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Chapter 30: Danger Returns & Mischief Abound

"She left huh?" Delaine stood behind me and forced me to turn glancing at glittering dark blue eyes, I heard a click and took a sharp intake of breath. All froze around us and Willy studied her wearily. "You know I think Maxine underestimated you Willy…this one appears to be dumb enough to believe everything you say, she's a cute little tart." I hated that word with a passion and cursed under my breath.

"Delaine." His voice was very firm hinted with warning.

"Don't even think of ordering me around Willy. I'm going to make this very simple." Delaine paused regarding those around her. "You and your tart are going to take me to the machine, the others for your safety and hers will stay down here…I don't care what you do with Palmer, Maxine and York's body is currently in the trunk of my car." Without a word from anyone he nodded watching as I stood, her hand firmly locked on my shirt and the gun was firmly shoved into my lower back just by my heart. "Move."

Everyone's eyes were locked on Willy and I as we led the way to the glass elevator, Delaine noticed her advice was taken to the last syllable and smirked. Once inside the elevator she steadied herself familiar with it by then and soon we were rushing through the factory. "The machine was dismantled what is he going to do?" I wondered feeling something slid slightly around my neck like some sort of necklace and instinctively reaching up feeling a chocker like chain, I felt the gun move from my back and stepped over to Willy as fast as I could. His violet eyes rested on my neck and I could already see the necklace was not decoration, his eyes were widened in worry before they narrowed at the cold smile on Delaine's face.

She crossed her arms ignoring the colors and sounds of the factory. "You remember." I saw his fist clench and glanced back and forth worriedly.

"It's not necessary…the machine was dismantled not long after you left and the test failed." I felt his hand tenderly touch around the strange necklace on my neck and noticed his almost frightened expression. "Delaine please take this off of Odette." His tone was pleading and I didn't like the fear behind it.

"Sorry Willy…not until I get what I want." Her voice was sharp and almost biting. "She won't blow up unless you do something wrong." I felt my legs buckle at this and was aware of arms quickly wrapping around my frame. "She won't loose her pretty little head over the situation for the moment." I took this threat in carefully and finally met his worried gaze.

"I'm alright." I whispered softly feeling his grasp relax.

"For now." Delaine studied us carefully and her cold smile turned even more evil, if that was possible. "I never thought I would see it, you really did find someone you care about…how quaint." He could feel the anger inside welling to the surface but knew it would do nothing but get me hurt.

The elevator continued to travel through the factory at an almost alarming speed both Willy and Delaine giving each other hateful looks while I pondered the fact I had a bomb literally strapped around my neck. "This is carrying espionage to far…and over a machine designed for candy of all things." I could sense fear and worry coming from Willy but the dominate one was un-chartered hatred, anger you could almost feel the rage seeping from him. The elevator stopped inside what I had been told was an identical replica of Willy's TV room, it was designed to house the laser and had necessary safety measures for all contingencies, the laser was no longer there and was tucked away into millions of pieces in a far corner of the white room. Delaine frowned at this and took a deep breath, she tapped her foot for a long few minutes before a wicked smile appeared to flash in her eyes, neither Willy or I liked this expression and I wrapped my arms around him worried of what would happen next.

"Have some of those little creatures of yours return this machine to working order…or she looses her pretty little head, I mean this Willy and don't even try to do anything tricky." Her voice was so dangerous sounding with the Spanish accent I took a deep breath and glanced up at hard almost glittering violet eyes.

"Their nice people and preferred to be referred to as Oompa Loompa's or by name." my voice was soft and I knew it wasn't the smartest thing to do, but I hated how she sounded like they were beneath her, it angered me.

"She has a sympathy for those things as much as you do." Delaine wrinkled her nose in disgust before observing Willy walk away from my grasp and murmur something in one of the intercoms inside the room.

"He dated you?" I couldn't help the sarcasm in my voice and noticed her amused smile Willy nervously stared back and forth. "No wonder he dumped your ass, I would have sent you down the garbage chute like he did Veruca, I would have left the incinerator on though." I frowned thoughtfully watching her eyes glitter.

"Among other things, he enjoys little games…I vaguely recall something about licorice ropes and…

"Enough Delaine." He was fuming over her taunting and did not like how much she was enjoying it in the least. "Leave her alone." I wasn't sure I entirely believed her, I knew he wasn't exactly innocent when I met him but neither was I.

