Luck & Time

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.Sora's POV.

I was coming home from school when I saw an ambulance fly past me. It turned down my road. I jogged to my road and down it. I figured the ambulance was for the elderly lady next door.

As I got closer I realized the ambulance was for my house. And there was police there too! OH MY GOD! I came to my house and they were carrying out two stretchers, but they were body bags.

"What's happening?!" I asked.

"Kid this is a crime scene. We are looking for a third body, so we need you to step back." A police officer said.

"The kid's not here!" Another one yelled from my front door. They're looking for me.

"What kid?" I asked.

"Some Sora kid. Apparently his parents were killed and they have no clue if the kid is dead or alive." The officer informed me.

"I'm Sora!" I yelled.

"What?!" The officer said, "Do you have any way of proving that?"

I got out my school I.D. and held it out to the officer.

"Whaddya know!" he whispered.

"I found him! I found the kid!" The officer yelled.

"Good take him back to the police station." Another answered.

"Got it!" The officer replied.

The officer then drug me to the police cruiser. He put me in the back seat and got in the drivers seat. "My name's Jake by the way." The officer said.

I paled and went quiet. I was usually all hyper and bouncy and happy. I sat unmoving in the back of his car. I just stared out the window. Who could hate my parents so much to kill them? After a little while the car came to a stop and Jake got out. He came to open my door. I was still in shock. Jake opened my door. "Kid, are you okay? You don't look so good."


"Woah… Kid, I didn't know you could yell so loud." Jake said. He picked me up off the ground.


"Sora, You don't have to worry their in a better place now." Jake said.

"Don't give me that bull shit!" I said infuriated. I swung at him to get him away.

"Sora!" He yelled. He took a hold of my wrists and twisted it behind my back.

"OW!" I yelled.

"Calm down Sora. We're going to help you." Jake said soothingly.

I calmed down and he let go of my arm. I turned to look at him, "Thanks… but no thanks!" I said and I took off running.

"Sora!" Jake called after me. He jumped into his police car and radioed to other police. I jumped a fence into a backyard. After clearing the fence, I ran to the other side of the yard. I jumped and cleared that fence too. Thank God I'm in track.

I ran into an alleyway by some apartments. I saw a few police cars pass by. I stayed in the alley. After a while it got dark and I dozed off. When I woke up I was gazing at a star-filled sky. Click!

I felt a gun barrel push against my temple.

"Get up, Sora." A man's voice said. I slowly stood up. I looked to see who was holding me hostage only to learn it was my dad's colleague, Ansem.

"Ansem, please don't—Ow!" I said as he grabbed a handful of my hair.

"Sora, listen carefully." He said, "You will come with me to the lab. You will do everything I say or you will be shot. Got it?!" Ansem said. He tightened his grip on my hair.

"OW! I got it!" I yelled. Ansem started walking yanking on my hair the whole time.

"I've been looking for you all day." He snarled, "But, so have the police."

Ansem drug me by my hair to the end of the alley way. When he saw no one was around he grabbed more hair so I wouldn't get away and Drug me to his car. "P—Please Ansem-" I said starting to cry.

"Please what? Kill you like I did your parents?! Is that what you want?!"

"P—Please don't kill me…" I sobbed. I should've stayed with the police.

"I'm not sure what I'm going to do with you." Ansem said a devious smirk crossing his face. I sobbed some more. I was afraid. He had a gun, and was stronger. I had no way to protect myself. He started the car and put it in drive. I hoped that someone would see us and call the police. It was my only chance. After a little bit the car came to a stop. Ansem got out and walked to my side of the car. "Get out! Don't even think about running!" He said patting his gun, "I have a special plan for you." He finished.

I climbed out of the car and he grabbed my hair again. He pushed the gun into my back walking to the door of the lab. Once we were in he turned around and locked the door. "Ansem, I-- Please don't kill me." I sobbed.

"I won't kill you... yet." Ansem replied his devious smirk returning to his face. He grabbed me by the hair again and took me to a clear table. He threw me on it. He found rope and tied my arms down. He ripped my shirt off. The cold air hit my chest and I shivered. Then I heard a zipper being unzipped. Ansem quickly unzipped his pants and slid them down along with his boxers. "Now, Sora you'll do listen and do everything I say. Okay?!" Ansem snarled.

"O--Okay." was all I said. Then he got up on top of me. His hips straddled my shoulders.

"Open your mouth!" He yelled. I did so and he stuck his cock in my mouth. "Suck it!" he commanded.

I started sucking it. Ansem moaned and grabbed my hair. He pushed my head towards the base of his cock. I gagged, but he moaned. He pulled out before he was spent which could only mean one thing. Ansem started to unzip my pants.

"Ansem, please don't." All I got was a swift slap. My cheek stung. He pulled my pants and boxers down. He moved down and place himself at my pucker.Ansem violently pushed into me. "Ah!" I yelled as I started to cry. Ansem violently pulled out and slammed backin. I sobbed at every motion. Ansem moaned and jerked his hips some more. I felt blood run down my legs. I then felt hot seed shoot inside of me. Ansem pulled out of me and got dressed. He untied me and then left. He left the door open though. I was too tired to move. I started to lose conciousness slowly falling into that deep, black, dreamless sleep.