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When the Night Comes

Los Angeles is home to the LA Lakers. It is also home to one of its finest sport and athletic university, UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles). It is where Rukawa Kaede had spent the last three months getting use to the place while improving his almost perfect basketball skills. Yes, he has finally made his dreams come true. He is actually playing basketball in the country of basketball, the United States of America. After winning the Inter High Tournament back home in Japan, he had finally decided that it was time to move on to the next step. And so he earned a sport scholarship to study in UCLA and finally made his way to USA, leaving behind memories he knew was hard to forget. Yet he also knew that in order to improve, he has to constantly challenge himself to the limits. His has beaten every single ace he could find in Japan; it was now time to find new ace in a country where basketball was everything in life.

UCLA had just won their Pacific Ten Conference (PAC-10) tournament and was now waiting for the West Regional tournament, which would be held in about a week's time. Rukawa was now part of the team and he felt good that he had been part of the team that had beaten the Arizona Wildcats (University of Arizona). To celebrate their victory, his American team-mates had brought him to one of the trendiest bars in LA, the Wild Moon. The atmosphere was indeed 'wild'. The multicoloured lights were dancing around the bar, and the music was absolutely dance retro. Everyone was in the mood to party and so were his friends. Unfortunately, he was the only one who didn't find this atmosphere exciting. Pink-eared bunny girls dressed in black swimsuits and white bow-tie came around to take their orders, but one of his team-mates said: "No, we want the Black Coyotes to serve-up our drinks. If you girls don't mind."

"Oh…you guys want the speciality, then. Wait here, we'll get you your spaces." And with that, the 'Pink Bunnies' left to find some space near the counter where most of the excitement is coming from.

They came back a few minutes later to escort the boys to an empty space right in front of the counter, which had been recently vacated. "There you go, boys! The best seats in the house. Enjoy the fun!" before winking at the boys and leaving them to serve the other customers.

"Hey, what's so special about this spot." asked Rukawa out of curiosity.

"Oh, you just wait and see. The fun is just beginning!"

Behind the counter were four beautiful girls, all dressed in black. Two of them were wearing black sleeveless blouse with black mini-skirts and had on black stilettos, while the other two wore tight black tank-tops and tight black jeans with ankle black boots on. They look like plain ordinary bartenders to me, thought Rukawa, but he hadn't expected what kind of bartenders they would turn out to be. They were served their drinks by a slim Chinese girl with pearl-white complexion, brown hair and green eyes. There wasn't much make-up on her compared to the other three girls. She looked almost natural under the flashing coloured light. She gave a smile and a wink before serving other customers in front of her.

A few minutes ticked by. Then the fun really began behind the counter. It was the custom of the bar that that night's bartenders had to perform in front of the audience, on top of the counter, to their own song selection. They had to perform one-by-one before the final dance anthem, where they would perform together. The best performer of the night would earn that night's bonus (250 dolars!) from the boss. Their dances must be wild and attention-grasping, hence their name 'Black Coyotes'.

"Who do you think would win tonight, Ben?"

"It's a sure win for Siren. No one can beat her. No one has beaten her yet."

"But Clarice, the old-timer, is here tonight. She could give Siren a run for her money!"

"I don't think so, Joe. Siren had beaten her a few times now. That shows that she is really good and that Clarice is at the end of her reign."

"Alright, let's bet…it's 3 to 1 for Siren. What about you, Rukawa? Don't you wanna bet?"

"I don't know these people. Why should I waste my money?"

"Oh, come on. It's just for the fun of it. It won't hurt you. Besides, just a small amount will do. Go on!"

"Alright, 5 bucks for Siren." answered Rukawa as he pulled out the money.

"Oh man, 4 to 1 against Clarice! I'm doomed."

"Looks like Siren's the favourite tonight, Joe. Sorry man!"

The performance began with an African-American girl with black curly hair and dark brown eyes, one of the ones who were dressed in black jeans. She danced to the song 'September' by Earth, Wind and Fire. She was really graceful as her hips undulated with the music. The half the crowd was going "Clarice! Do you stuff, baby!" as the black girl swayed to the beat of the music. After her, the two girls in mini-skirts dance to their tune. But the crowd was not as lively as when it came to the last performer, the pale Chinese girl with emerald green eyes. The atmosphere changed immediately when she stepped onto the counter to dance to the theme song from Tokyo Drift by the Teriyaki Boyz. A big poster with the name "SIREN" was lifted high above the crowd as she began dancing, full of grace and passion, her hips undulating to the beat of the music. She was indeed captivating and was hands-down the most graceful, passionate and attention-grasping dancer of the night.

That's what our blue fox-eyed, raven-haired boy thought. Not only had she caught his eyes; she had also caught his heart in her trap of love. She looked beyond beautiful dancing on the counter. The multicoloured light throwing an ethereal glow around her. She looked like a dark angel…a naughty little sprite…teasing the crowd…and his heart.

He just couldn't get enough of her…

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