"You couldn't have been worth much…otherwise I wouldn't be here with him now." The retort made her bristle I could see it in her gaze, I was basically saying I was much better in bed then she was, clearly this did not make her happy.

--Willy Wonka's POV--

Willy was fuming inside he could feel the anger burning within him and just wanted to let it out, he couldn't though because he didn't want Odette to get hurt. The fact that she was baiting Delaine into a dangerous game of cat and mouse was not exactly making him comfortable but her last comment had made his eyes bug, he knew Delaine hated her ego picked at and that was a sharp blow to said ego.

"You're lucky I need you alive." Delaine narrowed her eyes watching a satisfied smug smile appear on her face and turned seeing Willy was nervously studying them both. "She has a lot in common with you…including stupidity." She leaned against the wall watching both parties for a short while and then peered up as several very irritated looking Oompa Loompa's stepped into the room, they immediately set to work putting the machine together. "Oh and Willy if you mess with the necklace……she goes boom." She smirked watching the machine being put together as Odette stepped over to his side with an annoyed expression on her face.

--Original POV--

Willy and I studied the reluctant Oompa Loompa's as they started to piece together to machine almost wearily studying Delaine and then us. I knew they were concerned for Willy's safety and after a few minutes realized they were as concerned about me as him, it didn't strike me as too odd but something about their concern seemed to click in my mind. "Willy's planning something…or at least was before this happened." I noticed the dark looks Delaine would receive from the little people in the room and half expected their dark eyes to burn her on sight, no such look but the anger and tension in the room was very unnerving.

Willy's lips gently brushed against my cheek near my ear. "Are you alright?" his breath was warm and a comfort to me, I nodded in response. "She won't let either of us out of this alive…

"I know." My voice was soft and determined. "She plans on killing any and all witness's, all she has to do is press something and I go boom along with everyone else." I had a wry smile on my face but every fiber of my being was screaming 'kill the bitch.' "I know she warned you…but can you see what there is to it anyway?" he regarded me with a fearful look reflected in those violet eyes I had grown to love a great deal. "Doesn't matter either way love." I clasped his hand gently in reassurance seeing he was still very hesitant.

Taking a deep breath Willy gently moved my hair aside studying Delaine who was currently occupied with the process of the machine being rebuilt. He studied the clasp of the bomb necklace for a good ten minutes careful Delaine didn't see either of us were up to anything.

"It's a simple trigger mechanism." He whispered softly keeping his hand locked with mine.

"Can you disconnect it?" I heard a deep sigh and knew he could, I also knew he was reluctant because something could happen if something just went briefly wrong. "Don't have a choice Willy…besides she will eventually kill Charlie and the others if this plan of hers isn't stopped." I turned meeting his gaze and saw a frown crease his face.

He glanced at Delaine seeing she was still paying them no mind and bit his cheek in thought. "You are stubborn dear…remind me to do something about that later." He tried to sound playful but the fear was still inside his voice. "There is going to be a later otherwise she won't know if I severely harm that woman or not." He slid his hands quickly around the necklace and reached into one of his many pocket producing a liquid inside a small tube.

I felt an odd burning sensation and heard the sounds of sparks, but nothing happened. "Safe?" I regarded his relieved look and smiled. "Now I'm going to hurt that woman." He clasped my hand tighter in response to the threat.

"She still has the gun." He remarked taking the necklace in hand and noting one of the Oompa Loompa's at his side studying him expectantly, he handed him the necklace and watched him disappear from the room without argument from Delaine.

Delaine turned to the happy couple. "Why did that one leave?" her voice was suspicious and both of us noticed her reach into a pocket.

"Not every part of the machine is in here…I was getting ready to dispose of it." His voice was sarcastic and Delaine clearly did not like his tone in the least.

"Careful Willy…I will blow up that pretty little tart." She warned seeing my eyes flair and giggling at my reaction. She turned away from us and I noticed Willy moving his hands quickly while she was occupied elsewhere.

Delaine unaware of what was going on kept watching the reconstruction of the machine, I watched what Willy was up too and saw several Oompa Loompa's make a mini ladder with one another and carefully maneuver around Delaine, the top one carefully reached behind the unaware woman and pulled out something silver. I noticed his violet gaze sparkle as the little men disappeared with the gun.

Willy released his firm grasp on my hand and took my chin gently in his other hand. "Go attack if you like, remember that she is going away for a long time afterward." I nodded starting toward her slowly.

"I'll remember to leave something for them to haul away." I whispered over my shoulder watching him stifle an amused laugh.

