I would just like to go on record by saying I think this idea is not necessary. However, Okaa-san says that keeping a diary, a 'journal' she called it, would help me keep things organized and Usagi-san agreed with her. I guess I should start with who I am and why they think I should write this.

My name is Ami Mizuno most of the time. It was Ranma Saotome until about a year ago when, while I was still on a martial arts training journey with Pops, I got dragged by him to this 'legendary training ground' called Jusenkyou...

Cursed Waters

An alternate beginning

Featuring the Sailor Senshi

Chapter One

A Change in Perception

Ranma looked around him at the 'legendary training ground' Pops had been going off about for the last month. He was very far from impressed with the bamboo poles sticking out of the many pools of water. The guide they had hired back at the village outside of the valley was saying something about tragedies in his broken Japanese.

"Are you prepared Ranma?" His father asked him.

"Ah man this place ain't near as bad as I thought." Ranma complained.

"Ranma," Genma called as he jumped off into the air to a pole, "Follow me!"

"Right behind you Pops." He replied sailing to another pole a few feet away.

The two Saotomes faced each other in their chosen stances. Genma in crane and Ranma in a one footed Kempo stance. The guide's voice shouting up at them was ignored by both.

"I won't go easy on you Ranma." Genma warned.

"Heh, that's just the way I like it." The young man shoot back.

Another second passed as the two evaluated their opponent and then they launched to the air. A brief exchange of blows as they passed and the two were on a different pole. Ranma turned around quickly, pushing the pain from his ribs aside. The old man was in fine form today, it had been weeks since he had broken through Ranma's defenses so quickly. Ranma would not be able to get as much height as he wanted for the next pass.

"Please Sirs!" The guide's voice filtered through Ranma's focus, "Very bad you fall in Springs!"

Oh please, Ranma thought, tuning out the man again, I ain't gonna be the one swimming today! He gathered his strength once again and jumped at his father. Ranma winced from the pain his ribs gave at the sudden move, the brief distraction proved enough to allow Genma to land a solid punch in Ranma's midsection. The sudden stop to his momentum resulted in knocking Ranma from the air, he had a quick glimpse of a pool with ice and a thin mist covering it before he struck.

Genma landed and looked at the pool his son had fallen in. The boy was getting sloppy, a novice could've blocked that punch. Genma frowned when Ranma failed to surface immediately. He jumped down and landed by the pool edge. The guide ran up to him and managed to tell the elder Saotome what happened.

"Oh very bad, huff, huff, Young Sir fall in first spring of Jusenkyou, no one ever fall in before. Am not even sure what tragic story is." He finished with a nervous laugh. This could be bad.

The pool's surface rippled and Ranma burst through, coughing up some water and disrupting the pool's mist again. He looked at the two men with his teeth chattering, his face already taking a bluish color.

"Gee-ee-z P-p-p-pop, wha-a-a-a-ts the bi-i-i-i-g idea. Th-th-th-th-this water's free-ee-ee-eezing." He started wading to shore wrapping his arms around himself. Genma and the guide blinked as the mist seamed to start gathering around the approaching boy. Soon Ranma got to the shore but he didn't pull himself up. He sat there with a glazed look as the mist wrapped about him and started to glow a pale blue.

"Boy?" Genma was starting to think he should've listened to those village people who told him Jusenkyou was a bad idea.

Ranma felt very strange, it was as though the landscape in front of him was blurring out of existence and then coming back a tad bit different. He slowly shook his head trying to get rid of the feeling. Instead a series of images assaulted his mind.


He was walking between two large men in some kind of armor, complete with swords and lances, down a hall. The double doors at he was approaching were made of some type of dark blue material with a symbol on each door. Some part of his mind identified it as his families crest, the royal crest of Mercury.

One of the guards looked down at him and said something in another language but somehow, Ranma understood it. "Princess, are you all right? You look a little pale."

Ranma was about the hit the blind guy for calling him that when he heard his own voice, although pitched higher, answers in a soft formal tone. "I am fine Geralis, just a slight headache."

The guard nodded as Ranma reeled in shock.


