conditional to Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni's acceptance.

Terms and conditions apply.

Aizen snorted and crumpled up the poster before dropping it on the ground. 'Right. Like that's ever gonna happen.'