Delaine heard the strange stifled familiar laugh and turned. (SMACK) Delaine stumbled hard into the wall and slid down clasping her bleeding lip in pure shock. Her eyes instantly went to my neck seeing the bomb was gone and she quickly caught my foot forcing me to fall back hard on my back with a groan. "Oiy…she doesn't fight fair." I rubbed my throbbing skull feeling hands clasp around my neck and started to choke. I started to see spots and no matter what move I tried she somehow managed to keep my neck in her grasp, I was feeling the threat of oblivion sneaking up on me until I heard a startled sound feeling the grasp leave my neck. I rolled coughing hard before scrambling to my feet seeing Delaine struggling kicking in the air while Willy used his cane to restrain the struggling woman against his body. I walked up and punched her hard between the eyes watching her slump unconscious.

Willy allowed the unconscious form to fall at his feet. "You alright dear?" I nodded still rubbing my neck and letting out a couple of extra coughs. "She always did fight unfairly." I gave him a withering look.

"You should have dumped her down the garbage chute and left her to roast." I stated sarcastically aware of the room opening and several uniformed men coming in to collect Delaine.

Willy and I suddenly found ourselves tackled by Charlie, Lexie, Doris, and Iris both exchanging surprised looks. "You're both alright!" they cried while Doris and Iris peered up with big grins on their faces.

"We were." I muttered trying to inspect to see if we had any broken bones after the crushing hug. Willy nodded in agreement seeing the rest of the group studying us with smiles of delight on their faces, and again we found ourselves crushed among them, Willy was definitely far from used to this and looked very terrified from the experience.

"Air!" called Mrs. Bucket seeing the discomfort on Willy's face as the rest of the families backed off. "Lets leave them be and go sort this mess out with the police." The room started to clear long enough for Willy and I to answer questions.

After that was over Willy and I retreated to his bedroom both sitting down on the bed and took several breaths. It was over, finally over and things could return to normal, well as normal as they could get around the chocolate factory. We both lay there wrapped around each other staring off into space for what seemed like hours, finally he stirred moving his hand lightly through my hair I peered up seeing a small smile there to greet me and snuggled closer to him. I awoke the next morning to a note explaining he was working in the inventing room and would see me for lunch to discuss something very important, this intrigued my curiosity and brought a smile to my face. Slowly I made my way into a warm shower and emerged in a navy blue robe finding Doris and Iris both waiting in the room motioning for me to follow them to a smaller closet off to the side of Willy's room I hadn't noticed, inside was my wardrobe which did surprise me slightly. Once I was dressed in a green spaghetti strapped shirt and blue bellbottom jeans they led me up to the rooftop forest and across to where my room connected with Willy's I followed them inside the room and noticed the whole thing had been turned into one massive art studio, I exchanged curious looks with both women before again they motioned me back upstairs and out to the rooftop forest. A white tiger had fallen into step with us and had apparently taken a liking to my presence, she continuously scrubbed at my hand for attention until we paused outside Willy's room and there in the doorway was a man I hadn't met yet, this startled me but I was reassured by the tiny people around me and the purr from the large cat. He wore a dentist uniform and reminded me of a picture from somewhere in Willy's office I had studied, then I realized this was Willy's father.

Wilbur Wonka regarded me for a long minute and finally I saw a smile cross his face. "Hello, I'm William's father, Dr. Wilbur Wonka." I nodded and offered a kind smile.

"Nice to meet you sir." I offered my hand surprised when he shook it offering a brief glance at the purring white tiger at my side. "She's harmless." He nodded and I followed him, Iris, and Doris downstairs to the main room where Willy stood studying me for a long moment and then I noticed a small almost mischievous smile exchanged between father and son before Dr. Wonka left the room. "What is going on Willy Wonka?" I crossed my arms hearing a highly amused giggle from him and sighed shaking my head.

His eyes flashed and he smiled at her curious tone. "Why do I always have to be up to something with you?" I rose my brows at this and heard an amused giggle. "Alright so I'm up to something…" he raised a finger. "but it isn't bad." I shook my head in surrender.

"Enigma." I retorted watching as he come close and wrapped his arms around me, his lips captured mine and we stood like that for a long moment. "I'm still confused."