Another setting, this time it was a garden, Ranma saw the... Earth?... in the sky as...she?... walked toward a small group of girls her own age sitting by a fountain. Geralis was with her and, noticing her faltering steps, smiled reassuringly down at her. "Don't worry Princess, Princess Serenity is said to be a very friendly young woman." Ranma swallowed but smiled back up at him.


Ranma was in a library looking over a book when she heard the door open behind her.

"Mercury! Are you in here?" It was the Princess from Jupiter, a nice girl but far too violent for Ranma's tastes. Still she promised her Princess that she would at least give her a chance.

"Over here Jupiter!" She called back as she put the book down.


Mercury smiled up at the larger girl above her after her breath exploded out of her from the impact. Yet again she was pinned by her sparring partner.

"I win again Mercury." Jupiter smirked, "Now about that prize you were talking about earlier?"

Jupiter lowered her head to Mercury's as she raised her own to meet her lover's.


The bodies were starting to pile up around her as Beryl's attack continued unabated. Mercury breathed heavily through a broken rib, the Lunar guard were doing their best but these youma outnumbered them at least a dozen to one. The crackling of lighting nearby lifted her heart. Jupiter was still alive and fighting! Mercury cast a mist over the area and struggled to her love's side. Before she reached her, however, a sharp pain erupted from her side. A lock of pale hair drifted by her eyes as a voice she thought dead came from inches away from her ear.

"Already found a new bed mate, eh Mercury?" Malachite sneered, "Don't worry, I'll send her to meet you soon enough." With that, he jerked the dagger out and let Mercury collapse. As her vision faded, Mercury saw a brilliant flash of sliver light near the main palace. "Jupiter, Serenity..." she whispered as life left her.


She was in a sallow pool and two men were staring at her. Where was Jupiter? For that matter, ware was she? This looked nothing like the palace. Wait... she wasn't Mercury, she was Ranma, wasn't she?

No Princess Ranma, no Mercury Saotome, no Ranma Mercury, no Sailor Ranma, no, what was her... his... name? Hands flew to either side of his head as two lives tried to take up the space used by one. Conflicting images and thoughts flooded his mind.


The pale blue light surrounding Ranma suddenly flared around him, blinding the two watching men. Slowly, both scream and light died as Ranma fell to the ground. As his vision cleared, Genma blinked and looked at his unconscious son. Funny, he was sure Ranma's hair wasn't blue before, as he leaned over and turned Ranma over, he got his next shock. The person wearing Ranma's gi was a female! Genma sat back and looked to the guide, who could only shrug at the strange behavior of the pool. A quick explanation of the curses had the two men dragging Ranma to the guide's hut. Later that night two figures left Jusenkyou. One brooding and the other not saying or doing anything beyond following the one in front of her, Ranma no longer seamed to have all of his wits about him, and this curse thing made him mostly useless. But there was still that promise to Nodoka. He would have to figure something out.

)O+   +O(

Ranma woke up in a bed, briefly he thought that the whole experience at Jusenkyou had only been a dream but a look to his right showed a mirror reflecting a pale, blue-haired girl with scared eyes.

"No." She whispered, "This can't be happening. This isn't my body." She shook her head violently. "Enough of this. What would Jupiter think if she saw you… now?" Ranma broke off looking pensive.

The door opened and a tall woman in a doctor's lab-coat entered. At seeing the alert eyes on her, she smiled reassuringly at Ranma. "Ah nice to see you're finally aware now."

Under a raised eyebrow Ranma replied, "Aware? Don't you mean awake?"

"No I mean aware. You have been awake but unresponsive to outside stimuli for the past week. Now that you are aware, we can find out who you are. By the way, I'm Dr. Yuri Mizuno, the doctor assigned to your case." Dr. Mizuno pulled a chair from the desk and sat down near the girl's side with a clipboard and pen. "I suppose the first question should be who are you? The only identification we found on you was for a Ranma Saotome, but there were two main problems with this. First was that Ranma Saotome was a boy, which you obviously are not." The doctor didn't notice the flinch that crossed the girl's face, "The second was that Ranma Saotome was listed as dead by suicide three days before you were dropped off at the Japanese embassy." This time Dr. Mizuno did see the stricken look on the girl.