For about a week I got to know Dr. Wonka and started to learn more and more about Willy, according to Charlie it was far more then he had seen Willy ever allow of anyone including himself. One night to my surprise while sketching in front of the familiar violet fire Willy come in and reached over my head stealing both pencil and paper from my hands, I gave him a curious look but his fingers went to his lips cutting me off. "He just shushed me." I rolled my eyes still studying him, he had been acting far stranger then normal even more puzzling, I didn't think it was possible but he was proving to the contrary. Without giving me a warning I found myself lifted to my feet and led into the room. Iris stood there with mischief in their eyes and I knew something was going on. Willy left without a word wearing a plum colored suit with a strange almost skip in his step.

I regarded both women thoughtfully. "What is going on around here…he's been more of an enigma this week then ever." I notice both giggle and shrug in response.

I was ushered into the bathroom and noticed an outfit lain out for me along with a bubble bath. I knew something was going on then and there but decided to play along hoping the whole mystery would be solved. I finally changed into a spaghetti strapped dress with a matching long scarf around my neck the same plum color of my lovely enigma lover Willy Wonka. It was another puzzle for me to solve but clearly I didn't have the time to do so I heard voices outside the room and walked out almost colliding with the man himself.

"Tell me what you're up too." I demanded playfully poking at him sighing when he shook his head that mischievous twinkle remaining in those violet eyes. "Oiy." I gave up following him to the glass elevator and then to the chocolate room where we joined everyone for dinner.

Dinner went smoothly and with much more conversation about various things that had happened recently, I could almost feel an odd underlying excitement in the room during the chatter but I couldn't put my finger on it and I also noticed everyone was overdressed for dinner. The more the night wore on the more and more confused I became, then I was informed we were all going out to the chocolate room and to my surprise a large platform had been sat up for what I assumed was dancing and I noticed several Oompa Loompa's were idly standing around and had shown in four familiar people who were Ginger, Bernie, Maggie and to my shock Allen. Again things were confusing me and I thought I was going to go crazy. Dance and music took over the room and left me and Willy to stand and watch the room come alive with laughter and amusement.

I turned clasping both his hands and eyed him suspiciously. "What on earth are you up to Willy?" I saw Dr. Wonka had found himself a dance partner with Ginger who apparently could groove far better then I knew, I was amused by this and momentarily forgot my conversation.

"Nothing." That was far too innocent and I turned back to him. "Much." I poked him for teasing me and heard a giggle at this before he glanced around at the various guests and took a deep breath. "I wanted to talk with my father and see what he thought before giving you a nervous breakdown." I quirked my brow at this and found myself being led down by the chocolate river very near the falls, the scent of chocolate by then was so familiar to me it reminded me I was home and it did not have anything to do with why I was in love.

I glanced up at his violet eyes seeing that spark in them and smiled, I couldn't help it his expressions always brought a smile to my face. "Your father is nice and seems far too fond of me hanging around you…why?" he shrugged pretending to again look innocent.

He wagged his finger in my face stopping me from further speaking. He giggled when I rolled my eyes pretending to bite that finger. "It's good he's fond of you…" he shifted and appeared to be hiding something in his hand. "It just means he won't mind putting up with you for indefinite amount of time." After that comment my mouth felt dry and I felt an odd tingle in the pit of my stomach.

Several figures were standing above on a hill observing the scene near the chocolate river waiting for something to happen, all exchanging nervous looks.

"Ms. Odette Falkner…" Willy regarded her wide-eyed look and smiled kneeling down on one knee and clasping her hand in his gloved one. "Will you marry me?" I felt like fainting and if it wasn't for the fact I had an audience watching me at a distance I might have done just that. I glanced down at the white diamond resting on my left ring finger and glanced at the bright violet eyes studying me with a warm smile lighting them further.

I could feel my head bobbing up and down. "Yes." I finally managed watching him stand and sliding into his arms feeling myself whirled around in circles and both of us giggling.

A small cheer startled us both from the moment and he turned to regard the group of giggling people watching the scene unfold.

"Nosey aren't they?" I giggled at his amused expression.

"Didn't you mention it was a waist of time to keep a secret around here?" he nodded in agreement ignoring the audience and stole my lips into an intimate kiss that made me melt into his embrace. I heard murmured voices and glanced up seeing the audience had disappeared rapidly, the kiss deepened and arms pulled me closer as I felt his tongue move gently into my mouth tasting me.

"I think that settles the privacy problem." Willy smirked seeing we were now alone and I again started to laugh.

"You are terrible…but I love you." I wrapped myself in his arms and we stood there together, I was happy and soon I would be married, talk about an interesting life. I didn't know what was next but I knew it would be wonderful.

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