Ranma knew she was shacking, the series of images she had seen recently were rapidly approaching more then she could handle. Now it seams that Pop, the only constant in his life, at least this one, had abandoned her and listed him as dead. Emotional responses ran into years of conditioning, but the conditioning had it's foundation almost totally ripped away by recent events and the emotional response made it to the surface. Ranma pulled her knees to her chin, wrapped her arms around them and proceeded to start crying her eyes out.

"Damn you Pops," She forced out between sobs, "How could you abandon me?"

Yuri tried to keep her emotional distance but her maternal instincts had kicked in over this girl after she had first arrived, weakened by years of malnutrition and showing signs of abuse, and they wouldn't be held back now. Setting the clipboard aside, she sat down next to the sobbing girl and placed a comforting arm around her, whispering soothing words.

"Shhhh… It will be all right now, I promise. I'll take care of you. Come on now tell me about it. It will help you."

Ranma heard the words and felt a faint memory of another woman doing much the same to a young princess who had been awakened by nightmares. She soon found herself choking out her story, holding enough sense of mind to limit it to the life of Ranma and managed not to slip and say anything about her recent memories as Princess Mercury. An hour later, Yuri had listened to Ranma's life story and had the girl calmed down. She found it strange that the girl seemed to look at everything from a male perspective, however she wrote it off as a mangled job of raising by this father of hers. When she reached Jusenkyou, Ranma's story grew halting as her memories became more fragmented. One point however surfaced from the zombie-like state she was in at the time.

"Hot water!"


"I need a glass of hot water. It should be steaming but not yet boiling."

Yuri narrowed her eyes at the girl. She didn't seem the type to want to hurt her self, but looks could be deceiving. Ranma spotted the look she was receiving and hastened to assure the doctor.

"I swear it's not to hurt me. The guide had said something about the curses being reversed by hot water."

Yuri continued to stare for a few more seconds then went to the rooms' sink and turned the hot water tap all the way on. Soon steam was rising from the spout and Yuri put a cup under. Returning to the bed after grabbing a towel, she handed the girl the towel and slowly poured it water over her arm. Yuri was not sure later exactly when she saw the change but one instant she was pouring water on a blue-haired girl, and the next second, it was a black-haired boy. She dropped the cup to the floor and backed up in shock.

Ranma smiled at the sight of his old body and turned to Yuri, his smile faded in the face of her confusion. Ranma hesitantly got off the bed and took a step toward her. He stopped when she flinched and pulled back even farther. Ranma stood there thinking until he saw the cup on the ground, an idea popped up and went to the sink. Yuri watched him turn on the water and started to approach him when he brought is arm near the stream of water. Well short of the stream, a few drops landed on his arm and, in a soft pulse of blue light, Ranma-chan was blinking at the water.

"I guess I don't need as much to change into a female as I do to change back into male." She commented mostly to herself.

"That was a scientific impossibility." Dr. Mizuno stated.

"Umm…sorry?" The girl shrugged with a sheepish smile.

Yuri sighed and sat back down. She looked back up at the girl by the sink and thought about her problem. She had always prided herself on her adaptability, but this was stretching it. But here was solid evidence that magic did exist, and the scientist part of her was beginning to get excited at the prospect. "Um... Ranma?" She started, not sure how to brooch this subject, "I would like to run some tests on this curse of yours."

Ranma narrowed her eyes, "Hey, I don't want to become some science experiment or some guinea pig."

"Oh nononono, I swear it will just be between us. I'm just curious on how this works."

Ranma didn't like the idea on one hand, but another side, recently acquired, was telling her the advantages of understanding this. As she was still deciding, Yuri delivered the coupe de grace. "You know, there is an old saying. 'Knowledge is power.' If you know your curse, you could see about getting rid of it."

Ranma lifted her eyes to this, finding her new memories agreeing with the doctor. Why she remembered one time when she helped the researchers at the Mercury Academy cure the Medusa Plague.

"All right. But all findings stay between us agreed?"

"Agreed." Yuri nodded.

)O+   +O(

Over the next week, the two ran every test they could think of. The eventually found that Ranma needed an ounce of steaming hot water to change back into a boy, but any cold liquid more then a teardrop would change him into a her, and they found that he couldn't seem to stay male for very long. Cold liquids always seemed to find him. Over the week, Ranma slowly began to merge both personalities, she became resigned to being female most of the time but was determined to find a cure. Yuri found herself becoming more and more impressed with the young neo-girl. She handled herself very well. At times Yuri could've sworn that Ranma was raised at a high-class school rather then the road that she said she was. Yuri was also quite surprised at how intelligent Ranma was, she would have never come up with half the tests the young girl did. Finding her depressed one day, Yuri suggested Ranma take an IQ test. The results seemed to surprise Ranma as well, Yuri found herself very impressed by the 302 Ranma scored.

Soon, however, problems arose when it became clear that nothing was wrong with Ranma anymore. Without any insurance, the hospital was reluctant to keep her around, but the police and immigration were unable to locate Genma Saotome, and the mother, a Nodoka Saotome had an unlisted address, so there was no one to take care to the young Saotome. An answer came from an unexpected source. Yuri Mizuno offered to adopt the abandoned girl, as she was listed in the hospital records. With no other option beside placing her in an orphanage anyway, Dr. Mizuno's request was granted. The two women had briefly discussed what name Ranma would go under. Ranma had wanted to keep her original name, but Yuri pointed out that she could always use Ranma when she was male and another name when female to cut down on confusion and as a way to avoid revealing the curse. Finally, one Ami Mizuno was added to the Mizuno family list as the daughter of Yuri Mizuno.

With Ami checked out of the hospital, Yuri found her request for a transfer back to Japan that she had placed before Ranma arrived approved. Within the month, mother and daughter were on a plane back to Japan.

Once they were settled in their apartment, Ami Mizuno found her mother springing another surprise on her.

"What? School?"

"Yes, school. You didn't actually expect to stay here all day did you?" Yuri cocked an eyebrow at her daughter and was satisfied when Ami started to squirm under her gaze.

"Um... no?" Ami hazarded a guess.

"Good answer. Besides, you've missed most of your education while on the road so you have a lot to make up for. So in addition to regular school, you will be attending extra classes after school to help you catch up. Your intelligence will be alot of help to you here, you learn things at an amazing rate so I expect you should catch up to the other students within a few months. If that long."

"But what about my martial arts?"

"You still get up before dawn Ami-chan, you have plenty of time to practice."

"I guess so..." Ami still was not happy with this. School was boring from what he remembered and Mercury had private tutors with the other Princesses back during the Silver Millennium. But she promised her new mother that she'd do as she said. Oh well. It wasn't as if she'd be attacked by youma here. Strange, it doesn't look like rain, I wonder where the thunder came from. Putting it out of her mind, Ami caught up to her mother as they went to the shopping strip to pick up her school supplies. She had a big day tomorrow.

)O+   +O(

End chapter 1.

Author's Notes or 'How I expect to explain this insanity:'

I had noticed in most of the Sailor Moon/Ranma crossovers where Ranma was made into a Senshi that she was, most of the time, either Sailor Moon, Saturn, Pluto or, in cases of a new senshi, Solaris, Terra or one of the systems moons. But in all cases, Ranma was a power hitter. I found myself wondering how Ranma would do as one of the not-so-powerful. From that idea, the heart of this story was born. Why Mercury? Why not? Her powers over cold water seemed appropriate. Besides, she's one of my favorite Senshi. As for how the Spring of Drowned Sailor Mercury came into being. I plan to explain that next chapter.

As for timelines, it obviously starts before Cannon Ranma ½, as Jusenkyou was shown in a flashback. As for Sailor Moon, I tweaked the time line a bit. I'm making Sailor Mercury come in where Sailor Jupiter did, and moving Mars and Jupiter up one. So the Senshi team will be Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and then Sailor Mercury. And as for the part of Mercury and Jupiter being lovers, well... it just kind of happened. Gomen, the story mostly writs itself. Well this will now make four stories I have to work on. Oh well. I'm focusing more on Heaven's Fire and will add to the others as the ideas come.

Next on Cursed Waters: Ami meets the Senshi! Nice Kitty, Good Kitty! Zoasite Strikes! And: "What do mean that's my only attack?"